Top 3 Reasons to opt for wallpaper over paint

Nov 3, 2021 | Live, Only Berlin

Why do we love wallpaper over paint

It is semestral break, and we plan to freshen up our home. How?

Top 3 Reasons to opt for wallpaper than paint

General cleaning and installing wallpaper!

Yes, you read it right. We opted for wallpaper over paint. Wallpaper has a lot of exciting colors, patterns, and textures that may make even the tiniest space attractive. Add to that, there are several advantages to using wallpaper instead of paint. We have enumerated a few for you to consider should you plan for a home makeover or interior design project.


We always find wallpaper more durable than paint. Paint can chip and peel, especially when there is moisture or accidental collisions. Add to that, paint needs retouching every five years at the least. Wallpaper, on the other hand, can withstand the test of time.

In case of dirt, you can always wipe clean a wallpaper, especially those vinyl types. Sadly in a painted wall, the spot where you clean the dirt may leave a shiny mark.

The upfront cost of wallpaper may be higher, but you save more on wallpaper installation than wall painting in time. There are also shops from Shopee that offer quality yet affordable wallpaper.

Timely that you can enjoy significant discounts when you shop for your favorites from IDA Wallpaper, Hawaii Home, and Mini Home Textile this 11.11 Big Christmas Sale on Shopee!

Shopee launches the biggest sale of the year – the 11.11-12.12 Big Christmas Sale – with you can’t miss promos such as ₱1 deals, Free Shipping with ₱0 minimum spend, and 10% off daily from the widest selection of brands and sellers.

Top 3 Reasons to opt for wallpaper than paint


We love how each wallpaper design can streamline the wall’s aesthetic and pull together the overall look of the house. Its unique blend of color, depth, and texture truly makes the wall an exciting sight to behold.

Add to that, a wallpaper offers a hundred and more designs from stripes to flowers, all creating a charming landscape to one’s room. Those wallpaper designs with texture, for example, totally add drama to a place. In addition, they provide a level of versatility.

This explains, too, how wallpaper can provide a level of creativity you will not find with paint. Unless, of course, you hired a professional to do paint design on your wall, which, by the way, is a lot more expensive.


We genuinely love how wallpaper can easily impress guests as it is uniquely different. We bet you seldom hear the phrase “we have that same design in our room.”

Another beautiful thing about wallpaper is that you can buy a roll or two to use in a particular corner you would want to emphasize. Adding a bold print to a tiny space among a sea of gray, for instance, dramatically increases the room’s impact. In addition, many wallpapers come in complementary partners with solid-colored walls.

Wallpaper, too, adds personality to a living space, allowing you to use it as a statement you would want to be known or remembered for – an accent on just one wall to coordinate with paint colors or to cover an entire room.

With so many color and design schemes to choose from, it’s no wonder many opt for wallpaper to finish their walls and give their living space an elegant feel. IDA Wallpaper, for instance, offers tons of great wallpaper products that may help you in expressing yourself through your walls. Check them out, especially this 11.11 Big Christmas Sale on Shopee, and transform your home into the vision you desire. But first, download the Shopee app on Play Store or App Store.

Top 3 Reasons to opt for wallpaper than paint


  1. Owen Ponce

    So convincing and amazing! We opted it with wallpaper! Different varieties of designs to choose from. So beautiful and classy design to see

  2. Jen Guzman

    Yes maganda talaga pag wall paper easy to assemble at makakapili kpa ng gusto mong design, once na masira pwede mo agad gawan ng remedyo na hindi masasaktan ang bulsa natin.

  3. Lovelyn Joy Lacorte

    Correct Po momi ❤️ makakapamili ka tlga NG mga design na gusto mo.anytime pwede ka Rin magpalit depende sa okasyon hehehe .tipid Po Yan momi

  4. Jcka Ranum

    Maganda po talaga Ang wallpaper Mommy .. dami pang pagpipilian designs .. madaling ilagay at iremove para palitan .. mas madali kesa paint

  5. Winnie L. Cruz

    Ako po gusto ko nang wallpaper kaso ung Mr ko po ma tyaga mag palitada pa konti konti sa bahay namin color pink nga po pala ung kulay na ginamit nya minsan sya nadin nag rerepair nang aming munting bahay pag may butas sa bubong bet ko po ang wallpaper sa kwarto nang aking anak pag napagawan napo namin nang sariling kwarto nya mag pipito narin po kasi.. share lang po.. salamat din po sa pag share..

  6. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Nakita ko din sa bahay ng kumare ang wallpaper nilagay nila super ganda at makakapili kapa ng Ibat ibang design talaga hindi like sa pintura samin wala pa siguro 1 Year need na irepaint at need mag palit ng kulay na maganda talaga sa mata tignan kaya naman balak ko sana talaga wallpaper buti naishare mo ito momi nag dadalawang isip pa kasi ako pero now nakapili na ako talaga

  7. maristella pajota echegoyen

    well this is my sign to buy na nfa ng wallpaper lately im hasitant to choose between paint and w.paper and my final say is wallpaper thanks mommy berlin

  8. Ma. Cyril Creer

    I prefer wallpaper din po .. maganda kasi pag wallpaper bukod sa maraming designs na pagpipilian , mas durable ito kaysa sa paint .. Walang amoy (mabaho at masakit po kasi sa ilong ang pintura at syempre mura pa .. ♥️♥️

  9. Ma.Elma Abe

    Simula nauso ang wallpaper naging fan ako nito..nakaka happy magtingin ng mga ito daming pagpipilian.Simula sa kitchen namin,mga aparador at mga dingding dito sa inuupahan namin,yan ang mga nilagay ko..super dali maglagay at kagandahan pa nito affordable lang ang mga wallpaper kesa pintura.

  10. jennifer sarno cruz

    I’d like to try using wall paper too thanks for sharing your insights with this momi berlin.

  11. Mitra Lyka

    Check ko nga din po itong IDA Homes at mukhang magaganda po ang kanilang mga wallpaper at matitibay. Marami ding pagpipilian na mga designs.

  12. Cheng Broquiza

    Magandang choice talaga ang Wall paper. Lalo n sa kids room. Ang gand a ung mga kiddie designs. ♥️

  13. Cheng Broquiza

    Magandang choice talaga ang Wall paper. Lalo n sa kids room. Ang gand a ung mga kiddie designs. ♥️♥️♥️


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