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How to pull off a Boho home decor

Boho Home Décor: How to Pull It Off  Decorating your own home is never easy, no matter how big it is and how many rooms there are. Most people who tackle this project usually do it in a hurry without paying enough attention to details, so lots of modern houses...

Easy-to-follow Pancit Canton Recipe

Quick and easy Pancit Canton Looking for an easy-to-follow recipe for Pancit Canton? Read on. At times we feel it's a race of time and we need to prepare breakfast, we always opt for pasta or noodles. Noodles are quicker to cook than rice, hence its name pancit...

Tips on Healthy Brain Aging

Healthy Brain Aging Husband's mother has dementia for a decade now. She is unresponsive to any noise and stares blankly at people. She waits for someone to feed, bathe, and dress her up. Also, she depends on people to put her to bed and also move her to the...
Failproof tips to avoid costly roof repair

Failproof tips to avoid costly roof repair

Avoid costly roof repair Summertime has always been saved for beaches, barbecues, and travels. With the pandemic we are all facing, it is prudent to...
Leave your child true riches

Leave your child true riches

Your child's true riches Without a doubt, education is the best legacy parents can leave their children. This doesn't only mean sending them to the...
Orabella: Complete beauty solution

Orabella: Complete beauty solution

Growing up with acne We've got sensitive skin. We would immediately have flare-ups when we try a new soap not compatible with our skin type. Because...
Best Covid-19 Defense

Best Covid-19 Defense

Husband had Covid-19 Husband had contacted Covid-19. We weren't aware until he had himself checked a few weeks ago. He rushed his mother to the...
Home Checklist Before The Wet Season

Home Checklist Before The Wet Season

Now that we are half-way through the dry season, it can be an excellent time to check our home and make sure that everything is in place and working...
Education in the Time of Covid-19

Education in the Time of Covid-19

Change has been massive Our three high school students and pre-schooler suddenly embraced distance learning as it went from optional to mandatory....

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