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Jul 27, 2016 | Life, Likes, Only Berlin

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Earl. He was such a poor lad but was determined to finish his studies. Because he was sincere about his intentions to attend school, not to mention he was very courteous too, his teachers supported him all throughout his high school education. He passed a college scholarship and in no time, earned his diploma.

His skills and determination landed him a position in one of the world’s largest building materials suppliers and cement producers. He had a comfortable life and a job he truly enjoyed and loved.

Earl went back to his school one day after Yolanda hit parts of northern Cebu.  He cried with the teachers and felt the pain of the students.

The opportunity to pay back

Not too long after that super typhoon, he learned that his company was looking for beneficiaries for its Yolanda rebuilding efforts.  He recommended the Kawit National High School. Luck must have been on his side when the company he worked for considered his suggestion.

It was a week ago when Earl, joined by more than 250 teachers, students and parents, gathered together.  They all repaired classrooms, re-installed electrical wires, and repainted walls.  His coworkers and company executives likewise helped in the rebuilding program.

MOMI APPLAUDS pay it forward, Earl

MOMI APPLAUDS pay it forward, Earl

Pay it forward, Earl

What happened that day in Kawit National High School was such an inspiring picture of a sincere Bayanihan effort — very alive and well among those present. Aside from the hopeful smiles of the teachers, parents, and students, it was Earl’s unwavering smile that caught my attention. Very clear in his eyes was his eagerness to uplift the broken spirit of those around him. The disaster that hit his school became an opportunity for him to repay the home that supported him when he almost had nothing.

My hands down to the resiliency of those parents, students, and teachers.   They were strong and never broken by Yolanda’s wrath. And I am all the more proud and happy for Earl.  He was able to help the school that groomed him to be the person he is today.

* Typhoon Haiyan, known as Super Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, was one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded, which devastated portions of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, on November 8, 2013.

Momi Berlin, together with Earl’s company, went to Northern Cebu on the first and second quarters of 2014  and joined hands with Yolanda survivors to help rebuild their lives.



  1. jayresa03

    It really feels good if you can always pay forward wonderful things like reaching a helping hand. I always like to be part of a community who help others. Way to go Earl!

  2. Teresa Dumadag

    It’s always a joy to share our time, talent and treasures to those who need it. Sometimes, we don’t need to go to far places. We simply need to be more aware of our surroundings and the people around us. Great, job, you guys! Keep it up!

    • momi berlin

      Youre right. Anywhere someone needs a hero. And anywhere, we could be a hero.

  3. rowenarose

    This is an inspiring story. I hope there are lots of Earl in the world. It would be easier if people help one another

  4. ithaca94

    Your post is inspiring! It is feels good when you help some who is in need of your helping hand. It boost your self and gives happiness when you see people smile on what you do. Thank you for sharing!

    • momi berlin

      You are welcome. It indeed feels good to help.

  5. Klaudia

    What a touching and inspiring story ! There is so much possible if people really want to move and change things ! Look at Earl ! Thanks for sharing his story, it’s a great reminder!

  6. Zwitsy

    It’s so nice to see people like you lending a help to those who are in need. I hope to see more people who the same thing as you did guys. You are all such an inspiration!

    • momi berlin

      Individuals like Earl are such an inspiration to really give and share what we have.

  7. Johna

    So inspiring! It always feels good to help out! I have “do volunteer work” on my bucketlist for this year. And you’ve just inspired me to do it now. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

    • momi berlin

      Thank you as well for appreciating Earl’s story and I wish you good luck on your volunteer works.

  8. master.ryo

    Earl has the the heart of gold, person like this is a walking statement of Filipinos values and virtues. I salute this guy for his act of kindness and for the determination he has.
    This person are what we called the Filipino’s modern heroes, Mabuhi ka Earl!


    • momi berlin

      Yey, mahuhay ka, Earl. He is so humble yet pure at heart.

  9. Bettina Bacani

    People always say they want to help, but then again, talking is different from actually taking action, so definitely, way to go Earl! We need more people like you in the world

  10. Kylie Zimanyi

    It is refreshing to hear stories of people doing nice things for their communities. Such a lovely man.

  11. Cykaniki

    Thank you for this inspiring story, Mr. Earl inspire me of his determination and having a good heart. We need people like you in this country, hopefully people will be able to see the goodness in your heart and will imitate your doings, Godless you bro.

    • momi berlin

      I admire people like Earl as well. Such a noble way to pay forward.



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