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Dec 23, 2016 | Life, Love, Only Berlin


(noun) the quality of being able to cope with a difficult situation; “a man of great ingenuity.”

It was Sunday afternoon. The kids were playing baseball inside the house. They didn’t have a baseball bat, but they made use of an empty cola plastic bottle as their bat. They didn’t have a baseball ball either and substituted it with a small and soft basketball.


Resourcefulness: kids display must-have quality in a workplace


Resourcefulness: kids display must-have quality in a workplace

The kids were resourceful and creative. My abrupt reflection-

We report for work Monday to Friday, and for others, til Saturday. We go to our job station to check email, work, chat a little and work again. Then we leave our station for a while to pee, make coffee, eat breakfast or lunch or brunch. And before dark, we exit the office to go home. It has been a routine. And sad to say — for others or most — between the time IN and OUT, we do pretty much nothing but still complain a lot.

Many of us would see ourselves working beyond our roles and complain because of the bulk of work. Some do nothing at all and yet still complain. Complaints may be because of the lack of resources.. the not so dependable staff.. the petite pay.. the tough boss.. stunted growth opportunities. It is saddening to say that for some of us, complaining is a way of life.

We see work as demanding and painful, making our lives so unhappy without realizing that maybe we contribute to these troubles as well.

And then my boys — or other kids as well. They have little experience in baseball, and yet they played it with pleasure and with good grace. They did not have the resources and yet explored for alternate materials. These boys displayed creativity vis-à-vis employees who either lack creativity or do not have what it takes to compete in the global market.

I see my boys like those who bring a whiff of fresh air in the corporate world. These are office staff who may handle routine matters and yet seal every task with initiative and commitment. They acquire new skills, continuously update themselves and even handle given task with great zest and creativity. Their dedication to their work and enthusiasm for their growth are truly exemplary. These are also the same people who are valued by the organization and who are consistently rewarded in every appraisal.

A few satisfactory performances have been what most office personnel aim. And we lean to assume that growth within the company is a right and not as an opportunity. When can we realize that should we aspire for growth, we need not assume we are more than qualified. We must understand, develop and show the needed skills for the new post. And most of the time, this only requires us to be creative and resourceful.

It is disheartening to note that there are still some grown-ups who report for work just to get paid at the end of the month. They do not like to improve. These individuals do not like growth. Often, they are afraid of change. They do not want to extend their creativity and would always say “I can’t.” They can’t look for other resources because they are so busy with complaining.

Through my boys, I all the more appreciate the value of resourceful and creativity. These two qualities are what would often help us not only climb the corporate ladder but are timeless skills that define us from the rest who would usually moan and complain.It’s Monday and lets start anew!


  1. Zwitsy

    That’s saddening indeed that most of the people today complain about what they have. But anyhow, there are still a few who are grateful for what they have so I guess that’s just life. Your boys are really awesome. I have been reading a few of your posts lately and I can say you sure got an awesome, creative, and very masunuring kiddos. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for your nice words for my boys. Perhaps because we do not have much that is why they make use of what they have. A merry Christmas and a happy news year to you as well.



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