How to choose the right front door

Feb 28, 2019 | Live, Only Berlin

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It was six years ago when my mom heard screams and curses coming from the house just adjacent to ours. She went outside to check, and she saw our elderly neighbor limping in pain. There was also blood flowing from his legs. She opened the gate connecting our house from theirs and let the senior man enter our place. Suddenly, the old man’s son ran, forcing himself to enter our house. Good thing my mom was able to close the door.

After a few minutes, the young lad got berserk and went chopping our front door with an ax. A few panels were broken, and before he could go inside, some neighbors were able to rescue the people inside our house.

That incident was such a traumatic one. I had a miscarriage that day, after learning that my mom’s life, as well as my son who was staying there, were in danger.

We had our front door repaired that same day. My mom also contacted a sash factory and ordered a custom-built front door.

How to choose the right front door

That incident taught us to invest well in a quality entry door. The main entrance must be sturdy enough to withstand would-be-intruders and even weather like the scorching sun and strong wind and rain.

How to choose the right front door

How to choose the right front door


Though fiberglass is a practical choice for most homeowners, such kind of entry isn’t prudent in our place.  It can crack under severe impact, and since we have toddlers and schoolboys, they may not be that gentle in winging to and fro our main entrance.  

Steel door

Steel is another option as it is relatively inexpensive.  However, steel is prone to dents and scratches which aren’t that easy to fix.  Also, if exposed to direct sunlight, steel absorbs heat which makes it uncomfortable to touch.


Which led us to consider wood.  Wood, I believe, especially the solid-wood door, is best at withstanding wear and tear. It needs proper care, though, as, without much attention to it, it may crack, absorb water, and eventually rot. A solid wood door can be relatively pricey, but it can be varnished or painted to retain its best appearance.  

Appeal and quality

Likewise, as a front door is the first thing that neighbors and visitors notice in an abode, it is best that it creates an appealing and memorable first impression. Some impressive doors are those with unique size and shape, the same as eye-catching color. But as mentioned, one should never compromise the quality over its architectural element.

Both my mother and husband agreed that a high-quality wooden front door is designed to impress.  It becomes the natural focus of any individual as he passes through or enters the abode.  But more than being a house’s accessory, the door is more than ever, the family’s safeguard.

May you find a lesson from the incident I shared with you, and if you are to repair, replace, or remodel your entry door, always opt for quality. Do not forget its aesthetic appeal as first impression matters as well.


  1. Anna MV

    I’ve been wanting to replace my front door for a few years now but it’s so hard to visualize what it would look like. Thanks for sharing this, I am definitely going to use a wooden door too. Now on to the appeal!

  2. Ben Butler

    These are awesome tips. I’ve been wanting to replace our front door for a long time. It’s so boring and “meh”. I’ve been on the fence about what kind to get though.

  3. alex vitte

    Im sorry you and your family went through that horrible situation. One of my biggest fears is that someone might try to break in. After reading your post im thinking seriously on replacing the door we have.

  4. TheSuperMomLife

    I can’t wait until we buy a home. The front door is such a statement piece and I already have a couple in mind.

  5. scrapbookadventures365

    Great advice and things to consider when choosing a front door!

  6. Yeah Lifestyle

    What a traumatic incident which your mum had to undergo and so sorry to hear about your baby loss too. These tips about choosing the front door is great.

  7. bethpierce2013

    We need a new front door so badly! I definitely want to avoid anything with glass, and love the iron

  8. Sara Welch

    I have been wanting to get one of those heavy duty metal screen doors so we can let the air move through our house but keep it secure at the same time. These are great tips!

  9. stickymudandbellylaughs

    Fab tips! We have just replaced our front door and it is so much better. Our back door is next on our list of to-do’s!

  10. alexandra cook

    This is really a helpful article for ideas and suggestions, im planning to change my front door but have no idea with anything.

  11. preet

    This is really a big help for someone who want to change front doors, thanks for this!

  12. Rachael Phillips

    love these tips, we are in desperate need of a new front door. at the moment we have an old wooden one with little holes in it

  13. Nati

    I’ve always lived in apartments so this was never a concern to me, but I always wondered how did people chose their front doors!

  14. Emily

    Doors can add so much personality to a home! I think when I have my own home I’ll have a bright colored front door.

  15. sincerelymissj

    We have been thinking about replacing our front door, but I am not sure what we want to do just yet. Thank you for sharing some options.

  16. Irina

    Wow that must have been such a scary experience. Im so sorry for your loss. I had 5 miscarriages. Thanks for the door tips.

  17. John Mulindi

    Am planning to build my own house, I will consider some of the tips mentioned in this article. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Farhanna Kabalu

    I never thought of this. hehe nice idea. soon pag magkakaroon na kami ng sarili naming bahay. ^_^

  19. Chin Enriquez

    Sorry to hear that momi Berlin, nagka miscarriage ka dahil dun. Napaisip narin tuloy ako sa front door namin.. normal na door lang samin eh.. yung made of plywood back to back na may doorknob. Naisip narin ng mom ko na palitan nga daw front door namin ng makapal na wood. Kasi madaling sirain yung plywood kung sasadyain talaga ng masamang loob.

    • momiberlin

      Oo, if kaya naman papaltan ng solid wood, mas maganda sana para panatag ka lalo na sa gabi. In our apartment before, plywood lang din ung door kaya lagi akong aligaga lalo na kapag matutulog na kami.

  20. Jho Tacorda

    That’s a scary situation! I never thought front doors to be that important till now and it really makes sense.

    • momiberlin

      It’s truly important that we give importance to the materials we use for our front door


    Interesting post – some great tips and advice here! I will definitely have to take some of this on board when I’m in the market for a front door x


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