Boost your happiness now

Mar 11, 2020 | Live, Only Berlin

Boost your happiness now

We are all on the same quest for happiness—no doubt about that. The good news is, there are several scientifically-proven activities which, when done habitually, can help us achieve happiness.  Momi Berlin shares the following Science-backed ways to boost our happiness.

Do good deeds

Have you heard the saying, “help others to help yourself?” Doing good deeds for others increases our happiness level.  For most volunteer workers, a day’s work is emotionally rewarding. This is because an act of personal sacrifice makes the mood feels good.  So to get our daily dose of happiness, we should aim to do a random act of kindness to people around us.

Be generous in giving smile

Scientific studies claim that smiling relieves stress and anxiety.  Smiling, too, is contagious, making the other person feel at ease and, eventually, lift his mood.  This is because one’s smile activates the smile muscles in others. It has been proven true and effective, so don’t have second thoughts giving a smile as if you just step out of Josey Lane Dentistry.

Surround self with happy people

Just like a smile, happiness is contagious.  A person’s happiness level can influence another individual’s mood.  This is because happy people tend to be kinder, more generous, and mindful of others.  Being surrounded by like-minded people cascades positive feelings and a more joyful environment.

Boost your happiness now

Boost your happiness now

Be grateful

Science affirms that being grateful significantly increases satisfaction.  It keeps a person free from negativity, jealousy, and depression. It is because his mind is full of happy thoughts and things he is thankful for.

It would all the more help if we keep a gratitude journal and write down things we feel grateful for every day. The practice will not only make us happier, but our attitude towards life will change as well.

Mindfulness living

Mindfulness living is living consciously, paying attention in the present moment and not of the past nor the future.  Thinking about the happy past would all the more sadden us. Anticipating the future, on the other hand, only confirms we are eager to leave the present.  These two only show we aren’t happy with the present, making us all the more gloomy.

Being mindful of the present means living in the moment.   We focus our energy to make the now worth living. By doing so, all our decisions and actions are geared towards achieving bliss.

Adequate sleep

Psychologists affirm that lack of sleep negatively affects our mood the following day.   We tend to be grumpy and less productive if we continuously do not give importance to sufficient rest.  An analysis of the lifestyles of several respondents shows that they are in their happiest after completing an average of six hours and 15 minutes of uninterrupted quality sleep each night.

Boost your happiness now

To boost our life satisfaction, we need not chase happiness.  We need to change our attitude toward our outlook in life. Being fixated to something and then not achieving it makes it easier for us to be disappointed.  Generating bliss is something we can do if only we opt for it.

Dressing positively than choosing gloomy attire is one.  Deciding to smile to a person than being indifferent is another option to make oneself happy.

Again, to boost our happiness level, it is a matter of choice.  Choose to be happy.

How about start now and opt to smile to the person next to you.

Boost your happiness now

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  1. Tala Martinez

    Agree ako sa list mo momsh. Thank you, and keep sharing positivity.


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