Sharp Philippines Celebrates 40 Years

Sharp Philippines Celebrates 40 Years

Sharp Philippines Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary  "Great things come in small packages," says an old saying. At least for Sharp, that was how their story began 110 years ago – with a belt buckle and a mechanical pencil.  In 1912, a company founded by Tokuji...

Health benefits of playing golf

Health benefits of playing golf

benefits of playing golf Husband developed an interest in golf. His business partner and Rotary buddy introduced him to this recreational sport. Though we always support his decisions, we had apprehensions when he started spending time at the golf course. He also...

Live Safe with Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol

Live safe, is it possible? Now that the country implements its vaccination program in full force, many businesses are re-opening their shops and restaurants. Many Pinoys, too, are more confident to resume their pre-pandemic lifestyles such as enjoying dining out,...

It’s a big deal

It’s a big deal

New anthology featuring Filipina authors and artists encourages women to speak out against discrimination, harassment, and other women's issues. "It's not a big deal," is what most people reply when women speak out about discrimination or harassment. The response is...

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