Negative Effect of Using the Wrong Pillow

Jun 27, 2019 | Likes, Live

Negative Effect of Using the Wrong Pillow

Negative Effect of Using the Wrong Pillow

Have you ever experienced waking up tired and restless?  I did.  So the husband bought me a quilted mattress which is best for my scoliosis.  The quilted bed somehow was able to support my neck and back as it contours to my curves, eliminating the back pain.  It does give me a more comfortable sleep. Only that I still woke up tired and restless.  It must be the pillow.

Yes, the pillow.  There are consequences of using the wrong pillow.

strain in the neck

Using incorrect pillow puts a strain in the neck; thus causing stiff and painful neck in the morning.  It was wrong to assume then that waking up on the wrong side of the bed is what caused that neck pain. 


My husband once told me the caffeine from the tea I had minutes before I hit the sack was what caused my sleeplessness.  But a friend confirmed that she had a similar experience.   Her insomnia was caused by the improper positioning and height of her pillow. This caused her uneasiness and constant toss and turn throughout the night. 


I even complained to the husband that it must be his snoring that caused my sleeplessness.  Snoring is usually caused by blockage of nasal passages and improving his sleep position may also alleviate his snoring. And one way to improve his sleep position is also changing his pillow.  

consistent headache

I found out from some research about sleep that frequent headache might be caused by the wrong elevation of the pillow.  Tension headaches happen when the neck muscles are strained.

Negative Effect of Using the Wrong Pillow

Research shows that people tend to overlook the way they sleep. Having a bed and using just any type of pillow might not get one the quality of sleep he needs.  As there is a myriad of choices when it comes to selecting a pillow, one may find it really difficult to choose the right one for his body type.  Now, let me share with you one great invention I recently discovered.  It does help my back and believe me, I don’t feel the usual restless sleep anymore.

The beginning of Mr. Big Pillow

Mr. Chawakit Kaoien, the founder of Mr. Big Pillow, is a physical therapist who spent years working in the ICU of a hospital’s respiratory unit.  He was in-charge of bedridden critical care patients.  He saw to it that the patients were kept comfortable and could breathe properly. This every day dealing and experience led him to develop a brand of pillow that would benefit every individual.

Over the years, Chawakit hacked the right density of pillows as well as the best position to address sleeping concerns. Every individual is different, thus, all cannot conform to just one type of pillow.

By using the appropriate pillow according to height and weight as well as each individual’s condition, one can maintain a good quality of sleep and overall health. To help you assess which type of pillow is right for you, do the quick pillow test here.  

Incidentally, Mr. Big will be having a sale at the SM Home Fair happening on June 28-30, 2019 at the SMX, Mall of Asia complex. Huge discount of up to 50% off awaits. Plus get a special Halogel pillow worth Php1899 for a single receipt purchase of Php5000.  If you’ve missed the SM Home Fair, don’t worry as Mr. Big pillows are available in selected SM Homes.

By the way, let me go back to my previous sleeplessness problem. Now, even if I only have less than six hours of sleep every day, I still feel well-rested.  We changed to Mr. Big Pillow and believe me, every night is a happy experience.  So we encourage you to take that pillow test and if by chance you can drop by the SM Home Fair, do yourself a favor and buy your Mr. Big Pillow.  Did you know that sleep deprivation causes forgetfulness and lack of creativity?  Now how about improving your brain function by using the right pillow that can get you a good night’s rest?

Negative Effect of Using the Wrong Pillow

Negative Effect of Using the Wrong Pillow

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  1. nhetmendoza

    True yan.. manipis na unan namin ilang taon na rin kasi. Laging masakit neck ko Ma, kagabi nagrereklamo ako kay hubby may stiff neck ako.
    Sana mura lang nu.

  2. Hnhfua

    Ang mahal momshie pero grabe i need this pillow pagod na pagod talaga kagising pa sa umaga feeling pagod na agad hehe

  3. julie tagum olleres

    true yan momsh naransan ko yan ang nipis na dn kc ng mga unan nmin kya one day ginwa ko ung mga dko na gingamit na damit inilagay ko sa unan pra lumaki hahahha maganda nmn kaso d malambot pero ok nmn sya momsh dna tulad ng dagi na kala mo wlang unan hahHHah

  4. Ma.Catherine Matugas

    Wow Ang nice Naman po nito momsh . Gusto ko Ng ganito Sana mura Lang . Mapapasarap tuLog ko pag ganito .. mga unan din namin akala mo Wala kanh unan pag ginagamit mo sakit sa ulo at stiff neck .. snaa Matry ko Rin ito soon



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