Akemi Bedding Review

Jul 8, 2019 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Akemi Bedding Review

Akemi Bedding Review

I am a homemaker and a few of the things I love to invest in our small abode are bedsheets.

I love to dress up our bed with duvets and pillowcases. The types of bedsheets I prefer are soft, slightly cool to the touch, and that hug to my body. I wouldn’t mind adding a few pesos for a wrinkle-resistant fabric; such type would save me time and money in the long run. Ironing a bedsheet can eat up a lot of time and energy resource.

From the sea of linens and sheets available in every department store, one favorite is the Akemi brand. It is a Malaysian brand with a Japanese name meaning “beautiful.”

The high quality of an Akemi linen

This world-class quality brand lives by its name. Each sheet is beautifully and carefully designed showing elegance and taste. The fabric is soft yet one would easily detect the quality of each bed linen. it is unlike the many other sheets I’ve bought before that easily wear and tear. Akemi’s get even softer after multiple washes, but the color doesn’t fade nor the quality lessens.

With the comfort, durability, and beauty an Akemi linen provides, a set is worth the investment. its cost is higher than the usual bed sheets but it’s way more affordable than the best-rated bed linens. With the quality it has, I must say, an Akemi bed sheet is reasonably affordable.

The warm hug of an Akemi linen

Akemi Bedding Review

Akemi Bedding Review

I highly invest in bed sheets. For me, sleep is important and the bed’s cover plays a big part in giving one a good night’s sleep. After all, the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research says that individuals spend approximately 33% of their lives sleeping. Might as well make sleep a beautiful experience then or at least make your stay in your bed as blissful as it can be. Whether you do your work on the bed, toss or turn, or create a beautiful slumber, a quality bed linen that molds to your body makes you feel comforted and warm. And that’s the warmth Akemi linens bring.

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  1. Julie Olleres

    gusto ko dn ung part na to momsh❤️❤️❤️
    love to dress up our bed with duvets and pillowcases. The types of bedsheets I prefer are soft, slightly cool to the touch, and that hug to my body.

  2. Maria Catherine Matugas

    MahiLig talaga ako mag ayos Ng kwarto momsh . Mas maganda din Kong sarili ko Ng kwarto gustong gusto ko mag palit Ng mga pillow cases at gusto ko Yung malambot na unan taLaga para masarap Ang tuLog . Comfortable ka pag malinis Ang hininihigaan mo at kwarto mo ..

  3. Johannes

    Never heard of this brand outside south east Asia. A bad sign. Prices are also far to high or what you get.


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