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Jul 1, 2019 | Likes, Only Berlin

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Come to think of it – one major reason a country continues to prosper is that its residents support its local brands. They patronize their home products, use it, and proudly share them with the world. Sadly, the situation is different in the Philippines. Most people prefer imported goods and even think local brands fall short regarding quality. If only we would change this mentality and realize how it would benefit the country, it would be more fun in the Philippines.

One thing Filipinos are known for is producing world-class quality home furniture. Some even last a lifetime that grandparents pass them down to their grandchildren’s kids. It’s not just the quality, but the design–they’re also elegantly Pinoy.

Here are some local brands you should follow if you’re on the hunt for home items for your new abode. They’re so good, that people from around the globe import them:

Mandaue Foam

Mandaue Foam is a Cebu-crafted, nationwide brand. Its founder, Mrs. Rosita T. Uy, started the company in 1971 and still thrives now because of its quality products. It belongs in the country’s top 1000 companies with 25 factories and showrooms around the Philippines. Mandaue foam is loved for producing its signature Hotel Quality Gala bed mattress and flex foam. Now, they have expanded and become a complete home store producing dining tables, sofas, and bed frames among other small home items.

3D Appliances

Ask your grandparents for a quality electric fan brand and they would surely say “3D“! Northern Islands Company Inc. or NICI started its operation in 1957 as one of the country’s pioneers in home appliance marketing and distribution. For over three decades, it has been the sole distributor of “3D” brand nationwide. Its founder, Mr. Francisco Guy, led the company with his dedication until it grew and expanded in market, sales, and product lines. Could you believe he started out by selling buttons for the local market? Upon the expiration of Mr. Guy’s contract with Mitsubishi Electric Company Ltd., he continued to manufacture and market quality home appliances under the “3D” brand.

Kultura Filipino

Buy Pinoy: Filipino Brands You Should Follow

Buy Pinoy: Filipino Brands You Should Follow

Kultura was founded in 1958. They showcase local craftsmanship and artistry, as they bring together specialties from all over the country. If you’re looking for home accents, souvenirs, fashion statement pieces, or delicacies, there’s no other place to go but to Kultura. You can find it in SM malls, as well as in Taal Vista Hotel and Pico de Loro beach club.


Want stationery with a consistent feel and design? Then Papemelroti is the place for you. This local brand has every small home display you can think of – cube calendars, cute door signages with a good message, and even items with your family member’s name. It would surely take some time for you to get enough of a Papemelroti store once you’re in. You couldn’t help but see things you didn’t think you needed! They could be great gifts as well.

Jacinto & Lirio

Jacinto and Lirio aims to solve the Water Hyacinth infestation environmental problem in the country by creating items made of it. Interesting, right? Many are unaware this is the most damaging aquatic plant worldwide because of its ability to reproduce at an extraordinary rate. Therefore, choking lakes and rivers reduces light and oxygen, changes water chemistry, and affects local flora and fauna while growing in mats up to 2m wide. Good thing that Jacinto and Lirio can produce organizers, planners, and bags out of these harmful plants.


HABI the Philippine Textile Council’s goal is to promote, enhance, and preserve Philippine Textiles Education, Communication and Research by utilizing public and private resources. They are all about sustaining weaving communities all over the country. HABI organizes an annual Habi Market Fair to promote and develop hand-woven traditional textiles. The dream is for the Philippine indigenous fabrics industry to get the revival it deserves.

Filipino Brands To Follow

Buy Pinoy: Filipino Brands You Should Follow

Buy Pinoy: Filipino Brands You Should Follow

Sure, buying imported goods doesn’t make you any less of a Filipino, but patronizing local brands makes you more Pinoy. Doing so enables you to support communities that only need to be given opportunities to shine and become even better in their craft. After all, you’ve always known that Filipinos can develop world-class products, right? We’ve just featured some of the brands in this article. Think about these things the next time you decide between imported and local brands.


  1. Julie Olleres

    mganda tlga na bumili ng mga gwang filipino ☺️ tsaka ang galing c jacinto at c lirio pla nag solve ng water hyacinth

  2. Maria Catherine Matugas

    Ang dami taLagang taLent Ng pinoy Kaya I’m so proud to be a pilipino .. mas mga matitibay Kasi mga gawa Ng pinas kaysa sa ibang bansa ..


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