Tips on Healthy Brain Aging

Mar 31, 2021 | Live, Only Berlin

Healthy Brain Aging

Husband’s mother has dementia for a decade now. She is unresponsive to any noise and stares blankly at people. She waits for someone to feed, bathe, and dress her up. Also, she depends on people to put her to bed and also move her to the wheelchair.

At our 40s, we now experience memory blips or those on the tip of our tongue moments. Husband would sometimes show concern that he might end up taking care of two dementia patients. Are we on the verge of having dementia, too?

This made us wonder, do we have any control over our brain as we age? If so, how can we protect our cognitive health?

Glad that we got an invite from Herbalife Nutrition Philippines at its recent press conference. Guest speaker Dr. Gary Small, a member of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board, discussed practical ways to improve memory and maintain cognitive functions. We are sharing here a few key takeaways.

Eat well

The best diet for our brain is what’s best for our heart, too. This means we need to eat more antioxidant-dense food like artichokes, kale, and strawberries. Getting protein from fish and legumes is also helpful, same with opting for healthy unsaturated fats over saturated fats or butter. Herbalife has nutritional shake mix drinks to make protein shakes, and these drinks can be consumed as a healthy dinner, or even a snack between meals.

Food rich in omega-3 fats like tuna, salmon, and nuts is also suitable for our diet. Likewise, processed food may do no good to us; thus, we need to lessen, if not remove it from our system. 

Be active

A healthy brain works best when good nutrition is paired with excellent cardiovascular health. Simple workout or dance, and even jump rope are brain improvement activities. Such activities positively affect brain function, as discussed in many research pieces, health literature, and testimonials.

Be social

Nothing beats having a solid community that encourages us more than brings us down. A nurturing and supportive core group we can depend on and feel we are loved and appreciated. They are the same people who would show concern and keep us active, both physically and socially.

Exercise brain

Exercising the brain stimulates the growth of new brain cells. It also aids in preventing age-related health declines like dementia. Brain exercises like answering crossword and puzzles not only sharpen our memory but also enhances our thinking.

Keep positive

Brain scientists disclosed that cultivating an optimistic outlook in life makes us live longer and sharper. It wouldn’t hurt then that instead of entertaining negative thoughts, we think of happy, positive things. Practicing mindfulness, looking at the bright side of life, and being in harmony with nature are some ways to welcome positivity.

Healthy Brain Aging

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Early intervention is vital to alleviate pain or loss. Thus as early as today, we eat well, be physically active, and exercise our brains, among other ways to prevent or delay dementia

We could feel and see the pain in everybody’s eyes as husband’s mother turns into a mere living statue. She lost knowledge of objects and worse, seems not to know when to eat, sleep, and change clothes if not assisted. And the worst yet to possibly happen next is she forgets to breathe.

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  1. Roaey

    It’s nice to see things we can do to be proactive. I am sorry to hear about your mother-in-law’s Condition.

  2. Ivan M. Jose

    I think we can never be too young to start taking care of our brains in preparation for healthy brain aging. After all, these tips that you gave are all easy and can be part of our overall wellness regimen.

  3. Carleen

    Good tips. My brain is definitely aging and I exercise it as much as possible with puzzles etc.

  4. proseccobefore7

    Loved this post, we are all ageing, whether we like it or not, this tips are helpful to remain aware of that fact.Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sue-Tanya Mchorgh

    Love this post so much. Our brains are aging and its important that we do all we can to keep it healthy. Thanks for all the suggestions.

  6. Monica Y

    As I get older, I do notice I have to exercise my brain more to remember things that before I used to know, like phone numbers

  7. Yeah Lifestyle

    Thank you for these tips as it is so important for us to be doing all this as we get older. I need to do more puzzles and mind games which I think I am not doing enough off

  8. Garf

    These are great tips. My brain is definitely aging. I can tell the difference.

  9. Sondra

    Thanks for sharing this. Brain health is definitely something that we as a society should be discussing more often.

  10. Marysa

    I think it is so important to stay active. I see a lot of older people at my job, and some are very busy and active, and others are quite sedentary, and I think it makes a huge difference.

  11. Anosa

    Brain health is so important and dementia is definitely one that is tough to understand once people get it but all you can do is help them.

  12. Eloise

    Sorry to hear about the Alzheimers, my grandmother passed away from this horrible disease many years ago. It’s hard to witness someone you love lose their memory/life.
    These tips are great for keeping the brain healthy and active!

  13. Cheng Broquiza

    Very important to take care our health. Not only on physical but also mental health. Thank you for sharing this Momi.


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