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Aug 2, 2017 | Likes, Love, Only Berlin

From the moment our baby is born, there is this urge to just cuddle him anytime of the day.  And despite my mother’s warning not to carry him often, I still do.  I can’t  resist putting my face near his and smell his tiny lips.  Nor can’t I stop myself from rocking him in my arms until I see his cute little smile.  Even my mother would sneak at night and cuddle our little prince.

Nap time in his Babycuddle bed

If not in my arms, our SumoSam (how I fondly call our newborn) is comfortably sleeping in his Babycuddle bed.  It is a gift we got from a new mommy friend who only wished for a good night sleep for her twins.  Inspired from Danish baby beds, the cot is designed to replicate the baby’s experience of a closed environment.   This makes his transition from the mother’s womb to his new world smoother and easier.   The ends at the bottom can be untied as well to make more room as the baby grows.

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Babycuddle bed for your newborn

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Babycuddle bed for your newborn

SumoSam has been using his babycuddle bed for a week now.  He seems so comfortable in it.  Even his not so big brother would try the cot when our newborn is in my arms.  I let him try it.  He seems pleased and enjoys the comfort the bed gives him.

Nighttime sleep in his Babycuddle bed

We also use the babycuddle bed not only during daytime but also at night.  It is placed on my left side where our infant sleeps.  And because I share the bed with my two boys – Sumsosam at 1 week old and our Little Man at nearly two years old – I stay between them.

When our newborn cries for milk, I would easily lift and nurse him.  Then I simply slip him back to his Babycuddle bed after I find him contented and asleep again.

Though it would be easier to disregard the cuddle bed and just position him beside me, I find it prudent to use the bed.   With the Babycuddle bed, I am assured that he will not be hurt as the bed itself safeguards him. It has bumpers all around that makes the baby feel snug and safe.

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Babycuddle bed for your newborn

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Babycuddle bed for your newborn

Easy travel with his Babycuddle bed

Since our discharge from the hospital, we stay at my mom’s house.  Looking after the three school boys’ needs is pretty overwhelming that my mom suggested she will do the morning preparation I was tasked to do before.  She also cooks our meal and before leaving for work, she makes sure everything I need is just within easy reach.

But there are times I need to go online because of work.  The pocket wifi I have would often fail me so I would ask husband to secretly help me go to our house.  Ours is just a few blocks away.

So there are times we would swing from one house to another.    I would immediately settle him in his bed without him knowing of the transfer.

Momi recommends Babycuddle bed

Again, I love to cuddle our newborn. I have read from one literature the benefit of being near the baby most of the time.  It says that

Your nearness and touch help your baby regulate vital functions, such as heart rate, breathing patterns, hormone levels, blood pressure and temperature.   Cuddling your baby also provides him with social benefits for years afterwards.

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Babycuddle bed for your newborn

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Babycuddle bed for your newborn

At times that I need to tend to other tasks, I simply slip him into his Babycuddle bed.  Seems like he doesn’t feel the difference though, of the bed from my arms.  Perhaps it is the safe bumpers all around that the bed provides, truly making my baby feel warm and safe.

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  1. Michi

    Congrats! Parang nakakamiss magkababy sa bahay. hehehe! If I will have another baby, I will also choose the baby cuddle bed than a crib.

  2. dory

    wow, this is great and I want to try it too for my new born lil miss

  3. Tipid Mommy

    Wow! This is so cute sis! I agree to the benefits of cuddling. We’ll definitely get one pag may baby #2 na Angcute cute ng babies mo sis!

    • momiberlin

      Thank you. Ihihhi. Yes, you will surely love this Babycuddle bed. Even your son would love it too and for sure he will try it just the way our little man does.

  4. Janice

    So nice of your friend to give you that Babycuddle bed. It does indeed help keep the baby safe and comfortable. We used a similar one when my eldest son was a baby but he outgrew it very quickly. We decided not to use one for our new baby.

    • momiberlin

      Yes, such generous to share their product. I find the Babycuddle bed so helpful. And I love taking his photos while he sleeps in his bed. Ihihi.

  5. Sabine

    In the Netherlands the government recommends not to let your baby sleep in the baby nests at night. However in Sweden it’s very common. I have a baby nest as well, I only use it for the day time.

  6. Angel Enero

    Congrats again! Sobrang cute at pogi ni baby… kagigil! *pwera virtual usog* hehe… Thank you for sharing this, been seeing this on IG and it find it very useful on the baby’s environment transition from mother’s womb to the outside world.

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for the kind words. I agree. such a useful bed to help transition the baby from his mom’s tummy to the outside world.



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