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Nov 7, 2016 | Live, Only Berlin

It is the time of the year again when grocery shopping includes buying cans and boxes of milk and all-purpose cream for our fruit salads and macaroni salads.  Food fairs and bazaars are aplenty, too, where food merchants take center stage and get the opportunity to showcase their delicious products to foodies and the public.  This momi has been to a food fest where more than 30 food concessionaires all geared up showcasing their various specialties to the public.  Food on display was a mix of sweet and savory, and one thing that made it delectable was the use of Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream.

The Alaska Merry Cremas Food Fest at the Trinoma Activity Center I attended last Sunday was more than fun.  Aside from the mouthwatering food from cakes to cookies, different pastries to even organic food, what made the event a success was the heartwarming support of the public.  They patiently visited each booth and tasted each product.  Some went back to the food carts and ordered dozens of those specialty dishes.



The ambiance that Sunday at the Activity Center was indeed lively.  Everyone was sharing and accommodating.  And surely almost everyone went home full with the many food offered for tasting.  A number went home carrying something for their loved ones.


#MerryCremas2016| lactation cookies for breastfeeding moms like me!

The Alaska Merry Cremas Food Fest was on its fourth staging.  And as expected, it was a success given the delicious food offered by each merchant and the support of the public.

One food booth I particularly love was the Batter Up by Florence Bayer.  Florence discovered her love for baking when she was still in high school.  She baked some cookies for her Home Economics class.  She offered those baked goodies for sale which turned out to be a hit among her mom’s friends.  Her love for baking resulted to Batter Up, a now successful home bakery business.

It was Florence’s second time to join the Merry Cremas Food Fest where she showcased more than seven variants of her baked goods.  Taking center stage was her delicious brownies, which counts Alaska Crema as one of its ingredients.  “I started using Alaska Crema by accident.  I had to improvise because I was missing a yogurt so I decided to use Alaska Crema with lemon instead.  That made all the difference and had led me to create something that is well-loved by everyone,” she shared.



You might have that same passion for baking, too.  Why not share your Alaska Crema experience or simply your delicious baked goodies.  Christmas is fast approaching and one way of spreading love and merriment is by sharing those sumptuous dishes and sweet delights to friends and loved ones.  Or perhaps to the public when Alaska Crema stages  another Merry Cremas Food Fest.

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