Vital Maintenance Services For Your Subaru

May 17, 2019 | Likes

Do you own a Subaru?  Ours is not Subaru, but I dream of owning this type of vehicle.  I find it “macho,” perfect to ride doing everyday errands.  

Vital Maintenance Services For Your Subaru

Vital Maintenance Services For Your Subaru

For most Subaru owners, the desire to keep their autos in top-notch condition is a high priority. A well-maintained vehicle stands a better chance at going the distance on the road and surpassing 200k miles. When investing in a car, getting the most bang for your buck is typically the goal. However, it can often be confusing as to which services you need, and which an automotive shop or dealer is trying to sell you on.

The dealerships are all out to make as much money as possible off their customers. They have been known to recommend services that aren’t needed, only to line their pockets. An article by Popular Mechanics, “Confessions of a Car Dealership Service Manager,” goes into detail about some of the shady practices dealerships use to get more money out of customers. Some of these include recommending services that aren’t indicated in the owners manual and charging for shop materials. This isn’t true for every dealership, but it does seem odd that vehicles that visit the dealerships have more things wrong with them and need costly repairs than an independent Subaru shop.

Vital Maintenance Services For Your Subaru

For those that don’t have a larger budget or those not wanting to pay for things they don’t need, it is essential to know what services you need to keep your Subaru healthy and performing at its best. The first thing you should do is looking at the service scheduling in your vehicle. All newer autos come with a book that lists the services recommended by Subaru to maintain the parts on your car. Anything outside of these can be a waste of money.

Regular change oil

The top, without a doubt service, you should never skip or delay is the oil change. Most mechanics will tell you this is the foundation for a good engine. Your Subaru’s boxer engine depends on having fresh oil at the right capacity for smoother operations. Each model varies as to when the recommended time for a change. For newer cars, however, the time can be extended to approximately every 10k miles. Older vehicles may still require every 3,000 miles, but checking with Subaru’s suggestion is still the best bet. 

Tire maintenance

Subarus use an impressive all-wheel-drive system that is hands down the best on the market for cars. But the effectiveness of this system requires vehicle owners to maintain the components that could affect the driving experience, such as the tires and brakes. Tires are a critical feature needing constant maintenance and replacement when needed. They are the point of contact with the road, and all other driving features depend on the tires doing what they should.

Vital Maintenance Services For Your Subaru

Vital Maintenance Services For Your Subaru

Brake system maintenance

Brakes are only at its until the pads wear down. Once the pads are gone, the rotors will go, and eventually cause problems with the calipers. This is completely unsafe.  It can be utterly dependent on your braking style too. If you like to ride the brakes, you’ll be replacing these sooner than those who don’t. Maintaining the braking system is essential to maintaining the safety of your Subaru, and is a maintenance item you shouldn’t prolong, especially if you start to hear the notorious squealing when braking.

Sources: Popular Mechanics: “Confessions of a Car Dealership Service Manager.”

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