How to save 30 minutes or more each day?

Mar 16, 2020 | Only Berlin

How to save 30 minutes or more each day?

We always engage ourselves in several minor interruptions a day.  These delays – as we may not be aware of it – add up to a serious time loss and become part of our everyday.

The good news is, we can make an end to this time loss. Momi Berlin shares here tricks to help us beat the clock and minimize those delays.

Stop misplacing things

Yes.  We can make an end to this agony.  Keep a box by your work station and put those purse, mobile phone, and keys in there.  Or better yet, organize that bag and have a designated place for each knick-knack. This way, you do not have to launch a 15-minute search each morning when racing out the door.

Do errands all at once

Save an hour or two doing chores all at once.  A classic example would be dropping the children to school and on the way home swing to the market or grocery.  You can save on gas and time driving back and forth.

Also, use technology to your advantage.  Have that fully automated washing machine? Switch it on while you do the dishes or cook lunch.  By the time you’re done, the laundry is also ready for hanging.

Handle your e-mail

Checking on your e-mail inbox may be too tiring and time-consuming, especially if most are only about subscriptions, prayer requests, and spam letters.

Manage your subscription.  Unsubscribe to newsletters if you aren’t interested anymore.  It is prudent as well to orient your friends to spare you of those jokes and anecdotes no matter how amusing they may be.  Invest in spam-blocking software, too, to filter the important from the spam messages. This way, you must have saved 15 minutes or more going through and deleting messages.

How to save 30 minutes or more each day?

How to save 30 minutes or more each day?

Find your best day of the day

There will always be that time when you are most productive.  Use that to your advantage. Do your writings, reports, and other tedious work at the time you are at your freshest.  Surely you would finish a task or two. For some, mornings are a good start, while for others, they feel most energetic during midnight when everyone’s asleep.

On times you do not feel in the mood to work, give in to your desire to catch some sleep or relax.  But have the discipline, too, when to push yourself to work and be productive.

Control interruptions

Some interruptions can be a real-time drain.  They can also interrupt your train of thought or concentration.  If you are keen on accomplishing a task, manage those interruptions.  The “do not disturb sign” outside your room may serve effectively to warn unexpected visitors.  Likewise, an answering machine may pick up or at least screen those phone calls.

Do not waste waiting time

Make that long queue for a doctor’s appointment as your time to finish your short article.  Or waiting for a friend? How about using the time to make all those quick follow-through calls? The idea is to make yourself productive as you wait for your turn.  As you’ve finished one task, you will surely feel pleased about yourself.

Save 30 minutes or more each day

Do not be afraid to try these time-saver tips.  They may give you great favors as you save some of your precious time. All it takes is discipline and an open mind.  Perhaps, a little creativity counts as well. But choose how you could maximize your time without injuring your reputation.  You wouldn’t like to be the laughingstock of a big crowd as you try to squeeze putting on some makeup while in transit a train.

How to save 30 minutes or more each day?

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  1. Nanette Mendoza

    Awww..thanks for this mommy. Yung stop misplacing sisimulan ko na madalas makakalimutin ako.


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