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Dec 3, 2016 | Live, Love, Only Berlin

How important is it to keep a promise? For this mother, I live by it. I would want my boys to associate keeping promises with valuing the person I made that vow. The same way that not keeping a commitment means disrespecting myself as I do not value my words.

I come across this blog post from Mga Pahina ni Msbolin and decides to repost it at Momi Berlin. I am also cleaning my old blog, planning to close it eventually and just concentrate on my new website. I would love to share with you then this post about Keeping Promises and the lessons learned from this.

December 25, 2012

My mother invited the boys to watch a movie. Firstborn and Bunso went with mother. Second son, however, preferred to stay home with his mama.

Second son: Mama, let us also watch a movie.

Momi Berlin: Sure! What movie do you want to watch?

Second son: What are the options, mama?

Momi Berlin enumerated all the Metro Manila Film Fest entries and gave a short background for each.

Second son: I want the “El Presidente” movie, mama.

Oh, men!

Broken Promises

December 26

Our family went to SM Novaliches to watch Ejercito’s movie. I was somehow relieved when there was no “El Presidente” at any of SM Novaliches’ four cinemas.

We did our monthly grocery instead and bought a few home improvement stuff.

Second son must have thought “a broken promise.” So he stayed grumpy all throughout the shopping. He bought something to read on our visit to National Bookstore, and that book kept him company throughout the day.


keeping promises| Second son stayed in one corner as we did our shopping. Good thing a book kept him company.

Keeping Promises

December 27

To keep the word I once gave to second son, I encouraged husband to visit the mall again and watch a movie. Keeping my promise to any of my sons is vital to me. I would always want them to know and feel that I truly appreciate them — that they are important and they are my priority.

We decided to go north – either Trinoma or SM The Block. Husband suggested SM North EDSA. With SM North EDSA’s 12 cinemas, we were confident of the many options, and I may still encourage second son to think of other movies besides El Presidente. Though I have nothing against the film, I just prefer to watch something funny and light.

Second son still opted to see the life story of Emilio Aguinaldo. His two brothers even supported him. They, after all, have seen Vic Sotto’s Enteng Kabisote movie.

So we saw El Presidente, much to the delight of my two boys. Bunso, on the contrary, just focused his attention to munching and asking me too many questions. I didn’t mind at all. My aim that day was not only to please my boys but to value the promise I once gave. And by doing so, I also felt great that day!


  1. ROBERT LEE | Amazing Life Daily

    I agree. Keeping promises is more than simply teaching that act. It is also about teaching kids the meaning and value of integrity. So no matter what, it is important to follow through on promises.

    Which is good, because I seem to remember a previous topic on “Adobo”?

    • momiberlin

      Hahah. The adobo might be coming on its way to you… soonest. Honestly, I am still so stressed re the health of my youngest and my never ending cough.

      Anyway, yes. Keeping promises tests ones integrity and I hope di pa sira ang pangalan ko sa yo 🙂

  2. Miera Nadhirah

    I agree it is important to try to keep the promise, no matter what… when you do not keep a promise, your child will also have trust issues, I have seen it happen and this is so sad…

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for reminding me of the trust issues. Been there as well and yes, so sad.

  3. Kylie Zimanyi

    What a valuable lesson that most people take for granted. I have so much admiration for your ability to approach motherhood with so much dignity and integrity.

    I’m sure if more people were like you, the world will be a better place.

    I like reading your posts, they prepare me for motherhood. Perhaps one day I can be like you too?

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for the kind words. Perhaps motherhood makes me be what I am now. Surely when you have kids, you will be a role model to them because you just want what is best for them.

  4. Stargazer

    Keeping promises is really important especially to a growing child. You don’t want to have a child that’s paranoid which would end in anxiety, just because of a broken promise. If you are unable to keep a promise because of an unforeseen event, make sure that the child understands it. Don’t live them hanging and make up of possible reasons.

    • momiberlin

      That’s a nice advice, dear. Thank you and will keep that in mind 🙂

  5. Cassey Yong

    keeping promises looks simple in the sentence but to do it, it is not as easy. Different people have different commitments, sometimes we make time to meet our friends by promising them but we broke it in the end most of the times when sometimes un wanted incidents happened like a death of another friend. I always believe in not breaking any promises but sometimes what we planned is not what God given plans. sigh. But will try my best to keep the promise. thanks for sharing.

  6. Eleanor

    Making promises is easy but keeping them is difficult sometimes. Your post makes me think of my promises for my son especially when he was little. I cannot give all what he wanted since I am a single mom so we always had a deal. Now that he is 19, he knows when to make “lambing” but he knows that my priority is his education fees and allowances. He learns how to save for what he wants.

    • momiberlin

      That is so kind of him to save for his wants. We parents really prioritize education so it is very understandable.



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