4 Bedroom Improvement Hacks

Jun 27, 2019 | Likes, Live

Bedroom Improvement Hacks with AKEMI PH

Bedroom Improvement Hacks with AKEMI PH

This mother admits that her favorite part of the house is her bedroom.  It is my sanctuary and I could even spend most of my time there especially if I am not well and I just want peace and quiet. 

Just this month, husband gifted me the sweetest present.  He told me that he finally has the people and budget to refurbish the small house.  We have been staying at our rented place for more than six years already and it needed repair and repainting.  I am so excited about the thought of new flooring and cabinets because termites just ate up most of the woods.  Then I imagine the bedroom as it should be – instantly cheers us up as well as gets us the right outlook. 

Allow me to share with you some of the tricks the husband used to help alter the way we see and feel our bedroom.

Let the light shine

Lighting is art.  With appropriate lighting, we get to create the proper scene we want to project.  For our bedroom, I requested the husband if we could use warm lighting instead.  I believe warm lighting feels natural in the evening; thus promotes relaxation.  As for the boys’ room, the husband installed cool lighting to help keep the children alert and energetic especially in the morning.  The cool light, as he mentioned, will help the boys be energetic for performing tasks.  

Dress up your walls

Walls play a major part in the presentation of the room.  It can also be a major mood-shifter.  This is because the wall is most likely the first thing one notices as he enters the room.  New paint or wallpaper can spell the difference.  As for our home renovation, husband prefers a new painting.  He approves, though, that I decorate the wall with some decals. 


When the husband told me the room color would just be bright white, I asked him if we could put some color accents.  He reassured me that the cabinets and door will be of a different color.  This is to stay away from monotonous hues and avoid gloomy feel in the room. He also encouraged me to hang up the paintings I did and will be doing as an accent.  As for the boys’ room, I am planning to post the little ones’ drawings on the wall to remind the big boys that once, they were little kids, too – creative, imaginative, and playful.  

Brighten up with the perfect bedding

For some who might find changing the wall color as too tedious or not fitting the budget, investing in the right bedding is the most appropriate solution to create mood or drama in the bedroom.  The bedding as well is probably the most important aspect in anyone’s bedroom anyway.

The bedding can alter the mood. Complement with proper color hues of the pillow and duvet creates an aesthetical beauty which one can change every now and then.  Thus, the husband approves that we do some bedding shopping this weekend to complete the look of our bedroom.  

As for the beddings, I find AKEMI to have one of the most comfortable fabrics that are gentle on the skin. It also has a hypoallergenic feature for those with sensitive skin.  And such luck because one can get up to 50% savings on home improvement needs by just visiting AKEMI booth at the SM Home Fair at SMX Convention Center, MOA complex.  This Home Fair will happen from June 28 to 30, 2019.  One can also get a sustainable and chic Eco bag with a minimum single receipt purchase of Php3000. So will I see you at the SMX Convention Center tom?  

Bedroom Improvement Hacks with AKEMI PH

Bedroom Improvement Hacks with AKEMI PH

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  1. nhetmendoza

    Ang gulo lagi ng bedroom namin momsh.
    Yung kelangan namin ayusin yung wall. Kahit wallpaper lang muna taoos may konting display. Hehe.
    Ang gaan ng feeling at masarap matulog pag maaliwalas ang kwarto.

  2. julie tagum olleres

    wow salamat dito momsh kpag nkabulod na tlga kme ggwin ko yan gustong gusto ko na kc tlga mgwa ung mga ganyn sa srili kong bahay but now saka ko na ggwin yan hehehe

  3. Ma.Catherine Matugas

    Nice maganda talaga malinis Yung kwarto momsh . Ayoko talaga Ng madumk Kaya si hubby pag makalat talagang sinasaway ko haha . Gusto ko laging maganda Yung room namin . Gusto ko na Rin magkaron kami sariling bahay Kasi for now Sa knila Lang kami nkatira may sarili Lang kaming kwarto..



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