How to give the purest nutrition to kids

Mar 10, 2020 | Likes, Live

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We recently attended a conference and met fellow moms who only believe in giving the purest nutrition for the most valuable in their life – their children.  For Pauleen Luna-Sotto, Andi Guck-Eigenmann, and Nikki Gil-Albert, they will do whatever it takes to love, nourish, and protect their children.  And they show this commitment and gesture of love and protection by giving their little ones the best organic products.

How to give the purest nutrition to kids

How to give the purest nutrition to kids

Why organic?

The choice of consuming organic food is quite becoming a growing trend in the world.  Not indeed to keep up with the fad but more so because many individuals come to realize its health benefits.  Organic food, after all, is produced, prepared, and processed without the use of any chemicals. And with the absence of toxic chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and preservatives, the food then will not affect human health in harmful ways.

HiPP Organic Kindermilk

It was from these fellow moms, too, that we learned of HiPP, the pioneers of organic farming.  HiPP is also the world’s largest processors of natural raw materials produced within strict regulations free from any use of synthetic chemical pesticides, artificial fertilizers, artificial growth hormones, and antibiotics.  Andie, for one, relayed that her daughter Ellie grew up with HiPP Organic. Her little girl is now taking HiPP Organic Kindermilk. Celebrity moms Nikki and Pauleen both believe that harmful chemicals interfere with any youngster’s natural development.  And they have found assurance in HiPP Organic, too. 

HiPP Organic Kindermilk, as explained to us during the conference, is developed from the best principles of nutrition science.  It contains organic lactose, which is the natural sugar found in milk. HiPP Organic Milk also has natural Omega-3 that helps support brain development.   It has Calcium and Vitamin D, too, that support strong bones and Organic Prebiotics, which help support healthy digestion.  

HiPP from Germany to the Philippines

HiPP has been an established German baby food company and recognized as Baby Food Experts for more than 120 years.  In 2013, Edwin Feist, Chairman, and CEO of Advanced Nutritional Technologies, Inc., partnered with HiPP to bring HiPP Organic milk products from Germany into the Philippines.  This is because Feist fears the effects of chemicals, which may significantly interfere with the natural growth of children.  As mentioned, HiPP products are free from any use of chemicals. They are also free from gluten-containing ingredients, artificial flavors and colors, and soy protein. HiPP owner Stefan Hipp remains true to their company’s noble cause passed down by his forefathers for 120 years – care for children’s health and preserve nature for future generations. 

How to give the purest nutrition to kids

How to give the purest nutrition to kids

HiPP in every household

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Just like Andi, Pauleen, and Nikki, we will do all we can to protect our children.  Proper nutrition is one way to protect our kids from preventable health conditions. And with a good start, they will surely have a healthy adulthood.  Might open that can of HiPP Organic Kindermilk as a start.

How to give the purest nutrition to kids

How to give the purest nutrition to kids

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  1. Joan Legaspi

    The best po talaga ang organic lalo for our kids dahil tayong mga nanay ay ang gusto lamang ay the maging healthy ang ating mga anak at lumaking hindi sakitin.

  2. Ditas EmperadorTolentino

    Hipp kindermilk is giving the kids the proper nutrition to protect the kids from preventable health condition, and without using any toxic chemicals, pesticides that will not affect human health of our kids plus with Omega3 that helps support brain development

  3. Maria Gracia Beiug

    The best to inuming ito lalo na sa mga bata,lalo pat nauuso ngayon ang mga sakit pampalakas ng kanilang immune system at walang halong chemical.Tayong mga magulang maging praktikal pag dating sa mga kakainin at iinumin ng ating mga kids.

  4. Tina Jove Torres

    Aw! Gusto ko din sya subukan, for mama, papa and bibi
    Nakakatuwa, noong ndi pa ako nagkakababy, parang ang kulit! I mean, feeling ko ang OA. OA magkababy, kasi from wipes to water, even sabon panlaba sa damit ni baby esp. milk kailangan talaga hands on ka. Yung sguradong safe. I never knew the importance ng pagging metikulosa untill nagkababy ako’t naging ina. Akala ko noon, basta kilalang brand, ayos na. Kasi, sikat eh. Pero ndi pala, it should be safe pala like using organic nga. Actually, organic wipes user ako as much as possible gusto ko talaga lahat organic. Kaso minsan, ndi naman maiiwasan na kapos tayo sa budgee
    Pero ngayon kay @HiPP, parang gusto ko sya subukan for bibi na muna. Bawas bawas muna sa “wants” para ma prioritize si “need” for my angel..

  5. jennifer sarno cruz

    Gudto ko tlga yung mga organic products gaya nito kya nmn binibigay ko s anak ko ang purest nutrition by making sure n lahat ng kakainin nya ay freshly made and well prepared

  6. Erin Palapag

    Wow organic milk.. Sana ma try ko ito kay bunso soon.. Nakakatuwa na madami na din nakakaisip ng mga organic foods and now organic milk. As a mom of two i make sure healthy ang kinakain nila lagi less preservatives kaya mostly gulay and fruits. I also cook for them myself para alam ko na yung kinakain nila safe lagi. You’ll never know lalo na sa dami ng mga sakit na kumakalat gusto natin healthy sila at malayo sa sakit.

  7. Roxanne

    Organic milk

  8. Bodeth Banlaoi-Espina

    I have known this product through my friend who is also bfeeding her lo. It has almost the same taste as bmilk daw. My lo kasi doesn’t like milk other than my bmilk. But I have to work and I don’t have enough stash. My search for formulas ended when I made her drink hipp. Good thing it’s the one that she likes. I would never have to worry about not giving her the pure nutrition

  9. Tala Martinez

    Sa’kin, mas prefer ko na ibigay sa kanya yung mga fresh and organic foods, tulad ng prutas at gulay, madalas na sariling ani. Iba kasi pag fresh mula sa puno, mas sigurado kami na mas healthy, walang mga chemical. Plus mas nakakatipid pa kami, hehe. Good thing, she loves fruits and veggies naman. Minsan, her tito prepares native chicken para sa kanya, kasi mas malasa at healthy. And binibigyan ko rin sya ng fresh buko juice paminsan-minsan.

  10. Love Compoc

    purest nutrition is giving the best form of love – ung food is pure and no harmful ingredients and dyan na papasok ang organic products. Also, sugar is the culprit din ng mga illness kaya it’s best to cut on sugar intake lalo na sa kids . Dyan ako na amaze kay Hipp. Andaming natutunan dyan , very helpful talaga.

  11. Gervin Khan

    Giving our kids are pure loved and good and right food to eat are the purest nutrition that we can give to our kids. I will definitely try this milk to my kids, thanks for sharing this information.

  12. Chelsea Sauve - Wandure

    Healthy nutrition really is a fabulous foundation for children. HIPP really does sounds like a wonderful option.

  13. jonmaldia

    Keeping kids healthy is really important. Glad to know companies are keeping this top priority.

  14. A Nation of Moms

    It is so important to supplement our children’s diets with the healthiest foods. Thanks for sharing this information, I was not familiar with Hipp.

  15. amberleshae

    We use organic everything in our house!!

  16. Bindu Thomas

    I haven’t heard about this product. It sounds like a good option for children

  17. zim

    I stay in an urban area, but I do manage to do some backyard gardening, allowing to grow a handful of vegetables. It helps us minimize the amount of inorganic foods that we consume (and hopefully we will go totally homegrown, one day)

  18. aisasami

    Giving our kids the best food in terms of nutrition should be one of the goals of parenthood in the 21st century. Great that moms now about about HIPP Organic Milk thanks to your blog!

  19. Monidipa

    My sister is combi-feeding her daughter with hipp and it really suits her. she starts weaning in the next few weeks which is very exciting!

  20. Jackline A

    Never heard of HIPP but thank you for keeping us informed.


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