Is a Nursing Pillow a Necessity?

Sep 11, 2018 | Live, Love, Only Berlin

Momi shares the uses of a nursing pillow beyond breastfeeding

Is Nursing Pillow a Necessity?

I got this question perhaps a dozen times already.  Many moms are having second thoughts buying a nursing pillow as after the breastfeeding stage, the pad might be useless already.

Well, we’ve got three nursing pillows.  Two came from the hospital where I gave birth.  The pad was part of the room package.  The other one was a gift from a dear friend.

Among the three pillows, I love the third one the most.  It’s a Babycuddle nursing pillow.  More than a gift, I love it because its shape is different from the usual feeding pillows we know.  If you’re a breastfeeding mother, you would understand your need and your baby.  And having a Babycuddle nursing pillow is one of them.  

A nursing pillow is an excellent way to support the baby while breastfeeding him.  With a pad on the mother’s lap, she needs not keep her baby’s weight.  More so, a nursing pillow helps a mom have a comfortable position, avoiding pains in the arms, shoulders, and neck.  

As our SumoSam ages, the more that we discover the many uses of a nursing pillow.  More than as a support for a lactating mom, the nursing pillow is useful in many other ways.


Safe nest for baby


When our SumoSam was able to roll over, he loves to rest with his tummy against the bed.  So I always use our Babycuddle to support him during tummy time.  

As he grows each day, he learns to sit down.  Again, our Babycuddle is his safe place to coo and kick in comfort.  It is his haven, giving him back support, as he plays with his toys or as we read stories.

Is a Nursing Pillow a Necessity?

Is a Nursing Pillow a Necessity?

A support pillow for mom


On our sleep, we still have our Babycuddle in bed.  I use it to help alleviate discomfort as it provides support for my spine.  Sometimes, I hug it with my legs, giving me the relaxing sleep I need.   

When I can’t leave my SumoSam in bed, I use our nursing pillow as a laptop table.  It gives steady support for my notebook as I work for an hour or two.


Is nursing pillow a necessity


I must say, having a nursing pillow is a big help.  It is not a necessity for a lactating mom, but the comfort it gives can’t be easily dismissed.  I have to admit nursing both our SumoSam and Yael can be difficult.  They are gaining weight and supporting them both as I tandem feed them is a challenge.  But with our Babycuddle, they can rest their head on the pillow as they breastfeed.  

It also works beyond breastfeeding.  I love to wrap my legs around it as I sleep, giving me a relaxing rest.  I can also use it as table lap, while any of my little ones can use it as they sit on the floor or bed.  The Babycuddle supports their back as they play, watch their favorite cartoon show, or as momi reads to them. 

If I am to gift a pregnant mom friend, I will give her a Babycuddle nursing pillow.  It provides excellent comfort to both the mom and her baby.  I am grateful to have mine, thus could imagine the delight of an expectant mom upon receiving one as well.  

Is a Nursing Pillow a Necessity?

Is a Nursing Pillow a Necessity?

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  1. Liezl Solidor

    Napakagandang produkto nito. Lalo na sa mga mommies na tulad ko. Madalas kasi sumakit ang balikat ko at balakang. Bukod sa lahat ng gawaing bahay ay ginagawa ko, kailangan ding pag natulog si baby ay nakadikit sa katawan ko. Dati ko pa gusto magkaroon nito kahit noong buntis pa ko. Kaso hndi makabili dahil ipambibili na lang ng kailangan sa bahay. Lalo na nagtataasan ang mga bilihin.

  2. Princessa Creo

    Wow Sana magkaroon din ako ng ganyan sakto para sa akin na Breastfeeding 3years na gusto ko na sana i stop si baby sa pag lutch pero hndi parin sya nag stop minsan sa gabi nalang sya dumedede pagmatutulog nangangalay na minsan ang braso ko kaya lagi may unan ang balikat at likod ko ok po yan para sa mga mommies like me na Breastfeeding

  3. akiakat15

    Would love to win the BabyCuddle nursing pillow po, akala ko po talaga para lang po sa pagbreastfeed ito, hindi pala. Andami po pala gamit at sana ay maexperience din po namin ni baby Z dahil hanggang ngayon po ay breastfeed baby pa din siya. Hindi ko po alam hanggang kelan niya need ang liquid gold ni Mommy pero as long as she loves it, hindi ko siya pipigilan. Minsan nga lang nadadaganan ko siya dahil pati po ako lumalaki din.

  4. Charmaine Bueta

    Yay, dahil nka free data ako when I read the post on fb, di ko po nakita agad yung nursing pillow na toh. But now na may data, I want it na din po! Haha. Bagay for us ni baby.. 12 months breastfeeding mom here! And counting po kase ayaw ni baby ng ibang milk! =) Hope to have this nursing pillow too! =D



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