Zero Worries with My Constant Joy

Feb 25, 2019 | Life, Likes, Live, Love

Zero Worries with My Constant Joy

Today is Monday.  I woke up at four in the morning and hurriedly went to the kitchen.  I haven’t brushed my hair yet nor visited the restroom. I was about to prepare the boys’ school baon and breakfast that time, and I knew, there will be a few minutes between those errands that I can visit the bathroom and at least wash my face.

Good thing I marinated the chicken last night.  I just put it inside the oven and baked it for 45 minutes.  Since I had my bile reflux attack three weeks ago, I oven bake or grill most of our food.   I don’t need oil to cook our meat as I let it swim instead in its own bubbling juices. That way, I get to serve healthy dishes for my family.  My cooking turned quick and easy as well as I don’t need to check on it from time to time. And my boys often commend that our dishes lately are more delicious than before.

I also grilled the hamburger patties I prepared last night.  Then I made a cheeseburger sandwich for my boys’ school recess.  For breakfast, I just heated the baked macaroni we had for dinner and toasted a few loaves of bread.  The chicken barbecue I oven baked was for their school lunch.

It was already 5:15 am.  I left the kitchen and went outside to give our car Earnest its quick bath.  It has become a practice too, to warm up the car before driving.

By 5:30 am, all my three boys were ready for school.  They hopped inside Earnest as they waited for me. I just had a quick visit to the bathroom to brush my teeth and soap my face.  I also checked my two toddlers. Confident that they will still enjoy about an hour or so of sleep, I planted a kiss on their forehead and left.

We reached the school at 6:45 am.  I was alone in the car driving back home when a question popped up in my mind.

Why do I take care of my family’s well-being? Or am I just being forced?

My Purpose

Zero Worries with My Constant Joy

Zero Worries with My Constant Joy

I love my boys.  Serving them comes naturally to show my affection.  Through my acts of service, I communicate to them my love and concern, and that I am always after their well-being.  

As I pretty much know myself, I am in control of my options and actions.  I know my purpose and how to execute my plans. I have control over the outcome of events in my life, only that, there are some external forces beyond my control that may, in a way, cause me to worry.

My Worries

There were just a lot of unnecessary things I worry about especially with regards to my two toddlers and three teenagers. Perhaps, I worried about almost everything from our kids’ health to happiness and even the future.  There were many times, too, when I checked on the up and down movements of each of my boy’s chest. I fretted over mosquito bites and panicked for every call from the school office.

[tweetshareinline tweet=”But life lessons and experiences taught me to calm down and manage those worries.  ” username=“IfZgcz8ZKo14VSCu3y8ejhrBGaCG*R!N:1:0″]

My #Zero-Worries Approach

[tweetshare tweet=”Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation. – Victor Frankl” username=”IfZgcz8ZKo14VSCu3y8ejhrBGaCG*R!N:1:0″]

My thought bubble makes worries.  And as I hold the keys to my fate, I also have the power to choose how I will react to a particular situation. I can always opt for the best life by choosing to react positively and opt for quality products that give me zero-worries.

A classic example is worrying about sebo in our pots and dishes. We oven bake and grill most of our food as we find it as a healthy choice.  Though healthy, the not so positive effect of grilling a fish or chicken, for example, is the greasy mess it leaves on the tray.  Repeatedly washing the oven tray to remove grease can cause stress. Often, I would leave the tray with hot water on it. But the sight of unwashed items in the sink can make me uneasy.  

Zero Worries with My Constant Joy

Zero Worries with My Constant Joy

The experience taught me to always opt for the brand that will address my concern.  Grease is not a problem in the first place when I use the Best-Ever Joy, guaranteeing zero-sebo.  I don’t even need to use hot water anymore to remove the grease and oil off our pots, plates, and plastic wares. More so, Joy is one favorite household item that helps me in my everyday life.  From dishwashing to cleaning the floor and even other kitchen appliances, only the best-ever Joy can provide our family with the superior quality we want and deserve.

I say best-ever because Joy even made its formulation better than the previous Joy.  Literally, with just a drop of Joy, the grease is easily wiped out! Perhaps because its formulation is so concentrated, cutting my dishwashing time into half.

Again, most of my worries are best solved with the right and quality product.  I need to open my options and always look for quality.

My Best Life

As a homemaker and a mom, I usually wake up at four in the morning.  I prepare my boys’ school baon as well as their breakfast because I choose to do it myself.  I bring them to and fetch them from school every day because it is the best choice as against everyday commute or school service.  Such decision may be tiring on my part but I can and will always adjust for my boys. I love them so much I could always adjust. And I always have the best partners in life to make the other aspects of home management carefree and fun. Such is the right choice of products, dishwashing included.  

For example, not only do I use Joy Dishwashing Liquid to wash our silverware and porcelain. I also use dishwashing soap to clean the metal mesh filter of our air conditioning unit.  I use the same product, too, to clean our floor as it always needs to be clean and free from germs. We have two toddlers who would often walk barefoot and even lie on the floor. They also have the habit of scattering their toys on the floor.  So to make sure everything is spotless and germ-free, we mop our floor with Joy. Dishwashing liquid like Joy has surfactants which easily cut oil and grease brought by the moisture inside the house combined with dust and other kitchen grime. It is from experience that I learned best-ever Joy has the cleaning power to remove sebo and in the process have zero-worries life.

My Joy, My Life

My family is my joy, my life.  I wouldn’t mind waking up early for them to prepare their needs.  I may tell friends I wasn’t able to sleep well on some nights as I nurse our toddler because of some fever and flu.  There may be some days I wasn’t able to brush my hair and even visit the restroom to at least take a pee. But I will still choose the life I have because I have the best six boys I share the small house with. They are my life and my joy.

Zero Worries with My Constant Joy

Zero Worries with My Constant Joy

My Constant Joy

So, how do I enjoy a worry-free life? How do I take care of my family’s well-being despite the pressures of home management and motherhood?

Well, there are times I cry for help because I feel I had enough. I laugh when there is something funny to laugh about.  That perhaps is how I live my life. I cry when I want to cry. I feel the pain when there is pain. I love and love back.  And I always opt for what I believe will cut short my time spent to a specific task but never at the expense of my family. Living with zero worries means not having problems at all but choosing wisely when it comes to daily acts and products. Even the act of selecting a quality product like Joy for dishwashing is one big step towards being worry-free, making the most out of my day, and living the life with my boys- my constant joy- truly fun and zero-worries.

* This post is in partnership with Joy.  All opinions, though, are my own.


  1. Kat | Petite Momma

    I agree that our family is our constant joy. And being able to choose what is best and what works for our family is a simple but an important task to be worry-free.

  2. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

    Oooh, and all the while I thought I might be the only person who uses dishwashing liquid to clean floors. Hindi pala ako nag-iisa. 🙂

  3. Jareds_mum

    It does pay to have brands you can trust to make motherhood easier and simpler (if that is even possible). I also use Joy because it makes dishwashing easier and faster so you can have more time and energy for those that actually matter, the family.

    A nifty tip for a worry-free life that I also practice daily ~ be present in the here and now, be mindful. They say that if you focus on the here and now, there is no place for worry about the past nor the anxieties of the unknown future.

  4. Meikah Ybañez-Delid

    I also use Joy at home because you’re right, it’s zero worries. This liquid really takes away grease in an instant. It also brings me joy seeing another devoted mom like you. I hope we can rub off on all other moms so that kids won’t grow so alienated.

  5. Jho Tacorda

    Life can be tough but as long as we knownour purpose and our constant joy, it becomes bearable. I admire you so much, thanks for sharing your story.

  6. Chin Enriquez

    Nainspire nanaman ako momi Berlin.. I don’t wake up at 4am… yet. I wake up at 2am kasi malikot matulog ang lo ko. Then i just watch him sleep. The thing is, like what you said, live the life and make the most. And like I said sa fb comment, ma-worry akong tao but one thing I am zero-worry about is that my time with my son is well spent.

    Relate too! I also watch my son’s chest go up and down as he breathes. Parang habit ko na. Lagi ko sya chinecheck kapag tulog sya.

  7. Love Compoc

    Agree dyan sa our family is our constant joy. Relate din sa i worry a lot, dami kong worries sa mga kids; health, educ etc. I admire you on how you manage at home. Ako i wake up at wee hrs kasi breastfeeding and bunso constantly wakes me up to nurse and hubby takes care buying food to cook early morning.
    I cried too many times when am fed up but still go on lalo na seeing my kids and their lovely smiles. Super happy na ako na active sila and di sakitin.
    I am inspired even more while reading this blog . I am sahm with 3 kids and wala talagang yaya, never had.Leaving the world where I used to earn is something i don’t actually miss but the fact that i am earning makes me think
    and worry now that I don’t earn at home. I used to write few articles in a specific website but stopped for some reasons- low income, no time for the eldest thus affects behaviour. I realized that kids are important than anything. I do task at home and now having 3 means more mess inside our home. What’s challenging is i have to attend siblings war, tantrums and still fulfill my duty as a mom . House chores can be time consuming esp taking care of the tantamount laundry and of course the dishes. I only use Joy sachet because it is cheaper and available in the nearest sari sari store. What i do is transfer it to an empty container and just ISANG PATAK and that’s enough. Challenging part is cleaning dishes with oily and tough stains and am glad Joy is helping me out. I encourage my kids too with some home chores so instead of refusing them to help, i let them . My toddler usually help me on the dishes. She likes scrubbing the sponge with Joy on greasy plates and see the magic right after. No grease at all! Kuya does his task; cleaning the sala, fixing his bed and siblings too while bunso pick up some trash and place it in the garbage bin. Now, i have more time with them playing and storytelling is their favourite bonding at noon time /nap time. Managing house chores is important so we can spare more time with our children ❤️ Indeed, #zeroworries Mama here

  8. Queenie Mance

    Bilang Mommy di na mawawala ang worries buti sa Joy #zeroworries talaga, Joy user talaga ako linis kinis sa Joy proven na kaya lilipat pba ko sa iba hindi na, para tuliy tuliy ang Joy ng pamilya kelangan maging maalaga tayu sa kanila at piliin ang tamang produkto
    #BKSMomspartnerswithJoy ❤️

  9. Angelie Namindang

    Same here…. Stress ka na nga sa kalat ng bahay at makukulit na mga bata dagdag pa talaga itong si hugasin lalo na kung subrang masebo.. Kaya ang ginagawa ko para iwas stress sa hugasin, gumamit ng produkto na super affordable na at nakakatanggal talaga sa makapit na sebo. Anu pa nga ba?? Eh di JOY!! Joy lang naman talaga ang aking pinagkakatiwalaan basta hugasin ang pag uusapan.. Tanggal na ang makapit na sebo, super bango at lambot pa sa kamay..The BEST talaga ang JOY!!

  10. Nedy lazo

    Sis i admire you grabe puro lalaki yang mga anak mo ha pero kering keri , aga mo magising to prepare baon for them

  11. jhaiiloves

    napakagandang babasahin momsh! same tayo ng routine and ramdam ko din ung ganyan but as a mother we always choose th best for our family and you found the best dishwashing liquid! and i am using it also minana pa sa mother ko ang joy hehe

  12. Ma. Yvette Heart (@mayvetteheart)

    Pareho tayo na wala ng suklay suklay pag bangon parang laging nagmamadali. yet seriously, our family will always be our constant joy. Things may not be well and same, know that all things happen for a reason. Ako din I worry too much pero that will not help e. We need to live life to the fullest and let ourselves be worry free.

  13. Cyra Londe

    Isa akong SAHM ng tatlong batang makukulit mommy naku amen ang hirap pero kayang kaya pag dating sa hugasin kay joy lang ako nagtitiwala #zeroworries talaga ako pah joy ang gamit alam kong tangal laht ng naka dikit na sebo at germ sa plato pag joy ang gamit ko.

  14. Juvy Ann

    Choosing products you are rely on, really helps limit stress, meaning one less thing to worry about and more time for us to spend with those that matters (our family).

  15. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    Oh, I’ve had to shift to using organic dish soaps because my skin is allergic to the popular brands. We now get Human Nature.

    But yes, we do tend to worry so much about our family because that’s what we do as moms. 🙂

  16. Cristina Coroiu

    The family it’s a good source of joy. And seeing the happy faces of your kids i’m sure it makes your hearth grow a bit bigger. It’s also nice when you find products to help you with your day to days activities.

  17. crisshex88

    A good dishwashing detergent should cleanse and clean without too much effort, but giving the best results!

    • momiberlin

      That is comforting to hear that we share the same sentiments about dirty dishes and about our love for taking care of the boys.

  18. thewayfaringredhead

    What a precious photo of you and your son. I can’t say that I hand wash more than pots and pans but definitely don’t like dirty dishes laying around.

    • momiberlin

      The sight of dirty dishes isn’t too appealing, hmm? And thank you for the kind words.

  19. jess

    I love your zero worries approach! To be mindful and appreciative of your ability to care for your family and yourself is amazing.

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for the kind words, Jess. Appreciate it too that you drop by our site.

  20. georginawangui

    I admire how committed you are to your family to the point of selecting only the best brands for them. You are doing a great job.

  21. Alexithymia_Shubhi

    When you love someone , you naturally do things. Some people may feel forced but you are doing it so nicely. It looks tough to manage all toddlers and teenage. But, you seem to be strong lady.

  22. Deola

    You are doing great. Zero worries is my goal too, I tell myself life is challenging enough, and no need adding to it by endless worrying. Thanks for this post.

  23. Alexandra Cook

    That is the approach I think we all need to take with it. It is the best way to just enjoy what you’re doing!

  24. Krystle Cook

    Living your life with as little worry as possible can make things that much more happy for sure. I need to do more of this in my life.

  25. Dalene Ekirapa

    Aaaaw…this is so sweet; it really feels so good to be a mom. Yet busy, it is always good to find what brings you joy in the home. Cheers to all moms out there.

  26. Geralyn Anne Cebu

    It’s funny that even the little things, like dishwasher, can honestly make a huge difference in our day. I was not satisfied with one dishwasher I’ve used before and washing the dishes just became heavier. haha

    Cheers to all the moms who keep finding joy in everything. I admire you for being strong for your boys. I have 3 and it honestly is an encouragement to see you handle 5 with joy. =)

  27. Marcus Barrett

    This JOY dishwashing liquid will let you experience JOY in kitchen! It come with a new scent-Lavender and Lemon that has comforting fragrance so you can enjoy washing your dishes. JOY will help you removing stubborn grease.
    i usethis and i think the yellow one is better. the mix of lavende and lemon not very match. t is sbaout the semll only. for quality i have no problem because joy is the best cleansing that i have try. I like the smell at first I smell it. It is easy to use. Up until today, we’d always repurchase Joy dishwashing liquid. If we try other brands, as soon as we go out, we’ll come back to Joy. Every Joy dishwashing liquid has the same quality: a little goes a LONG WAY and it really de-greases & removes oil. We also use it to wash our children’s utensils. For me, I personally like this new flavour because of the scent and colour. property listing cebu


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