5 Healthy Eating Habits for Moms During Breastfeeding and Beyond

Aug 12, 2021 | Live, Only Berlin

5 healthy eating habits for moms during breastfeeding and beyond

We are privileged to breastfeed our boys. At first, it started hard and painful. It was for this reason that we preferred to use a pump instead for our first two boys. Our milk was not enough, though; thus, we resorted to formula feeding them. On our third son, we were able to breastfeed him for six months. We never missed pumping our milk anytime we feel the need to. It was only on our fifth and sixth boys that we learn how to latch them properly. And until now, they still breastfeed from us. They are six and four years old.

The first few weeks of breastfeeding will surely hurt. It may even crash us and doubt its purpose. But we opted to continue and fight back the excruciating pain, and what we feel afterward is pure bliss. All the pain and perseverance are all worth it. 

Breastfeeding comes with a responsibility

As breastfeeding moms, we know it is our responsibility to observe healthy eating habits. This is because we eat not only for ourselves but also for the little ones we are continuously nurturing. The healthy eating habits we developed during our nursing years will also serve as an excellent foundation for our kids’ health later in life.

As we celebrate Breastfeeding Month, Filipino plant-based brand Sekaya shares healthy eating tips that can help us stay healthy during and after our breastfeeding years. 

Follow the food pyramid

The food pyramid is a great reference to help us keep a well-balanced diet. This dietary guide also ensures that we eat various foods across all food groups in proper amounts. The country’s Food and Nutrition Research Institute has a daily nutritional guide pyramid for pregnant women and lactating moms and toddlers to teens and adults to the elderly, further helping moms plan their food for the entire household. 

Go for the proper fuel

Breastfeeding moms need to increase their calorie intake on top of their usual recommended count. They need to replenish the nutrients used by their body to produce milk. 

As responsible breastfeeding moms, we need to choose the right calories by going for highly nutritious food. Such are food rich in iron, calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and D. We also need to avoid eating empty calories like processed and sugary food and drinks. Overeating this food increases one’s risk of various health problems, including common causes of premature death such as diabetes and heart disease. 

Not all greens are suitable

Green leafy vegetables are the mainstay in a healthy diet, but breastfeeding mothers should be wary that not all greens are suitable for them. Lactating moms should avoid parsley, peppermint, and sage. As these three may have health benefits, they, on the other hand, affect milk supply production. Another to avoid is tea, as caffeine and tannins might cause insomnia to both the mom and the baby who gets her breastmilk.

Almost all know that moringa or malunggay is a powerful galactagogue in enhancing milk production. Spinach and kale are other green leafy galactagogues. 

Opt for a healthy snack

A little healthy snack in between helps nursing moms refuel their bodies and curb hunger. The best snacks are those plant-based such as fruits or nut bars. Smoothies made from fruits and vegetables are a good option, too, and veggie snacks like boiled kamote, singkamas, cooked saba, and fresh fruits. 

Choose your supplements right

There is a possibility that eating healthy food may still be inadequate in supporting a mom’s health needs. In this case, breastfeeding moms may rely on natural, plant-based supplements like moringa to help them achieve their daily recommended nutrition intake. Such supplements are a superfood packed with over 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, and amino acids potent enough to help address 300 diseases. This likewise makes moringa an excellent supplement for any stage of motherhood. 

Be reminded, though, that not all moringa supplements are safe for mom and baby. Moringa plants are nature’s filters since they absorb and store environmental pollutants, weighty metals, and toxins. 

Non-organic and low-quality moringa supplements may put moms and babies at risk of getting exposed to these pollutants. Remember, the quality of a moringa supplement depends on the quality of its raw ingredients and how they are processed. Make sure to seek for 100% sourced and manufactured in a clean and safe environment.

Sekai Organic Moringa is the only 500mg EU-certified organic moringa supplement 100% sourced and manufactured in the country. This means it has met international standards on production and processing. Each supplement is made with moms and their babies in mind.

Sekai Organic Moringa products are tested against microbial contamination, pesticide residues, heavy metals, and molds. This ensures that everything is safe and of high quality. By the way, Sekai is under Synnovate Pharma Corporation, the natural products company of UNILAB

Sekai Organic Moringa is available in select Mercury Drug stores and Synnovate’s official stores in Lazada and Shopee.

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  1. Cheng Broquiza

    Yey! Proudto say that I’m a breastfeed Mom for more than 10 years. One decade Momi. Non stop 3kids. Happy Breastfeeding awareness month po Momi. Nakaka bilib po KASi Lahat ng boys nio po at Napa breastfeed ninyo. Eating right food and nutritious food is a must talaga kapag nagpapa breastfeed. KASi para healthy din si Little one. Sekai organic moringa. Andaming health benefits and it’s really boost our Breastmilk talaga If we take this. Thank you Momi for inspiring me.❤️❤️


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