MOMI SHARES| Take charge of your family’s health

May 17, 2018 | Life, Likes, Love

MOMI SHARES| Take charge of your family's health

Knowing is half the battle.

I always love it when I learn something new every day.  Or at least I am reminded of things I should opt to know.

Today is not only my Firstborn’s 16th birthday.  This mother learned one valuable lesson worth the time spent away from her son’s breakfast celebration.  Together with a select few media friends and influencers, I got to understand what DNA is and how to take charge of my family’s health.

I have the power.

Some family members carry a strong inclination for specific diseases, mostly those passed down the family tree.  Sadly, sometimes these illnesses show up and surprise us at a time we least expect them. And before we could save a soul, we are left with little time.  This is because we have no way of knowing these conditions before the disease strikes.

Now here comes the good news.

We may now have the power to know.  PlumCare™ DNA Advisor can help Filipino families detect potentially disease-causing genetic variants.  This is made possible through a thorough analysis of the DNA of each family member.  Designed for families of three or more, this cutting-edge technology analyzes the genetic information within the family, giving the members a better understanding of whether a particular genetic variant has any significance in the family’s health.  Now, with meaningful insight into a specific health condition, we can then take steps to delay, manage, and even prevent the onset of the disease that we or any member of our family is vulnerable to. Such a great way for us to maximize the quality of life of our loved ones.

The formidable partnership.

MOMI SHARES| Take charge of your family's health

MOMI SHARES| Take charge of your family’s health

I had come to know Cordlife about three years ago when I gave birth to our fourth.  Our OB-Gyn mentioned that we could bank our little one’s stem cells as a potential solution for illnesses in the future.  Now, Cordlife’s genetic testing arm Cordlife Genscreen® introduces PlumCare™ DNA Advisor.  Such an impressive partnership geared towards empowering Filipino families for better health.  Now, the family is armed with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about health and lifestyle choices.  Again, this knowledge can significantly help in the prevention, monitoring, and treatment of potential conditions.

Experts by our side

PlumCare™ DNA Advisor is developed by Dr. Peter Tsipouras and Dr. Paul Billings.  Dr. Tsipouras is a specialist in clinical genetics and an adjunct professor at the Yale University School of Medicine while Dr. Billings is a specialist in genomic medicine.

The family’s DNA samples are tested and analyzed by CAP-accredited clinical laboratories in the United States.  CAP or College of American Pathologists is the global gold standard for laboratory quality assurance.  It will take about eight to ten weeks for the family to know the results as again, all testing is performed at US-based facilities.

Knowledge is power.  Get that power.

Knowing in advance that a specific health condition may strike is power.  The awareness may help any family make more informed decisions regarding each member’s health.  And for some genetic diseases, isn’t it that early detection may decrease if not entirely prevent the risk of developing the ailment?

PlumCare™ DNA Advisor will leave no one helpless.  After testing positive for any genetic condition, he will have personalized genetic counseling session.  Certified genetic counselors will administer this.

Take charge.

MOMI SHARES| Take charge of your family's health

Celebrities Iya Villania-Arellano and Chito Miranda who decided to take charge of their family’s health

With that knowledge in our hands, we can now embark on our journey to take care of our family’s health proactively.  We are definitely in a better position to take charge of our loved ones’ health for a lifetime.

Inevitably, there will no longer be –

If I only knew then.


  1. Thea

    Very interesting how accessible DNA testing is to people these days.

  2. annerbananer1

    This is so important! Knowing you’re prone to a disease can feel scary but that way you can take charge and do any preventive measures to ensure you feel your best!

  3. Daisi

    Taking care of one health definitely brings a peace of mind. It’s great to know that there is DNA testing available for that out there.

  4. The Mad Mommy

    This is amazing! What a great thing to have available to you and your family!

  5. Fely

    I think knowing before hand can help a lot. You can do so much to help delay or prevent it if you can.

  6. Minakshi Bajpai

    I have no idea of so many things about DNA. Thanks for sharing such amazing post

  7. jocelynnielson

    It’s amazing what has been created and what is being created to help families better understand their health. Thanks for the informative post!

  8. mogulmomartisan

    It amazes me how much science can help us learn about our bodies. This is an amazing this for families

  9. biancadottin

    This is so important! We’ve done genetic testing before and I can’t stress how important it is.

  10. Kim Lee (@KimsCravings)

    Super important material! And I totally agree in just taking charge. If you don’t, no one else will!



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