It’s ok to say “I’m sorry, son”

Sep 5, 2018 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

Momi learns it is ok to say “I’m sorry, son.”

It's ok to say "I'm sorry, son"

It was morning.  I noticed my Firstborn without his eyeglasses on.  I asked him to wear it, and he timidly said he accidentally dropped his glasses in a canal yesterday afternoon when I asked him to buy turon. 

I’m angry, son

His father, who was just a few steps away from us, heard our conversation.   He asked Firstborn what happened, but my boy just kept mum.  Husband furiously told our son to retrieve the eyeglasses and never come back without it.  The boy obliged.

Firstborn went home after half an hour with no eyeglasses. 

Husband was annoyed.  He left for work without saying much to the kids nor me.  I got hurt that I turned to the boys.  I mainly told Firstborn over breakfast that he should be grateful for and give importance to the things he has.  It’s tuition time again, and we are yet to pay their tuition fee.  I know I’ve said a lot in such a short period and the boys ate in a rush.  The dining table was surprisingly quiet, too. 

I’m listening, son

I entered our bedroom to put our baby to sleep.  Firstborn was inside mopping the floor.  I asked him in my most calm voice how he missed his eyeglasses.

He narrated that his three-year-old brother was sitting by his shoulder.  His little brother accidentally swept his eyeglasses, and it fell in the canal.  He promptly brought his brother home and went back to the place where his glasses fell.  Unfortunately, because it was raining, he must have missed it already.  He further explained that he couldn’t recover his eyeglasses the moment it fell because it was raining and his little brother might get wet.

I’m sorry, son

“Next time, please, take care of your things,” was the only words I uttered.  I was so ashamed of myself for accusing our firstborn of merely being so careless and uncaring.  My intuition that morning was to ask first what happened.  But I let my anger took center stage, and now I can’t take back what I told him.

As I plan to give my Firstborn his glass of milk this evening, I will ask for forgiveness.  He deserves it.  


  1. journeyofthevees

    As I saw this post on IG, I said I am gonna read this. It was also that same night that I got so angry with my little boy and get to hit him by his arm for the first time. He got hurt but I kept on shouting at him just because he is not paying attention in doing his Math assignment. I was mad at him because I know that he knows it already and is not paying attention that is why he cannot answer it correctly. Right after that I hugged him and said sorry and explained why I was very angry and hit him.

    Yes, at times we may get carried away of our emotions for reasons like being tired for a long day full of chores and everything, but still we should have controlled our temper and listened to our children.

    Thanks for sharing momi. 🙂

  2. Fully Housewifed! (@fullyhousewifed)

    I wrote about asking forgiveness from our children when we’ve wronged them in Smart Parenting once. And it’s all because of a testimony of this young man at his wedding when he said that growing up, his parents would apologize everytime they had a fight. And it totally had a positive effect on him.

  3. Juvy

    I am careful of my choice of words with my kids. Our words as parents are the most influential in our childrens minds. Hence should show nurture, trust and love.


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