The Proven Benefits Of A Zero-Gravity Bed

Jul 6, 2019 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

The Proven Benefits Of A Zero-Gravity Bed

The Proven Benefits Of A Zero-Gravity Bed

Are you familiar with the zero-gravity position?

The health benefits associated with sleeping in a zero-gravity position are proven by science, which makes purchasing a zero gravity bed that much more alluring. This ideal sleep position refers to a post where we are reclined with our legs positioned slightly higher than our head and our stomach. The concept stems from how astronauts are able to sit in space where there is zero-gravity.

Beds designed specifically to encourage this incredibly beneficial sleep position are able to provide us with a comfortably weightless feeling as we sleep.  We listed down below the scientifically proven benefits of a zero-gravity bed.

Reduction In Neck And Back Pain

Because our spines are an “s” shape rather than straight, sleeping on a bed that is flat is often not best for keeping our spines aligned as we sleep. When sleeping on a flat bed, our back and neck experience pressure. Such pressure can worsen existing pain. Sleeping in a flat position may trigger neck and back pain as muscle and tissue are unable to properly relax. Using the wrong pillows can also result in pain and stiffness. In a zero-gravity sleeping position, however, this ensures that weight and pressure are evenly distributed.  And this prevents and relieves even chronic neck and back pain.

Prevent Snoring

The Proven Benefits Of A Zero-Gravity Bed

The Proven Benefits Of A Zero-Gravity Bed

Snoring is one of the most common reasons many people find a good night’s sleep nearly impossible. Sleeping in a zero-gravity bed, however, may help us stop snoring.  This is because such kind of bed cuts out the common irritation that prevents good quality sleep.

Avoid Heartburn

Sleeping in a zero-gravity position can effectively reduce pain associated with heartburn.  Heartburn usually occurs while sleeping in a flat position. This is because the acid can easily move up from the stomach to the esophagus in such kind of position.  To avoid heartburn from happening, we may use pillows to provide additional back and neck support that will prevent acid reflux. Another possible solution is opting for a zero-gravity bed.

Improve Lung Air Circulation

In a zero-gravity position, our diaphragm will get maximum space, enabling the lungs to get as much air as possible. This results in a beneficially improved lung air circulation and essentially encourages a better night’s rest.

Maximum Comfort

The Proven Benefits Of A Zero-Gravity Bed

The Proven Benefits Of A Zero-Gravity Bed

Comfort is the most important aspect of optimal quality of sleep. Opting for a zero-gravity bed enhances our level of comfort.  It also encourages improved sleeping habits. Essentially, the sleep position associated with this type of bed most likely allows us to get a full eight hours of sleep regularly.

Proven Benefits Of A Zero-Gravity Bed

Invest in a quality bed proven to enhance the quality of our sleep. Regular proper sleep will have an undeniably great impact on physical and mental functions. While there are several effective ways that can improve our sleep quality, a suitable bed is undoubtedly the biggest contributing factor to enjoy a good slumber.  We, after all, deserve a real good night’s sleep.

The Proven Benefits Of A Zero-Gravity Bed

The Proven Benefits Of A Zero-Gravity Bed



  1. Julie Olleres

    wow salamt dito momsh ssbhin ko to sa asawa ko lagi kc syang nag snoring

  2. Maria Catherine Matugas

    Nice ganun pala un momsh to prevent snoring .. thanks for sharing momshie


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