MOMI SHARES| #BackToSchoolwithNBS

May 18, 2018 | Live, Only Berlin

MOMI SHARES| #BackToSchoolwithNBS

I love bookstores! I always love books and anything a bookstore offers. I used to collect pens and bookmarks. I love writing notebooks and planners. Whenever I visit a bookstore, I feel like a little girl who sees her first crush. It has always been that feeling.

Back to National Bookstore

I may say that my love for bookstores has been adapted by my boys, too. Whenever we go to the mall, we would always visit our favorite store and there, will spend hours browsing through the shelves. We can literally be lost in the world of literature.

Bookstores aren’t a place for novels and coffee table books alone. It is also our favorite place to buy our school supplies. And I so love it every time I try those pens and markers. I always end up bringing home a piece or two or sometimes a set of writing materials. I just can’t help it.

Back to school shopping at NBS

The same feeling when last Tuesday, we again visited National Bookstore to buy the boys’ school supplies. We always make sure to do our school supplies shopping a month before classes start. It gives us ample time to return should in case we forgot something. But with a list as our guide, it seems we pretty much covered everything.

I’ve noticed that as I push my cart, I was smiling all throughout the trip. I love it that National Bookstore set up a back to school zone, bringing together the school supplies and accessories every shopper needs. From folders to notebooks, pens and bags and even uniforms and shoes, shoppers can complete their list in that area alone. How convenient it could be for one busy mom!

Of course, I practically toured the whole store. Even if I don’t have a budget for a new read, I asked my boy to give me my 30 minutes to check on new titles. He also did the same. And when we met each other, we both have new books we wanted to bring home. I gave in. We bought the books as a reward for ourselves. My Firstborn has always been helpful at home and I badly need a new title to keep me company in times I put my baby to sleep.

Back to school convenience at NBS

MOMI SHARES| #BackToSchoolwithNBS

MOMI SHARES| #BackToSchoolwithNBS

As always, National Bookstore has new offerings that spell convenience and quick shopping experience. It has Grab and Go packs filled with supplies for grade schoolers. These packs are available starting at P 145. It also has cute transparent backpacks loaded with necessities every young learner needs like notebooks, paper, pens, and more.

Great treats await shoppers, too, with its drawstring bag for only P 99 for every P 300 purchase. There are also cute lunch bags at P 75 only if one buys at least P 399 worth of products. As for my boys and I, we got to bring home free tote bags for every P 1,000 purchase.

One innovation I appreciate National Bookstore adapted is introducing online shopping at It also has delivery hotline 8888 627 within Metro Manila. That, for me and for most individuals I know, is a real convenience.


It’s definitely back to school season and I am positive most are heading to National Bookstore for their school supply needs. My boys and I had our visit the other day and it was a fun experience. It brought back memories when my mom and I used to go there for my school needs. Now, I have my own children and just like me when I was little, their eyes speak of excitement to own that robot pencil case or that complete set of coloring materials. Only that my mom wouldn’t want me to have them as we need to prioritize important things first. Now, I am that kind of mom to them.

I just wish that on our next National Bookstore visit, I could tell them there is practically no limit and just grab everything they need and want. After all, National Bookstore is and will always be our happy place.

MOMI SHARES| #BackToSchoolwithNBS

MOMI SHARES| #BackToSchoolwithNBS

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  1. Michi (@michisolee)

    Like you, I also enjoy going to the bookstore, minsan kahit walang bibilhin, napapabili. I’m glad that my son’s school provides list of school supplies as early as April so we can buy school supplies in advance. I’m done with buying our supplies, the only thing I need to do is printing labels.

  2. Juvy Ann

    I love book stores too, yes including school supplies. I can spend hours checking out pens and planners alone. I am at NBS almost every week or when time permits.

  3. MrsEneroDiaries

    I love NBS too, they have everything that I need from books to school supplies. This is where I also bought Eliana’s school supplies. And I also renewed my NBS card, it’s been years since I have used my old one.



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