WonderMoms: The millennial way of raising and nurturing kids

May 12, 2019 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

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Mothers are known to bring life to the world. They are our source of warmth when everything feels cold, our light when the road seems dark, and our shelter when all else turn against us. All their hardships that molded us into what we are today are indeed a gift that we should always be thankful for.

Take the case of these millennial mothers. When it comes to dealing with their children, there’s no denying that parenting can sometimes be challenging. But with the right approach in resolving issues, being a mother can also come with sweet, motivating rewards.

The Challenges of A Millennial Mom

Asked what the challenges that involve their children and their efforts to resolve them are, each millennial mom has these to say:

The Challenge About Nutrition

Mela Cervantes Abrera, 32, is a woke millennial and a proud stay-at-home mom. Her hobbies include taking care of her cats and her two lovely children. She’s a mental health advocate from various mental health support groups in the Philippines.

Her being a mental health advocate helps handle her children well even when it comes to their nutrition. According to Mela, although her first-born daughter never had any problems with food, her son, on the other hand, is diagnosed with a feeding disorder called ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder).

“Most people tag him as “maarte” or “spoiled.” He had to undergo Occupational Therapy for a year with the help of a psychologist and a nutritionist. He gained weight and is now at the right height and BMI for his age,” Mela narrated. “It’s challenging making most people understand it, but my priority is making sure he is healthy and doesn’t associate food with any anxiety or negative thoughts—not what other people think.”

The Challenge About Exposure to Technology

Niña Defensor is an indoor rowing instructor, makeup artist, cosmetic tattoo artist, and mom to an almost-3-year-old girl. Her daughter spends a lot of time using gadgets, which can sometimes be a problem.

Despite her efforts to control her daughter’s exposure to technology, she had to give in and allow her 2 to 3 hours of screen time a day. Even with that allowance, however, there was still a struggle in controlling her daughter’s technological cravings.

“Gadgets are accessible everywhere these days and are being used at her school for educational purposes. It’s become the norm for her. So when screen time is over, the tantrums begin,” Niña shared. “As a single mom with no nanny, I work a lot and use the computer most of the time. Whenever she sees me exposing myself to technology, she tries to express that it’s not fair—which is true! So finding the right balance, the right words, and the right energy to explain to your 2.9-year-old, the circumstances are quite the challenge.”

The Challenge About Finance

During her 4th year in college, Diana Barrientos, 21, got pregnant with her son. According to her, the journey to motherhood wasn’t comfortable for her especially when she and her husband faced a financial crisis.

She had to sell homemade spicy carbonara online to augment her husband’s take-home pay and provide for their daily expenses and maternity needs.

Although Diana admits that she’s not fully aware of her options for her child’s future financial plan, her willingness to be financially literate and her eagerness to profit from her spicy carbonara business are what make her a wiser millennial mom.

“Aware naman ako, pero hindi masyado. Mag-oopen sana ako ng account kaso busy sa thesis dati. Siguro ‘pag may stable work na ‘ko or pagkakakitaan, magtatabi ako para sa future niya.” said Diana.

The Millennial Way of Raising and Nurturing Kids

WonderMoms: The millennial way of raising and nurturing kids

WonderMoms: The millennial way of raising and nurturing kids

These WonderMoms all have their ways of overcoming the struggles they face with their children, whether it has to do with their nutrition, exposure to technology, or their finances. That’s why BDO offers various services to help these moms cope amid all these challenges.

To help moms teach their kids proper money habits like saving in a bank, BDO Unibank offers a Junior Savers Account for kids age 12 and below. For as low as P100, moms can open an account for their kids age 0-12 years at any BDO branch, and it will start earning interest upon reaching P2,000 in deposit balance.

Moms can even arrange regular contribution into their child’s account through its Easy Saver feature that allows the automatic transfer of a preset amount from an existing BDO account to the Junior Savers Account.

Also, with BDO’s weekend banking, extended banking hours, and electronic banking service, moms can allot time to do their banking transactions even while they are busy taking care of their children, doing some errands, or swamped with work.

BDO takes inspiration from the best: moms who always find ways to help those that they care for the most.


  1. Farhanna Kabalu

    Good morning Momi. Happy Mother’s Day po. Ako kaya, ano ang magiging struggle ko in the future pag unti unti nang lumalaki si baby. Hopefully, kakayanin ko ang challenge sa akin. Hehe

  2. Julie Olleres

    dapat tlga hndi na eexposure ang mga bata ngaun sa technology momsh mas mganda pa dn ung dting nksanayan ntin kaya ako e dko pinapahwak sa ank ko ung cp ko hinahayaan ko lng sya mkipag laro sa pinsan nia

  3. Hnhfua

    Hay momshie natamaan ako sa gadgets talagang babad sa cp nya oldest ko .. pero pa unti unti ko parin ini-explain sa kanya na di masyado over use sa cp nya .. momshie berlin happy mothers day



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