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Let go!  Rereading the book “30 days to a simpler life” teaches me to let go.  I am not dropping out.  Simplicity is about scaling down, not dropping out.  I am just letting go of some things (I thought valuable), and giving them a chance to be useful to others.

Sharing with you the things I’ve learned from this book written by Connie Cox and Cris Evatt.

On day 14 to simplifying my life, authors Connie and Cris stress the need to stop stockpiling books and magazines.


Let GO!


We are now in the new millennium and information is indeed everywhere.  Internet, for one, offers almost every info we need and even more.

And so, I remember the magazines I so neatly piled inside a big crate box.  They have been there for years now, seldom touched.  The last time I opened that box was also, years ago.  And most of those magazines were unread.


Let GO!

Those unread magazines were like homework for me.  And yes, they complicated my life.  Why, because I over committed to reading all those.  They have filed up so fast they became sore to my sight.  This then led me to buy a decent storage box.  And so, they stayed inside that box for years.  If only they could talk, perhaps they would tell me, “give us another life.”


Let GO!


I might have heard them talk — really.  Today, I have decided to free myself of the dead weight of old and outdated magazines.  With the help of my boys, we brought the magazines out ready to offer them to those who would want reading materials in their shops or houses.

Funny but the feeling was just great!  Remember how good it felt when you finished final exams and could throw out all your notes? It was  the same feeling I had.  No more holding back.

We had a mini garage sale of our magazines.  And the good thing about it was that the boys so enjoyed the experience.  They also initiated a marketing campaign for our items.



Let GO!


Let GO!


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