MOMI LEARNS| Selflessness from a 10-year-old boy

Jul 14, 2017 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

Got so many drafts and saw this entry.  This was written last January 16, 2013 when my Firstborn was just 10 years old.  Now, he is such a grown up man.  But he still possesses that same responsible and helpful characteristics.  I guess this post deserves a space here.

My firstborn son is now 10 years old.   He still plays Ninjago and Hot Wheels.  He enjoys Play Station and Timezone. My son enjoys anything that spells F U N !

And I never thought he could be very considerate and selfless.  Bad mama.

MOMI LEARNS| Selflessness from a 10-year-old boy

MOMI LEARNS| Selflessness from a 10-year-old boy| Firstborn now at 15 years old, all grown up and responsible.

Yesterday, my ten-year-old kid taught me selflessness and more than anything else — love.

Selflessness from a 10-year-old boy

I went home rather late last night to surprise the boys with something new to eat.  I brought home a box of Bon Chon chicken and a box of doughnuts.  And on my way home, I giggled as I imagine the boys’ reaction on my bitbits.

And it was I who got surprised!

The house was in perfect order!   The lunch boxes were already clean.  The kids’ notebooks and textbooks were neatly arranged on top of the table.  The throw pillows and even the candy jars were all in their proper places.  The kids did all the cleaning which supposedly is my task.

And it was my firstborn who washed all the dishes left on the sink.  He even cooked our rice for dinner and heated the chicken pastel I left inside the ref.

So yesterday, a 35-year old mother was touched by her 10-year-old carefree boy’s  selflessness and caring acts.

He even stopped his household chore when he heard his mama coming and extended his right hand to make mano.


  1. Wendy

    Super like! Hehe ang bait ng mga boys mo. At ang inaanak ko, mas mabait sa ninang! Hahaha.

  2. msbolin

    super like, too. and yes, first-born is kind and considerate. hahahaha, mabait ka rin naman e.

  3. Meera

    Aww that’s a sweet gesture. To see our child responsible and matured, it is a proud moment for a parent. Glad you noticed this hidden post from your draft 🙂

  4. Amila Wickramarachchi

    This is so touching.I can imagine your feelings at that moment.Now,you must be a proud mama with such a caring son!Definitely he is a good elder brother for other kids…

  5. Olivia

    Awww, well-raised young man indeed! You should be proud for raising a responsible, caring kid – something a lot of parents tend to neglect these days. 🙂 Made me think of my mom and how she feels when she comes home from work.

  6. Kris

    Awwwe! The attitude of a child resonates by how they were taught by their parents. And you are really good at motherhood mommy Berlin. All your entries about your kids gives me that warm feeling. Great and loving kid you got there! 🙂


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