My 9yo taught me patience

May 19, 2020 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

My 9yo taught me patience

Been doing a lot of blog cleaning and this draft is too beautiful not to share.  Drafted last December 6, 2012;  our son taught me patience.

Friday, 9:45 pm

I slept earlier than usual so that I may wake up early the following day.  My Saturday has already been programmed to do my routine weekend household chores – do the market, laundry, house cleaning, and cook meals in between.  Just the thought of all these household chores would want me to shout and hate life.

Saturday, 5:45 am

Darn. I overslept.  My eyes, though, would like to sleep more, and my body seemed glued on the bed.  I forced myself to stand up.

I checked on the boys.  Big Bunso was still sound asleep, sharing the bed with me.  I went to the other room.  No one was there!

I went down and saw Second son on the couch.  The husband relayed to me that second son waited for him to finish his assignment (husband is taking up his masters in structural engineering at the Mapua Institute of Technology).  The poor little one must have slept from his long wait.  I just put a blanket on him to make his sleep a little comfortable. 

My 9yo taught me patience

My 9yo taught me patience

And so it was like a slap on my face.  Our little boys have always been very patient with their parents.  And this mother has been acting like a bitch.

Another lesson learned by a 34-year old mother from her nine-year-old son.


  1. Bo Deth

    I, too am a bit guilty. My 1y/o has been very patient with me since day 1. Since I am a first time mom, I was most of the time (if not always) clueless on what her cries, tantrums and all her fiasco meant. There were times that I would feed her but all she needs was a scratch on her back or I would give her toys when all she needs was to be cradled to sleep. It came to a point where I complained because I was too tired of everything. But then I realized that she may have felt so disappointed many times and yet she still wants a hug from a clueless nanay. 🙂

  2. RM

    Ugh! Very inspiring. Thank you Second Son for the lesson you’ve given not only to you Mommy but also for me. I admit that sometimes I forgot to pay attention to my little one because of I’m too busy doing household chores, when I read this I have realized whenever you are busy doing such things always find a way to see your patiently waiting child. ❤️

  3. Raising Kings

    We’re changed from glory to glory, momshie. It’s good when we realise what we need to work on, because that’s when we make the crucial decision to grow.

    Alam mo, ako rin…I realised that I need to give more attention to my children when they come to me. Kasi minsan I talk to them while I”m doing something and I’m not looking at them. Dapat pala, talagang I look them in the eye and listen to them 100%.

  4. Jennie Villanueva

    Same thought mommy. I, too, have that guilt feeling of not being there for my child even when i am physically there. Alam mo yung mukti-tasking skills natin mga moms na na master na natin through the years of being swamped and harassed by literally all sorts of jobs in the world, pero kung tutuusin we have one job at hand and that is to raise our child the best we can. We know it takes a village to raise a child yet sometimes, our pre occupation with a lot of things is taking a toll on us… affected ang mga anak. Don’t worry mommy, each day is a brand new day to make things better. Let’s not be hard on ourselves too.


    awww… agree. there are times really, that it is really the kids that will teach us life lessons that would really slap us hard in the face.


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