Win home makeover prizes up to P50K at IKEA Family Club

Jul 3, 2021 | Live, Only Berlin

One thing is for sure. Most of us definitely would want to furnish our house and make it feel like a home. Ow, that feeling of coming to a place where we will spend so many clichés but happy episodes of our life. A place we are at our most comfortable because it was us who put together the furnishing to make it appear what is in our vision.

Yes, start with our vision. 

Design home with a vision

Creating our dream abode is achievable. We should take time to visualize how we would want our home to look like. Whether we have just moved in or plan for a renovation, we should have this vision of our house’s overall feel and mood. 

To achieve this goal, we may join virtual meeting places where members share DIY projects, makeover ideas, and home organizing hacks. Such is a happy haven where one would find pegs and inspiration for refurbishing or decorating the different parts of a house. 

As some individuals have the gift to mix and match pieces of furniture, some – myself included – struggle to start decorating their place. And that’s what we love best about this latest news!

IKEA finds home in the Philippines

IKEA, a global destination store for home furnishing, home accessories, ready-to-assemble furniture, and kitchen products, recently calls the Philippines its home. And just like in the many countries it is found, IKEA is set to provide Filipinos affordable, functional, and well-designed furniture and home decorations.

IKEA does personal service offering home or office furnishing solutions to make everybody’s vision come true. And they have another good news. In preparation for its first store opening in Pasay City, IKEA Philippines will launch the IKEA Family Club, a home furnishing club of more than 150 million members globally. The club’s goal is to inspire, support, and reach members to create their dream home. It is open to individuals who want to make life at home better or those about to start and help to create their very first living space. Members will also get special IKEA Family benefits, rewards, experiences, and surprises all year round.

Now, here’s the exciting part. IKEA Philippines invites us to join the IKEA Family Club during its Family Day celebration on July 7. Members who register on that date get a chance to win home makeover prizes of up to P50,000 with an exclusive design consultation with IKEA interior designers.

The announcement of winners is on July 10 through the IKEA Philippines’ official Facebook page.

Join the IKEA Family for perks and more 

To join, visit and register at anytime, anywhere using any mobile or computer device. Interested members must be at least 21 years old and should register using a valid Philippines mobile number. Member perks include special prices in-store at IKEA Pasay City and earn reward points in the IKEA online store. Members also get the chance to receive invites to exciting IKEA pre-opening events.

Design your dream space

As there is no exact art or science to decorating our home, it helps that we have the help of experts like IKEA to achieve our dream space. Indeed, we do not want to fill our personal space with too many iconic pieces that may appear over-styled or fussy. Our home is our solace from life’s pressure and one that contributes to a healthier lifestyle. Let IKEA help us achieve that.

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  1. Kat Santiago PH

    I am excited! Can’t wait to register with IKEA!

    • momiberlin

      super excited na rin ako. sana mapili tayo!

  2. Owen ponce

    The famous IKEA,now I’m totally convinced about it,it was haunt by most moms on IG,now I know why they go gaga about it

    • momiberlin

      Ang ganda naman kasi ng pieces of furniture nila.

  3. Asimah taher

    Sana isa ako sa palarin ng Maka pag pohonan na po ako para sa mga anak ko god bless

  4. Asimah taher

    Sana isa ako sa palarin nh maka pag pihonan napo ako para sa mga anak ko..god bless

    • momiberlin

      Naku, please, Sana isa tayo sa mapipili. Magdilang anghel tayo.

  5. Lyka Mitra

    Ang bongga po ng papremyo ni IKEA. Maraming magkaka interest na sumali po dito.

    • momiberlin

      sobrang bongga. at yes, marami interested.

  6. Karen

    Wow laki ng prizes ng IKEA momi nakaktulong pa ma renovate at maging maayos ang design ng bahay kung anung gstong design at style

    • momiberlin

      kaya nga. nakakaexcite naman talaga.

  7. Cherry rose paulino

    I want to join po super galing ng prize nila

    • momiberlin

      nalu, naka register ka na ba?

  8. Rose Amido Lazaro

    Wow ang bongga nman po ng prize ng IKEA.

    • momiberlin

      sobrang bongga!

  9. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Ang ganda din po pala naging part ni IKEA lalo na usapang make over ng bahay talaga naman maganda opportunity ito sa lahat lalo na yung nangangarap mabago at maayos ang bahay nila dahil sa pagames nila madami talaga sasali

    • momiberlin

      kaya nga e. excited na ako malaman sino ba ang mga mapipili.

  10. momiberlin

    kaya nga! sana tayo manalo, ehehe/

  11. momiberlin

    Aba, naka register ka na ba?

  12. momiberlin

    super love IKEA, too. From small home centerpiece to appliance, alam mong maganda kapag from IKEA.

  13. Bessie Ramos

    Ang saya siguro manalo ng makeover sa Ikea

  14. Lorna Rape

    Home makeover dream come true sa totoo lng ndi pa masydo maayos ang bahay dahil kulng pa kme sa gamit but with IKEA matutulungan ako nito sa any ideas ng pag aayos ng bhay


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