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When I was single and very much free, my favorite go-to place was either a bookstore or a hardware shop.  Too often, I lose myself in books, spending hours browsing or even smelling those crisp pages. I would find myself there, too, with my hands weak and shaking from carrying far too many books to read at home.  Nonetheless, it was still the best feeling.

Now that I have become a mom, priorities changed, though my love for books would always be there.  I have come to love rereading my old collections or be unable to find my way out from being engrossed in my boys’ own book collection.  Going to bookstores has become a second priority when we visit malls.  I now find myself walking along the aisles of baby stores, clueless of my sheepish grin not until I see my boys giggling and talking behind my back.

Yes, I love going to baby stores.  It calms and reminds me of my mere existence- motherhood.  And one baby store I often visit is Baby Company.  It is because they almost carry anything a mom needs for her little one.  From basic essentials like diapers, baths, and clothes to baby splurges such as toys, shoes, and whatnot, we could count on Baby Company.

Baby Company is on sale!

MOMI SHARES| Baby Company and Motherhood

MOMI SHARES| Baby Company and Motherhood

All the more that I am eight months pregnant, my visit to Baby Company excites me.  I would want to buy the newest crib and playpen on display.    There are cute high chair and bassinet that I would want to take home.  Simply, I can’t resist them all.  They are so beautiful and dainty.  And they are on sale!

Baby Company has Big Stuff Big Savings on its baby furniture until June 30. And when I bought a few needs for our little baby on the way, I got huge savings of up to 50% off.

Baby essentials for baby number two

So for moms like me who will soon be giving birth to their new bundle of joy, what essential baby furniture should you save for?  Momi Berlin recommends a few and she considered these pieces because they still have a nearly two year old tot to look after.

Baby Crib
MOMI SHARES| Baby Company and Motherhood

MOMI SHARES| Baby Company and Motherhood

I find the baby crib as the most important piece of furniture.   Since the baby will be sleeping most of the time,  he needs a comfortable place to stay and that crib is the answer unless you plan to co-sleep with your baby.

Cribs are available in a variety of styles.  And what I find the most practical is the convertible type which transforms into a bed to accommodate a growing child.   A crib of this type usually convert into a daybed or toddler bed.

Initially, a convertible crib is going to cost more than the usual cribs, but in time, it is cost effective since you won’t be needing to buy a new bed for your growing toddler.

Baby Car Seat

If you are a stay-at-home mom who does errands almost everyday, it is a must to have a baby car seat.  It helps you to take your baby conveniently during your travel.  A car seat not only gives parents that peace of mind, but more so keeps babies comfortable, cozy even, and protected during the entire travel.

Nursery baby dresser and chest

If you already have a huge closet, then perhaps a dresser isn’t a necessity anymore.  A baby though has a lot of stuff and a closet my not address that need, but a drawer.  A huge baby chest may make a room overcrowded, thus it is crucial to make a mental computation of all the baby stuff you will be putting inside before buying one.  Nonetheless, I still find it a necessity as drawers allow you to organize your baby’s clothes.  Searching for what you need when you need it comes handy as well when baby stuff are neatly organized inside a chest drawer.

Kid Ride on Car
MOMI SHARES| Baby Company and Motherhood

MOMI SHARES| Baby Company and Motherhood

This is not part of my shopping list.  But seeing my little one enjoying this type of toy, I gave in and bought him one.  Ride on cars provide many ways to help toddlers develop their gross and fine motor skills. These types of toy also help children find it easier to ride bikes or roller skates as they have already improved their sense of balance.  Plus, with an infant to nurse and look after, a ride on car toy would surely entertain the older kid, giving his mom more time for the new baby.  Also, when my little man saw the toy, he immediately showed interest and I simply can’t break his heart for not buying the car.

Baby Company and motherhood

I do not see motherhood changed me.  I still love books the same way I love them when I was single.  My priorities though change as I opt to buy diapers first than books.  But still, motherhood did not change me.

I may say, motherhood made me.

Being a mother is not a role I need to fill in.  It is the role of my life.  Everything I am and everything I have is because I am a mother.

Motherhood made me empathize with co-mothers and understand children more. It opened my eyes to see the beauty and purpose of almost anything around me.   It drove me to decisions that would be of benefit to my kids.  That despite the high cost, for instance, of a ride a car, I still bought it.  I know my husband would disagree with my purchase but then I brought it home anyway.  Because motherhood made me who I am. That is to give joy to my boys despite the amount or hardship.

And Baby Company paved the way to make everything easier.

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  1. Josephine

    Wow, congrats sis! Magkakaroon la na nmn ng little angel! Anyway, Baby Company is also my trusted to go-to place when I was pregnant with my two daughters and until their toddler years because they simply have everything that mommies and babies would be needing! 🙂 Dont miss their sale sis! 🙂

  2. Madz | Mommy N' More

    Baby Company is our go-to store for everything baby. These days we mostly go there for wipes and diapers. I really enjoy checking out its nooks and crannies for interesting baby items. Love your son’s pic!

  3. Jayreen de Guzman

    Congrats Mommy! Aww, the sheepish grin!!! I am sure everyone in the family is excited. Your post made me reminisce about my preggy days. Also, it’s so nice to know that you are a bookworm, too ❤

  4. Mommy Levy

    this place was my go to place when my son was still a baby. Ang dami kasing choices.

  5. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    Baby Company is also my go-to place for shopping these days! They always have something on sale too. Ang saya!

  6. TweenselMom

    Nasurprise ako sa bunso mo! Ang laki na nya, you used to carry him lang, now he’s riding na haha. All the best to your motherhood and take care always.

  7. Yvonne Bertoldo

    Back when I was pregnant and when my kids were still little, I would love to go to Baby Company because they literary have everything that you and your little ones need. 🙂

  8. Emiliana sison

    I used to buy all my baby’s need from Baby Company. They have a wide selection of quality, premium items that can’t be found elsewhere.

  9. Kareen Liez

    Too bad there is no baby company in our area but I heard that they sell nice items.And oh congratulations on your second baby! The crib you shared look really lovely!


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