#HourMama with Mom

May 14, 2019 | Likes, Live, Love, Only Berlin

[tweetshare tweet=”An immeasurable bond that transcends life itself; there is no greater love than that between a mother and child.” username=”SPk3(ad*e(5d4@pEwem@tnlADFb9ZZc8:1:1″]

Do you have a bonding moment with your mom? Funny ours is every Saturday when we do the laundry. Despite technology’s promise of convenience, we still do the usual hand wash. My mom prefers the old method she’s been used to though there are high tech devices that allow us to clean clothes speedily and accurately.

My hours with mom

As we wash clothes, we would talk about my children and usual things like what’s for lunch and the like. It would take us about four hours to finish or until I excuse myself because the two toddlers are already impatiently waiting for their mama’s milk.

I may say that those hours with my mom has become a way to create memories with her. We get to know and appreciate each other more. As a mother myself, I feel our house is the safest environment to call home as I get reassurance that I have my mom to help me take care of my boys.

#HourMama with mom

I read from one literature that human beings often want to feel needed and wanted. And the more parents time spent with them makes the youngsters extra confident that they are loved and valued. This positive recognition is what pushes them to be sure of themselves and ready to conquer the world. Likewise, [tweetshareinline tweet=”youngsters who grow with a secure and healthy attachment to their parents are said to enjoy a better chance of developing content and merry relationships with others in their life.” username=”SPk3(ad*e(5d4@pEwem@tnlADFb9ZZc8:1:1″]

This parent-child bonding moment is what the popular Litson Manok chain Andok’s promoted last Mother’s Day. The campaign dubbed as Hour Mama (Go Offline, Go Bond with Nanay) kicked off at Andok’s branch in Makati Avenue.

Customers and guests went offline from 12 noon to 1 pm and connected instead with their family in the restaurant. The branch’s WiFi went WaFi (walang WiFi) as its internet connection shut down.

I benefited from this campaign; able to encourage my teenage son who was with me at that time to put down his mobile phone and spend his hour with his little brother and mom.

#HourMama with Mom

#HourMama with Mom

#HourMama for our mom

I love this initiative of Andok’s. I am one with them in hoping that this Hour Mama campaign will encourage more Filipinos to spend more quality and uninterrupted time with their moms even beyond Mother’s Day.

As I look back to the last Saturday we did the laundry, I came to realize that behind the strong personality of my mom is a mother with a heart of gold. She will do everything for her loved ones even how hard it could be. And that is very evident as she opts to hand wash our clothes. She would reiterate it that washing clothes by hand is gentler on fabrics and cleans clothes better than the traditional washing machine –  The very way she shows her love to us. She may be hard on us by nagging a lot but only wishes the best for her loved ones.

That last Saturday we washed clothes, I helped her with a heavy heart only now to realize that she meant nothing but to show her love to her family – the way perhaps how her mother taught her, too.

#HourMama with Mom

#HourMama with Mom

Thanks, Andok’s for helping me realize this now.



  1. Farhanna Kabalu

    Kami na man ng nanay ko Momi, ang bonding namin is pagluluto. Hehe especially ngayong Month of Fasting namin, nagtutulungan po kami ng nanay ko humanda ng makakain to break our fast.

  2. Hnhfua

    This is a great bonding kasi walang wifi momshie hehe yung kayo kayo lng talaga

  3. julie tagum olleres

    mganda to galing ng nkaisip hehehe


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