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Feb 18, 2018 | Live, Only Berlin

Project home improvement

Project home improvement

I was disappointed last week.  Or too concerned that I was most of the time too quiet.  But there’s something about being too frustrated that pushed me to make some home improvement.

Project home improvement

I painted our living room walls white.   I changed our door’s and stair’s  handrails’ color to Ashton gray.  This mother also sprayed paint our small gate to Ashton gray.

The heaviness I felt inside was still there that I thrashed the boys’ old socks and underwear.  I also donated half of my clothes and the bags I no longer use.

Project declutter

I was still not happy that I checked each drawer and gathered in one big box all disposable food containers.  We’ve got more than a dozen water jugs and I just kept a few which I think my boys will still use.

Those mismatched plates, drinking glasses, and mugs appeared off and ugly.  I included them inside the box and urged myself to visit the department store for some new sets.

Perhaps what happened last week was an example of rage cleaning.

Project rage cleaning

And as I clean one part of the house, I ended up noticing more to clean. So I scrubbed the floor, changed bedsheets and curtains, and even ordered online mostly home improvement stuff.

For a day or two, I was reckless and didn’t give a damn if my hands hurt from too much scrubbing.  It has been two days, too, that I  never mind sleeping with splashes of paint on my arms and legs.  For me, my only goal was to see everything immaculately clean.

I was unstoppable. My mind and hands were racing, thinking what to do next. It seemed I will never stop until my fingernails ache.

After straight two days of scrubbing, painting, and throwing things, my frustration was replaced with glee.  I felt better. I felt a little lighter.

Project home improvement

Project home improvement| My most favorite wall, now all white and clean, making those pop arts pop more.

I’ve learned that rage cleaning affects married people, divorced individuals, and single ones.  Young or adult, whatever the age, gender, and social status, rage cleaning affects anyone.  There is no discretion during a rage clean.  But if there are some good things that happened during my two days of scrubbing, painting, and cleaning, I felt better after.  And the house looks clean.

Project shopping

It inspired me more to check the bedsheets, bath towels, and pillowcases for possible signs of wear and tear.  And this means that finally, the GCs I was able to save from events and special projects will finally be set to use.  Oh, how I missed shopping.  Tomorrow is a Sunday and it seems to be a nice day to visit a mall.

I also plan to visit a home depot.  I will head over to the bathroom section first.   Because for my next home improvement project, I plan to install a bidet seat in our toilet.  A bidet toilet seat eases cleaning and provides a hygienic cleansing.   But first, let me finish my project shopping.


  1. Karen

    Ganda momi ng house pag my improvement lalo n yung mga d na natin ginagamit n bagay pde n natin ipamigay at pagandahin ang ating bahay

    • momiberlin

      oo , yung feeling na sarap umuwi lagi sa bahay kasi everything mukhang maganda, malinis at IKEA pa makeover.


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