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May 12, 2017 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Everything has two sides.

I must say I am thankful that I decided to join the fanatics and gamers as they welcome back the coming of Ragnarok Online.  I learned something I never imagined I would gain in such an event.

Everything has two sides

Everything has two sides

Everything has two sides

The very amiable Kamphee Phiromwad, Managing Director of Electronics Extreme, started the press conference with a video about a gamer and the people around him.  The gamer’s loved ones cannot understand his love for gaming, while his friends and guild support him all the way.  The short yet touching video showed that everything contains a good and a bad depending on how one views it. After watching the flick, I now had a better view of how gamers think, feel, and speak.  Indeed, everything has two sides.  And I am just glad I was able to understand the other side.

As a mother of two teenagers, I too cannot see the beauty of online gaming.  I have seen how my boys would concentrate and spend hours playing and defending their castle.  If I will not remind them, surely they would forget about eating and even peeing.

Genuine camaraderie

Then I learned that one of the most important things guilds want is loyalty.  And that means sticking with the group through thick and thin.  Though there are certainly issues regarding guild hopping, certain friendship and camaraderie are developed as one stays in the game.  And beyond winning the clan war, it is the mutual trust and friendship among gamers that gives meaning to the hours they spent together.

Perhaps it would be hard for some parents to understand the beauty of online gaming.  And it would be harder for them to grasp the idea of playing for long hours if they do not look at the other side of the story.

The relaunch of the other side of the story

Which reminds me to tell you now the good news which gamers would surely love to hear.

Ragnarok Online is coming back!

Ragnarok Online enjoyed a resurgence through its renaissance in Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia.  Since its launch in 2003, close to 10 million people played the game in the Philippines.  The game not only introduced the Filipinos to the world of gaming adventure and competition but also created lifelong friendships.  It was so popular that Ragnarok Online was made into an incredibly known 26-episodes anime series.

Last year, Ragnarok Online was relaunched in Thailand.  It enjoyed the critical and commercial success that Electronics Extreme Ltd. and ELITE are introducing this game in the Philippines again.  For one, Electronics Extreme made sure concerns especially about bots were addressed.  Bots have been one of the major reasons players stopped enjoying the game.  Electronics Extreme, by the way, owns the publishing rights to Ragnarok Online for the country.  ELITE, on the other hand, is its Philippine publishing partner.

Ragnarok Online Philippines is back

ELITE promises the game and its community activities are optimal to provide the best gaming experience to Filipino players. Phiromwad himself committed that Ragnarok Online will be more community-centric.  There will be Custom Events for the Philippines and a number of Ragnarok Online Key Items will be found in-game.  Players will also experience 2-1 character classes, improved monsters spawn points, and much more.

Now that the Ragnarok Online is back, will this mother be happy with the news?

At the press conference, I have met a lot of enthusiastic players and gamers.  They spoke passionately about the game.  They were one in cheering for the return of Ragnarok Online in the country.  Then I imagined attending the conference with my two teenagers.  I visualized them cheering with the crowd.  They would surely be eager as well.

So would I be happy with the return of Ragnarok Online Philippines?

Yes.  My boys played it once.  They certainly learned about strategies.  They attest they experienced teamwork, cooperation, and leadership.  And most importantly, they gained friends.

Just like the video Phiromwad showed at the start of the press conference, beyond the fun of playing, it is the fellowship which makes the game a lot more fun and habit-forming.


  1. Nilyn Matugas

    I have never tried playing online games like Ragnarok, Dota and more. Hanggang Tetris battle lang ako. lol. So, just like other non-gamers, I also don’t understand why others are super hooked. I call it “addictive”, hehe. Pero I know someone na hindi gala kasi he likes playing online. I think that’s one of the positive sides of it.

  2. May Palacpac

    I’m honestly okay with my kids playing with online games. It’s having to communicate with other players that gets me anxious. I once allowed my son to chat during a game and some weird person on the other end started asking suspicious questions like how old my son is and where he goes to school and all that stuff. I haven’t let them online again since. I think that they can learn about camaraderie somewhere safer. 🙂

  3. Shalene R

    I played Ragnarok for a couple of times, kaya lang I just couldn’t commit back then while I was also into another MMOrpg (Rohan). We are a family of gamers and my kids is now addicted to Overwatch. I love D3 and my husband like console games.

    Ragnarok is a popular game, I’m sure gamers will support it again. 🙂

    • momiberlin

      During the press con, there are a lot of gamers who are enthusiastic of Ragnarok’s return. Surely, the support would be overwhelming.

  4. Maan

    I actually had to read it twice because I didn’t think it was really Ragnarok at first! It brings back high school memories. Though I have never played it (I was never really into video games), almost everyone in my school used to play it!


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