ETON Education is the Future

May 18, 2019 | Only Berlin

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ETON matches students’ learning style

Ms. Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino, ETON International School Directress, knows that individuals have myriad strengths. She knows, too, that people like to learn in different ways. Thus at ETON International School, Tolentino and her team use the learning style of each student. They take the time out to know about the youngsters’ strength and vulnerabilities to further suit their teaching technique to the student’s learning behavior. This kind of approach maximizes the potential of each student to learn faster, better, and higher.  And Tolentino shared the school’s learning style profile to select bloggers as they tour around the newly inaugurated school.

ETON sees the worth of each child

ETON Education is the Future

ETON Education is the Future

I love how Eton sees the value of each child. The school challenges itself to know the strength of each pupil, and through his specific learning style, the school will strengthen the youngster’s competency and skills. And so noble of ETON to teach values, too, that will set the students for life. This perhaps explains the school’s motto- Artes (Heart), Scientia (Mind) and Intelligentia (Will or Spirit).

“Every child is nurtured to inspire, to innovate and to lead a life in honor of God and service to humanity. Every Etonian leads with humility, courage, and heart,” Tolentino said.

ETON focuses on the foundation years

Contrary to most public and even private schools, ETON enjoys a small class size. The teachers then use this as an advantage to allow the students to focus on the development of their multiple intelligence, especially in the crucial foundation years. Tolentino describes this as strengthening their roots to enable the children to be resilient as they grow and bloom and ready to conquer the world.

No doubt then that ETON is dubbed the school of the future as learning happens beyond the four walls of its classrooms. More than the feeling of safety, ETON is a place where youngsters will grow and multiply their talents exponentially. The school isn’t after mere academic learning, but also on nurturing the leadership potential in each child.

ETON expands its Philippine reach

ETON International School stands proudly inside the prestigious grounds of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). More than its safe and secure environment, the place is also famous for its landmark structures like the National Theater or Tanghalang Pambansa, Philippine International Convention Center, Coconut Palace, and Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

Before its newly- inaugurated CCP campus, ETON has been serving students from the south of the metropolis through its Rockwell campus. There is also ETON Global Institute in Sampaloc Manila which caters senior high school, collegiate, professionals, for culinary and hospitality programs.

ETON has been nurturing youngsters in the Philippines for 15 years now. Its unique educational system has allowed its students to conquer the world. And Tolentino shared she and her team dream of bringing ETON education to as many cities in the country and partner with the best and brightest in the world.

ETON Education is the Future

ETON Education is the Future

ETON Education is the Future

Having seen and somehow experienced how Eton does its initial school assessment procedure plus interacting with its students, I believe Eton is indeed the school of the future. More than exposing various opportunities for their students to grow, ETON starts on the very root of learning – knowing first the youngsters learning style to address their strengths adequately and use their weaknesses to their advancement.

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* Momi Berlin didn’t get compensation to write this post.  She was invited to take the learning style profile exam and tour around the school. All opinions are her own.


  1. Julie Olleres

    The school challenges itself to know the strength of each pupil, totoo to momsh ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Kemi

    For a second, I thought it was Eton in England lol. Any place that stimulates a child’s learning is worth the expense.

  3. talamayfreelance

    I appreciate a look into a school like this. Sound like an interesting school. It’s important to be able to read reviews like this.

  4. Alexandra Cook

    This sounds liek an interesting school. Hope that they were able to build more sites around the Philippine so can help others to have a quality education.

  5. monidipa51

    Really interesting school. They truly seem to value their children out there. Good School with Quality education.

  6. laura dove

    Oh wow this is very interesting. Sounds like an incredible school which is exactly what we want for our children!

  7. Jet with Jen

    Sounds like an excellent school with an awesome curriculum. We don’t have other than private and public school in my area, this seems like an excellent concept.

  8. Dhiasalazarrivera

    Wow sounds like an excellent school

  9. Dalene Ekirapa

    Amazing! I wish I went to a school that focused on my strengths. It’s unfortunate to see everyone fixed in the classroom in regards to our current education system over here instead of teaching kids according to their style and ability. Cheers to ETON!

  10. Chetty Chetty

    I always encourage learning especially in a safe and nurtured environment. Would be amazing if this system can branch into South Africa too


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