What LOVE does to your child’s self-esteem

May 18, 2020 | Live, Love, Only Berlin

What LOVE does to your child's self-esteem


We were browsing through old writings and this draft made us smile.  How time flies. The three boys are all big kuyas already, and we have two little ones at home about to study, too, a few years from now.

Reading through our musings, we smiled –

Momi’s usual greeting

The boys went home early yesterday as it was their third mastery examination.  Usually, when they get home, the first thing we would ask is: “How’s school?”

That day, before we could deliver our usual greetings, big Bunso said with high confidence, “The exams were easy.  I know I have perfected the three subjects.”

That was also what he told me last month when we asked him about their second periodical exams.  “I could perfect Science. I have two mistakes in Computer. HELE was easy, too,” was what he said to me. And indeed, he was right.  We have seen his test results and also his report card.  His grades improved a lot.

Momi’s boy’s confidence

That’s our boy!  At a very young age, he has self-confidence. He also very well know where he failed and what to do to improve on that failure.  Perhaps, [tweetshareinline tweet=”his self-esteem comes from the love and trust we shower him every day” username=”SPk3(ad*e(5d4@pEwem@tnlADFb9ZZc8:1:1″].  He is very much aware that his family loves him; thus, he could be himself.

What LOVE does to your child's self-esteem

No doubt that among my boys, BigBunso is the closest to me.  We share the same bed, and he could tell me almost anything.  

We have read many times from different books that self- esteem comes from feeling loved.  The love we must have been showing to our two other big boys isn’t enough to push them and believe they can.  We could see the confidence in them but that self-esteem to honestly believe in themselves is too little that they tend to have a much less up-front attitude.

We must reexamine how we treat our boys.  It isn’t too late to change and be the loving mother they deserve and truly need.

Thank you, Lord, for this realization.


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