Benefits of Online Gaming For Children

Sep 13, 2021 | Live, Only Berlin

Children benefit from online gaming

Often, we parents do not approve of our children playing online games. For us, such games are a distraction and will not do good to our kids’ health. But did you know that some online games have benefits, too? Allow us to share with you a few advantages of it.

nurtures relationship

Playing online games can help nurture relationships and attachment between parents and youngsters. Finding hidden objects in the game, for example, is an excellent activity for a family to bond together. It’s a nice opportunity for parents to incorporate eye contact and touch while playing, letting the children feel their elder’s love and care. We may not notice it, but playing online game problems likewise builds memories with the kids that they will forever cherish.

improves strategic thinking

According to research, playing a fast-paced strategy video game can help the brain become active and improve strategic thinking. Playing Solitaire, for instance, can speed up decision-making. Kids can also learn from past wrongdoings and do not repeat them to move on to the game. Some games are timed, and one gets a score based on how quickly he completes the puzzle. This kind of game likewise improves strategic thinking while dealing with time.

We have seen how our kids play connect three games like Zuma ball shooters or candy crush type games. Such simple games teach children how to strategize to top the competition.

develops creativity

There are online games that can help improve our kids’ creativity. Gamers usually think of solutions out of complex issues by thinking out of the box. On the other hand, some games even have engaging stories that shape the way the game is told to spark creative skills.

controls emotions

We love how some online games bring pleasure and help control the emotions of the kids. As it may be difficult to accept criticism, playing online games somehow help youngsters regulate and moderate their emotions in a difficult situation. To add, online games bring pleasure and make children feel more relaxed, especially after a tiring day.

Builds perseverance

We may not notice it, but online games also help our kids build perseverance to attain goals. They even learn resilience. They know how to accept failure, recover from a challenging game, and preserve how to top the game the next time.

Enhances memory

Some games help improve kids’ short and long-term memory and help the brain process information quickly. More than that, they help improve concentration, too, and train the kids’ visual memory. We may not notice it, too, but there are online games that help improve the ability of the kids to find similarities and differences in objects. This helps them practice their attention to detail which will be helpful as they solve problems later on.

Online gaming has advantages, too

Online gaming helps kids exercise their brain in a fun way. We need to remind our children, though, to take a health break from the screen. This is to exercise their legs and body, which have been seated in front of a gadget for hours. A health break also gives the eyes the time to rest.

Again, online games aren’t all harmful to our kids. There are several game-based learning that helps kids understand and think about complex topics or challenges. Allowing our children to see things differently, like through online games, can encourage them to grasps ideas and issues faster and in a deeper creative, fun way. More so, such online games, in a way, help build our kids’ soft skills for future careers.


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