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Aug 16, 2017 | Life, Likes, Love, Only Berlin

Time flies real fast.  As I am now back to blogging after three weeks of rest (I just gave birth to our fifth boy), I find this unpublished post from my draft page.  I couldn’t stop laughing as I read each entry.  Then I find myself crying.  My Big Bunso is now a graduating grade 6 student, not anymore that innocent and full of questions and stories kind of guy.

Let me share with you what brought that laughter, tears, and smile –

Big Bunso’s stories, new discoveries, and new friends (June 2013)

Big Bunso is staying in their school’s office after classes for five days now.  And every day before bed time, he would tell me stories, discoveries, and new-found friends.

Day 1 (Thursday)

bunso:  I ate all my baon inside our classroom.  I felt hungry come 3 pm.  The principal bought me a bowl of spaghetti and Zest-O.  I told her I’m still hungry.  She shared with me her Goldilocks cake.

There were two new students.  Their parents bought books and uniforms.  A school’s office staff introduced me to them as the school’s old student.


day 2 (Friday)

bunso:  The school’s office staff told me it is ok to sleep.  I slept for a few minutes inside the clinic.  The principal might have nothing much to do because she spent a great deal of time with me.  She asked a lot of questions. (then my son enumerated all the questions and his answers to each question).


day 3 (Monday)

bunso:  The principal was so busy.  She just smiled at me.  The school’s office staff approached me and asked a few questions.  Almost everyone would ask me “how are you, are you ok…you may take a nap if you want..”

I told everyone I spoke with that I enjoyed my recess baon.  My mother prepared a cheese dog sandwich for me wrapped in a long bun and full of grated Eden cheese.  She also gave me a small Jollibee catsup to put on top of my hotdog sandwich.  The teachers asked me if I could also bring a few so they could have a taste of my famous hotdog sandwich.  I told them I can’t since we don’t have hotdog anymore inside our ref.


day 4 (Tuesday)

bunso:   It was lunch time and everyone readied to go to the canteen to take their lunch.  I asked everyone, who wants to join me for lunch?  I will also be going to the canteen.”  And some teachers joined me.

A teacher asked me what’s my baon.  I told her its Korean beef. She asked if she could have a few.  I let her get one piece only. She asked me who cooked it.  I told her it’s you, mama.  She asked me what are the ingredients.  It tasted great.  I told her you put a lot of pepper that’s why it’s kinda hot.


day 5 (Wednesday)

I can’t wait to go home and listen to my little boy’s stories.



  1. Michi

    Hahaha! Natawa ko sa hotdog sandwich. I really enjoy listening to my son if he shares some stories, bihira kasi siya magkwento. When I asked him, ang tipid lagi ng sagot, wala man lang details.

    • momiberlin

      yup, the hotdog story is funny. treasure those moments when he makes kwento. my second son and firstborn arent madaldal na kaya i miss their kwentos na rin.

  2. Michelle

    Hahaha! Super bibo and daldal! I’m preparing myself for that kind of situations. My first born’s turning 3 next year and I know that will be the start of his kadaldalan. Nowadays pa nga lang eh pa-kanta kanta na sya. Grabe Momi Berlin, you’re back to blogging na agad after giving birth just a few weeks ago. Ako nga 3 months postpartum and now with two kids to take care of, hirap pa rin ako i-manage ang time ko. And then there you are, with 5 sons and you’re blogging. Not to mention, you have a house to maintain din. And madaldal kids for sure. 😉 Kudos to you!

    • momiberlin

      ahahaha.maghanda ka na. super daldal and adventurous nila, sobra. pero nakakatangal pagod naman ang mga hirit nila. and you’ll gonna miss them when they go to school. but that also makes you look forward to their dismissal and hear their many stories.

  3. May Palacpac

    haha naubusan ng hotdogs, mommy! Wala nang for sharing, haha! We will surely miss our kids being kids.

    • momiberlin

      opo, naubos na. ihihi. seriously though, namimiss ko na ang pagka inosente nila. good. thing din naman we have another batch of cute babies ulit. ihihihi

  4. Angel Caronongan-Enero

    Nyahaha. Ang bibo at gutumin ni Big Bunso ah, naalala ko nung elementary days ko, recess time talaga favorite time ko. hehe

  5. Maan

    Awwww how precious! Oo nga, time really flies – nakakatakot na nakaka-excite hehe. With this post, I’m inspired to write down everything my kindergartener says!


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