The Man with a Big Purpose Brings Mr. Big

Jul 10, 2019 | Likes, Live

The Man with a Big Purpose Brings Mr. Big

The Man with a Big Purpose Brings Mr. Big

I always love brands conceptualized to address one’s concern. Such products are carefully and thoughtfully formulated and designed to address the need to improve or give a solution.

The Big Purpose

Take for example the ergonomically designed pillow conceptualized by Mr. Chawakit Kaoien. He is a licensed physical therapist working with critically ill patients. Part of his responsibility is to help improve the respiratory system of his patients; thus he would constantly arrange their sleeping positions for better blood circulation. That way, too, his patients may be relieved from any pain or pressure.

Given the constant concern for his patients in the hospital, Mr. Chawakit started working on a pillow that would give comfort to the former. He launched his research and took note of the different sleeping positions and their effect on individuals. His study finally paid off, coming up with Mr. Big.

The Mr. Big Pillow

Mr. Big pillows are made to support ergonomically zoned areas such as the head, neck, shoulders, spine, and thighs. Mr. Chawakit stressed that sleeping in a correct posture with the proper support of pillows may help prevent sleep discomfort.

However, there are different kinds and sizes of pillow for every individual’s sleeping position, height, and body built and weight. A person, for instance, who often complain of back pain may find comfort by knowing the proper height of pillow for him. Same with an individual who suffers from a tension headache, muscle spasm, and sleep deprivation. His pillow should give the full support his body needs. Such after sleep problems can be properly addressed by using a pillow that perfectly suits his sleeping post and body weight.

The Mr. Big brand name

On my recent trip at SM Home Fair at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, I chanced upon Mr. Big. I learned that this ergonomically designed pillow is quite popular in Thailand. It finally landed in the Philippines only last year, and since then has satisfied a number of customers.

I took home a Mr. Big body pillow in medium size. The pillow is made from elasta fiber which is less in weight but wide enough for the arms and legs to rest on it. Elasta fiber is also flexible which easily contours to the size of the head, neck curves, and arches. Our Mr. Big body pillow is now our LittleMan’s favorite hug company.

The big gratitude

The Man with a Big Purpose Brings Mr. Big

The Man with a Big Purpose Brings Mr. Big

I do not know Mr. Chawakit personally. But I admire his concern to help his patients reduce pain and give comfort while on the bed. His noble intention to give a solution to sleep discomfort surely does benefit a lot of individuals. And that includes us. Thank you, Mr. Chawakit for Mr. Big.

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  1. Maria Catherine Matugas

    Nice momsh mukhang maganda PO taLaga itong Mr. big pillow .. grab gaLing pa pala sya Ng Thailand nkapunta dito sa pinas . Ang sarap siguro tuLog mo pag gamit Yung pillow na ito ..


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