CORDLIFE PHILIPPINES on Giving Chances and Choices

Apr 30, 2019 | Links, Live, Only Berlin

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I had come to know the importance of insurance when our house was one of the thousands submerged in flood during the 2009 Typhoon Ondoy. We were able to claim insurance and use the money to pay for repairs.

Thus, when Dr. Gregorio B. Pastorfide pointed out the similarities of house insurance and cord blood banking, I had sentiments for not availing of that chance. I had the choice twice but didn’t give it much attention. Now, I only hope that nothing would happen to my family for me not to regret giving no time and thought about cord blood banking.

CORDLIFE PHILIPPINES on Giving Chances and Choices.  The medical health practitioners who have continued to support Cordlife Philippines by educating their patients on the importance of cord blood banking.  L-R Pauleen Luna Sotto, Dr. Raul Quillamor, Dr. Anthony Marc Ancheta, Ms. Suzanne Salindong, Dr. Gregorio B. Pastorfide, Dra. Lety Chua Torregosa, and Gelli Victor

When I gave birth to my first three boys, we have zero knowledge about cord blood banking. But on my fifth childbirth (my fourth pregnancy ended to missed abortion), I had my son’s cord blood donated. Again, with our little knowledge about it, the decision to avail of the private cord blood banking wasn’t an option. What was told to us was that they would store my child’s umbilical cord blood for public use or research. Once donated, it’s unlikely that we can use our boy’s cord blood for our future needs. But it can provide life-saving stem cells to a patient in need. We didn’t pay for any storage fee as again, our baby’s cord blood will be stored in a public bank to help other people. With our sixth child, though, we didn’t give much thought about cord blood banking anymore.

Chances and choices

It was only this year that I fully understood the importance of private cord blood banking. Just like a home or fire insurance, our son’s cord blood is synonymous with safeguarding family members. The cord blood is essential in the treatment of a family’s existing disease using stem cells.

The cord blood stem cell discoveries are nothing short of miraculous, especially with the list of stem cell treatable diseases that continuously grow at a rapid pace. Through this development, many illnesses deemed incurable now have cures. It is for this reason, too, that cord blood banks have started to be set up all over the world.

Cordlife is amongst the leading players for private cord blood banking services. Currently, it operates in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the Philippines

A decade of giving chances and choices

This year, Cordlife Philippines has reached a significant milestone of 10 years in the consumer healthcare industry. Its most significant breakthrough, however, was still the choice to introduce cord blood banking a decade ago.

In the Philippines, Cordlife’s cord blood banking service was first introduced in April 2009. Its headquarter is in Antel Corporate Centre in Ortigas. The cord blood processing and storage facility, however, is in UP AyalaLand Technohub in Quezon City. The processing and storage facility was established in 2010. It has a storage capacity for 30,000 cord blood and cord lining units. And just like other processing and storage facilities around the globe, the one in UP AyalaLand Technohub is built following global gold standards to give local families peace of mind.

the access to chances and choices

Now, it is reassuring to know that more families are gaining knowledge about cord blood banking. With forum and talks, many are now seeing the benefits of cord blood banking, too. The access to cord blood and cord lining banking is even extended to as far as in Visayas and Mindanao with the opening of Cordlife’s Cebu and Davao satellite offices.

the solution to chances and choices

CORDLIFE PHILIPPINES on Giving Chances and Choices

CORDLIFE PHILIPPINES on Giving Chances and Choices. Celebrity brand ambassadors join in the celebration of Cordlife Philippines’ anniversary. (L-R) Patrick Garcia, Chito Miranda with wife Neri Miranda and son Miggy Miranda, Miriam Quiambao-Roberto and husband Ardy Roberto, Vanessa Matsunaga-Sunga with daughter Isabela and husband Jun Sunga, Jolina Magdangal-Escueta with husband Mark and children Pele and Vika, Juris Fernandez-Lim and husband Gavin Lim, Samantha Godinez-Valenciano and daughter Leia

Cordlife’s journey in saving lives does not end with the headquarter, processing and storage facility. The gift of giving chances and choices in securing precious stem cells continues as Cordlife remains steadfast in providing reliable healthcare solutions and delivering excellence in cord blood banking and more.

With a firm belief that its services may offer life-changing and life-saving therapeutic options for families in the future, Cordlife’s commitment to continuously provide quality services will never be compromised. Because after all, Cordlife is all about celebrating the gift of life!


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