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Apr 11, 2017 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Pink isn’t just for girls.

We got a complete set of Baby Care Plus+ Pink baby products from Tupperware Brands last week.  At first, my 11-year-old son laughed at the idea of our 19-month-boy using the product.  The packaging is pink and “it is obviously for a girl,” was his initial comment.

I tried the baby bath to our little one.  Then I dabbed some powder on his tummy and massaged him to sleep using the baby lotion.  I just cannot resist the mild fresh baby scent the product leaves on my son’s skin.

When I went back to my working table to finish an article, I heard my Big Bunso commented the bathroom smells like a baby after his quick trip inside.  He went upstairs to change clothes, and when he came near me, he whispered, “Even the boys’ room smells like a baby, too!”

Then I smiled.  Time to blog and share to other mommies that Tupperware Brands’ latest Baby Care Plus+ Pink is truly a heaven sent.  Even my big boys love the scent it leaves.  And for this mom, I love the fact that it maintains my son’s velvety smooth skin.  Even his hair and scalp do not dry up.

Let me share why I love this newest Tupperware Brands line under the Baby Care Plus+ category.

Baby Care Plus Pink review

Baby Care Plus+ Baby Shampoo

With just a small amount, this shampoo produces a rich lather as it lightly conditions and cleanses my son’s hair and scalp.  Usually, when my boy is not used to the product, his scalp becomes dry and produces white flakes.  We have been using it for four days now, and I may say the product does not irritate my baby’s skin.  I checked its active ingredients and found that it has Cetiol Conditioners which creates that velvety sensation in every application.  This component is usually used in other skincare products as it is ideal for individuals who wish to pamper themselves.  The baby shampoo also has a mild pH-balanced formula, is dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic.

Pink isn't just for girls (Baby Care Plus+ Pink review & giveaway!)

Pink isn’t just for girls (Baby Care Plus+ Pink review & giveaway!)

Baby Care Plus+ Bath Bath

I instantly fell in love with this product.  Without much exaggeration, it indeed provides a luxurious, soft and mild skin feel.  And the active ingredient that made such effect is the product’s Lamesoft Skin Protector component.  When I read the label, it says there that the Lamesoft Skin Protector further “forms a natural barrier around baby’s skin to protect while cleansing, giving baby softer, smoother skin.”

Baby Care Plus+ Baby Powder
Pink isn't just for girls (Baby Care Plus+ Pink review & giveaway!)

Pink isn’t just for girls (Baby Care Plus+ Pink review & giveaway!)

I usually do not apply baby powder to my son.  But with the weather we are experiencing now, I use baby powder to keep my little man dry and free from sweat.  Then I read in one baby magazine that putting a small amount of powder on the sheets would give a relaxed and peaceful sleep.  It is because, during summer days, the bed releases heat and warmth.  And the powder on the sheets would keep it cool.  Indeed this trick gives my son a peaceful slumber he very well deserves.  But what perhaps differentiate Baby Care Plus+ Baby Powder from all other powder is its Allantoin active ingredient.  Allantoin has a moisturizing effect and properties that help create smooth, healthy skin.

Baby Care Plus+ Baby Lotion
Pink isn't just for girls (Baby Care Plus+ Pink review & giveaway!)

Pink isn’t just for girls (Baby Care Plus+ Pink review & giveaway!)

I always apply lotion on my baby.  I love the soft feel it leaves on his skin.  With the Baby Care Plus+ Baby Lotion, I have noticed that hours after his bath, my son’s skin is still smooth. It is because the product has 24-hour locked-in moisturizers that keep moisture and Vitamin E intact to make baby’s skin feeling velvety smooth and soft all day.

Baby Care Plus+ Baby Cologne

I admit.  I use this Baby Cologne.  I just love its charmingly innocent smell on me.  The fragrance combines citrus and floral notes that both comfort and calm me.  I also dab a few on my son’s arms and legs as I just can’t resist the cologne’s warmth freshness and intimacy it creates.

Baby Care Plus+ Pink giveaway

Pink isn't just for girls (Baby Care Plus+ Pink review & giveaway!)

Now, the good news is, Tupperware Brands is sponsoring a giveaway!  One Momi Berlin reader would receive a complete set of the Baby Care Plus+ Pink.  This will run today until May 11, 2017, and the winner will be chosen via   The announcement of the winner is through Momi Berlin Facebook page on May 15, 2017, and will also get a notification through a Facebook message on the same day.



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and we encourage you to join this giveaway.  The complete set of Baby Care Plus+ Pink is a joyful baby product for sharing by kids and their moms.  Even boys would certainly fall in love with its mild, fresh baby scent in citrus and floral notes.


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Note:  Winner will pick up the prize at the nearest Tupperware Brands branch within her area.


  1. melai pacer

    i would love to try the powder to my little one lalo na ngayong mainit ang panahon.
    FB Melai Pacer
    email [email protected]

  2. Samantha Aguilar

    I’m most excited to try that Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Cologne! I really love the smells of colognes sa mga bata and I’m really sure na that Cologne is surely will suits my daughter! She loves pink pa naman and she loves to smell fresh all day! YEY!!
    FB: Sam Alejandro Aguilar

  3. Kathlyn Santos

    I would love to try the complete set of Baby Care Plus+ Pink because I want nothing but the best for my baby 🙂 such an amazing review and giveaway! thank you so much Momi Berlin God bless! 🙂
    FB: Kathlyn Pearl Sanjuan-Santos
    Email: [email protected]

  4. Meldy Natividad

    I love to try this new Baby Care+ Pink for my princess!!!

  5. Riyalyn Gatdula

    Im excited to try the baby care plus lotion, soap and powder! Because I know it’s perfect for my baby’s delicate and sensitive skin! I would love to embrace her after the bath! Makes me giggle and gigil all the way! Baby scent is the best! ;)))

    Rain Gatdula
    [email protected]

  6. angelie namindang

    I am most wanted to try the Baby Care Plus+ Baby lotion for my kids because I love the smell and itll last long. And will give my baby’s skin smooth and lambot.
    FB : angelie namindang

  7. Liza Abiog

    I am most excited to try the baby shampoo. I am currently using baby care milk shampoo on my baby boy. It keeps his hair smelling fresh throughout the day. I thought Baby Care+ Pink was made especially for baby girls, so I did not intend to buy. I hope I will win this so I could try the pink one on my baby boy.

    FB Name: Liza Ramos-Abiog
    Email: [email protected]

  8. Regina Libao

    Im excited to try baby bath soap 🙂
    FB: Regina Bula Libao

  9. Richelle Molon

    I wanted to try the whole set with my little guy and little miss, Momi Berlin! Intrigued with what you said.

  10. Angel Eugenio

    I would love to try the whole set for my babies .. I’m currently using the baby care powder I love their smeII even when we go and play out side the smell of baby care powder is still in their body

  11. Julie

    I give anything to win this fantastic and generous prize..

  12. Ann Margot Gabris

    Im a fan of baby care product specially the cologne. I tried the blue and white baby care but haven’t tried the pink baby care.hopefully,i could win on this giveaway!

  13. Cecilia Berbano

    I want to try this because my daughter loves pink.

  14. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy

    Thank you for sharing your review on this products. I haven’t tried any Baby Care Plus Pink product yet but I would love to if given the chance. I am most excited to try the baby powder because of the weather that we have right now, I wanted to see if it can keep my baby fresh and sweat-free.
    FB: Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy

  15. Melanie Calosor

    Ivwould love to try this specially im 5 month pregnant now.Hope to win lalo n hindi p ako nkaka pag start mag ipon ng gamit ni baby kahit toiletries thank you..

  16. Jeanette Layar

    I’m excited to try this BABY CARE PLUS+ BABY COLOGNE for my daughter. I love the scent of floral because it makes you fresh all day

    FB Name: Jeanette Layar

  17. Gel

    Hi MomiBerlin, thanks for introducing Baby CarePlus+ Baby Shampoo because you have mentioned about Cetiol Conditioners that create velvety sensation, and that is something new to me. Honestly, before buying new stuffs for my baby, I search and read reviews first from mommy bloggers like you. It is like I already tried the product without buying it yet. Good thing the shampoo is very mild and hypo-allergenic, very suitable for our bath time. God bless MomiBerlin. FB: Gel Sarmiento

  18. Camille Ann Marinas

    Im a fan of baby care but havent try the pink one so im excited to try the baby care plus+ pink bath for my baby ..
    Fb :Camille Ann Urtola-Marinas

  19. FB: Fe Cjas

    I’m excited to try Baby Care products because your blog post is really encouraging, plus the fact that it’s summer, it would be perfect to keep my daughter fresh and clean all day!

  20. Janinegracebadar

    I would love to try the cologne because it has charmingly innocent smell.especially the citrus scent my daughter really love thats would be perfect to keep my daughter fresh and clean all day long.

  21. Ma. Diana Layson

    I am most excited about the Baby Care Plus Baby Powder. As you mentioned in your blog, I also want to keep my little man dry and free from sweat. I wonder how baby powder of Baby Care Plus works on my son who is really “pawisin”. 🙂

    FB: Xiyan Daienn Co

  22. Joanne

    I am so excited to try the Baby Car+Pink Lotion! We are currently using other brand and my daughter doesn’t like the smell, I hope we win this giveaway so we could try the baby lotion for free and if she likes it, we will buy more of it!

    Joanne Gonzales-Tagros

  23. arriane barrera

    Wow. I know my baby would really love to use baby plus pink <3

    Arriane barrera –

  24. Mary Joy Odivelas

    I would like to try for my baby is Baby Care Plus Baby Powder because it can help him a lot especially this summer season.

  25. Marilou Quiambao

    I’m really excited to try the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Bath! I have a 2-year old baby boy and to be honest I haven’t tried any baby product for girls. I always choose the blue, red or white colored packaging or bottles for my baby boy. I honestly would love to try the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Bath for my baby. I want him to have a soft, smooth skin that really smells like a baby!

  26. Liza Parafina

    I would love to try Baby Care cologne for my baby… I want him to feel fresh and smell fresh all day.

    FB name: LeeZah A. Parafina

  27. Melanie M. Valenzuela

    I would love to try this Baby Care plus for my baby.. Hoping to win for my baby..

  28. Melanie M. Valenzuela

    I would love to try this Baby Care plus for my baby.. Hoping to win for my baby.. It would be perfect for this Summer season.. It can help my baby’s skin refresh and protected. 🙂

  29. Maricel Fajardo

    I love to try the Baby Care + especially the cologne to keep my babies fresh and good smell all day long

    FB: EmCel Fajardo

  30. Jenina Tuazon

    Pink isn’t just for girls! True!

    Yey! I’m joining for my son because he loves pink! Haha…my super duper kulit terrible toddler.

    We love Tupperware Brands Baby Care really because of its long lasting smell and gentleness with my baby’s skin. I’m excited to try all of it but if there’s one thing I could choose, I’m excited to use the Baby Bath because I want to use it with myself too. Haha…because we are always sabay maligo and that is our everyday bonding routine.

  31. Rojean

    Wow nice giveaway mommy sana manalo po kami para matry namin ang baby care plus. I’m sure napakagandang baby product.ito. Perfect sa sensitive skin ng aking baby. God bless po!

  32. Grecel Villar

    I would love to try Baby Care Plus Baby Bath… I heard tons of positive comments and testimonials about this product and I’m so excited to have our cutie patotie baby XIA try it. Looking forward to have one.. #ImClaimingIt

  33. Kristen Mae garcia

    I am deliriously excited to try these out to my little girl for sure both of us will enjoy to pamper our skin with this mild,gentle and sweet skin care products of Baby Care plus pink set I’m hoping to win this for her.. 🙂
    Kristen Mae Garcia
    [email protected]

  34. Maria Cecilia Azucena

    I would like to try the baby bath,my kids love to swim in a bubble swimming pool they use baby bath to make some bubbles and they loved it and enjoyed . Hope they experience the Baby care products I am sure that it smells good.

    Maria Cecilia Azucena
    [email protected]

  35. sherry ann gole cruz

    I would love to try the baby cologne for my baby bella to make her smell fresh all day.
    fb:sherry ann gole cruz
    email:[email protected]

  36. Angelica Portuguese

    I would love to try the baby bath for my kids, bilang isang ina kailangan kung maging mapili sa gagamitin ng aking anak lalo nat napakasensitive ng skin ,kaya malaki tiwala ko sa baby care plus pink,lalo nat mild lang ito at mabango pa.
    Kaya sana palarin ako …

  37. Angelica Portuguese

    I would love to try the baby bath for my kids,bilang isang ina kailangan kung maging mapili sa gagamitin ng aking anak lalo nat napaka sensitive ng skin ,kaya malaki tiwala ko baby care plus pink,lalo nat mild lang ito at mabango pa.
    Kaya sana palarin ako para sa kids ko.

    Fb: Angelica Portuguese
    Email : [email protected]

  38. Nichelle Abawag

    Hi mom! Im excited to try the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Shampoo (all of them actually ) Im looking for a shampoo that doesn’t make my daughter’s hair dry, and based on the review this Baby Care Plus+ Pink Shampoo is the one I’ve been looking for! Also it’s hypoallergenic that perfect for my daughter because she has a very sensitive skin. I’m also interested with the scent, coz I already tried the Baby Care Plus+ (the blue one) I’m excited to try these new products from tupperware. ❤

    Fb name: Nichelle Abawag
    Twitter: @AbawagNichelle

  39. Mercy Grace R. Dela Cruz

    i am excited to use the Baby Care Plus+ Lotion to my 5 year old daughter. I want her skin to be soft and smooth. i am happy that it have a 24-locked in moisturizers and vitamin e. FB: Grace R Dela Cruz Twitter @mercygracedc

  40. Arlene Bejosano

    I am most excited about the baby care plus powder especially now summer it will give refreshing feeling for my son

  41. Jaymee Palanca

    Thank you for the opportunity you’ve given to us. I hope that you will pick me up as one of your winner… Makakatulong po ito ng malaki sa aking baby girl lalo na ngayon summer.. Salamat po ulit.

    FB: Jaymee Palanca

  42. Christine Gasataya

    very nice blog sissy! well done hope you post more reviews! goodluck!

  43. Christine Gasataya

    very nice blog sis! godluck! please post more review looking forward for that! 🙂

  44. Stephanie Guinoo

    I’m excited to try all of them!!! Honestly I used the Baby care powder the white one to my two kids and it’s really great and this time Baby Care Plus+ Bath is the one that I really wanted to try on because of the smell of it.Thank you for this review and Godbless
    Fb:Stephanie Guinoo
    Gmail:[email protected]

  45. Kristine Pelayo

    I think this is a perfect for my daughter who always play out door games so she will stay fresh longer and I wanna try Baby Colonge because its fruity smell it help prevent dryness leaving freshly fragrant, fragrant is so mild. I love the Amoy baby scent.

    FB Name: Kristine Pelayo

  46. Melisa Sanchez

    Can’t wait and I am so excited to try the baby powder for my Zd. Kasi ito lang na brand na hiyang sya at di allergy. Tagal ko na naghahanap nito. Na try ko isang beses yung blue naman subrang tinipid ko unti nalang natira.

  47. Aldrin Montierro

    The Baby Care Plus+ Pink product that I am excited to try is the Baby Cologne. I love to dab cologne to my little one and put also some for me. I love to snug and kiss my daughter every now and then, it is good that the new line of Baby Care Plus+ has a flowery and citrus smell. I agree also that pink is not only for the girls because I will use this one too and I can’t wait to have it the soonest!

    • Aldrin Montierro

      FB Name: Aldrin Montierro

  48. Roxane Cabile-Montierro

    My daughter and I are using the Baby Care Plus+ blue with a powdery scent and the Baby Care Plus+ Pink products are worth trying for after reading Momi Berlin’s review. It made me want to try all for me and my daughter the soonest. But, If I will choose only one that I am most excited to try is the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Lotion because it will definitely make our skin smooth, healthy, and of course it will make it smelling good throughout the day.

    FB Name: Roxane Cabile-Montierro

  49. Shielby Co

    I love tupperware brands product ever since… i started using their product since i was in teenager until now I have a child i only used baby care plus white and blue as his everyday essential from bath,shampoo powder and cologne.. and i think its worth trying all this baby care pink 🙂 thanks for sharing this and for this awesome giveaway 🙂

  50. Anna Cyrile Oliveros

    I am most excited to try the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Cologne and see how my baby will smell good and fresh with the citrus scent of it.

    FB name: Anna Oliveros

  51. Hershey Ann Gercio

    I am most excited to try the Baby Care Plus Baby Powder. Because of its Allantoin active ingredient, that will helps to take care my baby’s skin. Especially now,the kind of weather we are experiencing right now that makes our skin dry.
    FB: Hershey Gercio

  52. Arra Odeza

    I am excited to try the Baby wash and baby shampoo since everyday naliligo ang anak ko. She loves the scent of baby care plus products and mild at gentle p nya sa balat ng anak ko. She will love it more since it comes with pink version na. It’s her favorite color kasi.

    FB: ARra Odeza

  53. Mai Casanguan

    I’m excited to try Baby Powder for my kids,Para iwas bungang araw this summer.

    FB:Mai Casanguan

  54. Agnes Dela Cruz

    I am excited to the body wash and shampoo, para everytime maliligo sya feeling fresh and mabango especially this summer season.

    FB: Agnes Dela Cruz

  55. Liberty Floro

    I want to try all because basta products ng tupperware ay okey, subok na at pagkakatiwalaan.
    FB: Liberty Floro

  56. Istin Dizon Paigna

    I want to try the Baby Care Plus+ Pink Baby Cologne because I want my kids to feel fresh when they are on to go. Cuddle time pa more! 🙂

    FB: Istin Dizon Paigna

  57. Dianne Castro

    I am a mom,..And as a mom I don’t want to compromise my baby’s needs.That is why before I use anything for my baby I see to it that I’ve read some reviews from a bloggers like you.And I’ve read your review on the Baby Care Plus Pink Product line and instantly caught my interest on using them to my baby.Especially the baby lotion that ensure baby’s skin is fresh and smooth 24 hours a day which is a need with an active baby like mine.

  58. Jen Labay Pasion

    I want to try po the Baby Care Plus+ Baby Powder and Soap po lalo na ngayong summer dahil gusto ko fresh sya kahit summer.
    Fb-Jen Labay Pasion

  59. Cris de Peralta

    I want to try the soap and powder to my kids.. especially this summer kasi super pawisin sila.. I know that this Baby Care+ Products will take care of my kids.

    FB name: Chingsbury De Peralta-Bonso

  60. Claire Ureta

    I want to try those product Baby Care Plus Pink for my baby girl. And it’s perfect because we love color pink. As a mom I want my daughter to smell fresh everyday and I read some reviews regarding this product. Especially the lotion because my daughter is a active little girl she loves to play, jump and run I think the lotion is so perfect for her because regarding to the review the lotion last for 24hrs. and still she’s smell fresh and smooth.

  61. Karen Sabio

    pink is not only for girls but also for boys…i want to try these awesome baby skin care for my Clarky 🙂

  62. rica

    i’d love to try the baby lotion because I always want my baby’s skin so soft and moisturize and smells good.

  63. Anna Marie Marigomen

    I am excited to try the Baby Care Plus+ Baby powder. Its summer already, my daughter really need this as I want her to a have a fresh feeling while sleeping especially in the afternoon.

    • Anna Marie Marigomen

      FB name: Anna Eiram Marigomen

  64. Ed

    Baby powder,
    fb username antiksjr


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