Exploring Healthy Options for Healthy Living with Puritan’s Pride® + Giveaway

Mar 1, 2019 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Exploring Healthy Options for Healthy Living with Puritan’s Pride® + Giveaway

I don’t take vitamins or any food supplement. This mother doesn’t find the need to take one. But I always urge my three boys not to forget their vitamins and supplements. Quite conflicting.

Lately, though, I quickly feel tired, often forget schedules, and misplace things. Though an increase in age comes wisdom and perspective, there are also inevitable changes that happen; one is welcoming old age health problems. My husband advised me to start taking food supplements. He added that such supplements make up for what we lack in our regular diet. They are concentrated sources of nutrients and must be taken as a dietary top-up and not the only source of nutrition. That perhaps is the main misconception about vitamins and nutritional supplements. People think they are alternative remedies for diseases and health problems.

The timely collaboration for healthy living

Timely that Alphacommerce Corporation offered a collaboration with Momi Berlin. They will be providing healthy choices for me to start living healthily. Alphacommerce Corporation is an SEC-registered corporation engaged in the importation and distribution of health and wellness products. They are also the exclusive distributor of Puritan’s Pride® Health Supplements in the Philippines.

From my research, Puritan’s Pride® Health Supplements is the number one brand of discount vitamins and health supplements in the USA. They are also slowly becoming the prime choice of Filipinos when it comes to high quality imported supplements. There is no doubt then to accept the partnership and try the brand to help me with my old age issues. Before that, though, I sought the advice of my doctor. She knows the details of my medical history, thus is the proper person to consult in addressing my old age issues. She also reassured me of the decent reputation of Puritan’s Pride® Health Supplements.

Old age concerns

I just reached 40 years old. I have noticed that my skin becomes slack. It hangs more loosely as I age. I could feel, too, that it gets thinner and even drier and less elastic. I could already see a few creases and lines on my skin.

Healthy choices to deal with old age concerns

Exploring Healthy Options for Healthy Living with Puritan’s Pride® + Giveaway

Exploring Healthy Options for Healthy Living with Puritan’s Pride® + Giveaway

Evening Primrose Oil

These concerns made me consider to take Evening Primrose Oil. A friend once related to me that she takes Evening Primrose Oil daily and it does wonders for her hair and skin.

I also read many testimonials that Evening Primrose Oil helps relief breast pain during nursing and menstruation. It also helps regulate mood swings.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Aside from Evening Primrose Oil, Hydrolyzed Collagen is also good for the skin. It helps reduce joint pain caused by conditions like osteoarthritis. It also helps strengthen the joints, repair sun damage, and tone the skin.


I would want to make sure there is an adequate level of milk for my two toddlers. I tandem feed them and sometimes, I doubt if they still receive the right amount of milk they need. With Fenugreek, which is found to boost breast milk production, I am confident to provide my boys with their needed milk.

I am yet to try all these supplements and will blog about the result about a month or maybe less. Again, I will take these dietary supplements not to replace a healthy and balanced diet. This mother wants to address specific old age issues bothering her. And she has high hopes in Puritan’s Pride®.

Growing old is something I do not fear. In all honesty, I look forward to retiring with my boys all happy with their own family. But first, to reach that age, I must take care of myself, eat healthily, and take the needed food supplement to fill in the nutrients I needed the most. Many old age problems like what I experience are avoidable with care, proper food, and the right dietary supplement. And that perhaps is the gift of modern medicine. Living a healthier, happier, and fuller life is possible, thanks to nutritional supplements that genuinely deliver.

Exploring healthy options for healthy living

Who wants to join me to explore healthy options for healthy living? Puritan’s Pride® is too generous to let our dear select followers experience the road to healthy life. They are giving away

  • Two bottles Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • Three bottles Evening Primrose
  • Two bottles Fenugreek

What to do? Send your entries through our quick giveaway. This is open to all Momi Berlin Philippine followers. The first raffle will run from March 1 to 15, and another set from March 16 to 31. We will announce the first four winners on March 18 and the second set of three winners on April 1.

  1.  Like and follow Puritan’s Pride Facebook Page
  2. Like and follow Momi Berlin Facebook Page
  3. Share this post and tag three friends
  4. Comment here what dietary supplement you would love to take for your road to healthy living.  Do not forget to include the Facebook name you used in sharing this post.

Good luck and here’s to wishing all that we are able to make healthy choices for healthy living.


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  1. Carla Yap

    Great article! I am taking malunggay capsules to boost my milk for my 8-month old. I also wish to take anti-aging vitamins and supplements – Carla Yap

    • Ardeur MC MaryJoy Lucena

      I would love to try FENUGREEK for my Exclusive Breastfeeding Journey! especially I’m about to give birth to my baby this March 12.

  2. Farhanna Kabalu

    FB: Cantik Farr

    I would love to take the FENUGREEK to boost the production of my breastmilk. My little one is exclusively breastfeeding from me but when I go to office, I have a mom substitute who is my cousin, she has a 2 year old son. I pump my milk but it is not enough for my baby that’s why I always call my cousin to breastfeed my daughter. Most of the time, I feel guilty because I feel like I always disturb her. Hopefully, by taking this supplement, I am able to produce enough milk for my daughter whenever I pump. Thank you so much. <3

    • momi berlin

      I so love your cousin for her love to you and your son. And i so understand your struggles as a working mom and a breastfeeding one at that. We will certainly remember your story and give great consideration. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Yvette Calimlim

    I would love to win hydrolyzed collagen and primrose oil for my healthy and beautiful skin 🙂 Let’s promote healthy living.

  4. Yvette Calimlim

    FB name: Yvette Calimlim 🙂 Sorry habol♥

  5. Rachel Esma

    FB: Rachel Esma

    I would love to win the FENUGREEK to boost my milk. I am exclusive ly breastfeeding my bunso for 16 months and counting.

  6. Liezl Qaddoumi

    Thank you Mommy for sharing! I’d like to try the hydrolyzed collagen, I’ve read that it eases joint pains, it will reallybe a great help for my well being especially that I am a full time mom. FB name: Liezl Adeen Qaddoumi

  7. Joanna Dichoso

    FB: Joanna Dichoso
    This is a very timely article, as a mother we should always keep ourselves healthy. With the help of these supplements we can maintain our young looking skin and milk supply.
    I would love to have the FENUGREEK, as a breastfeeding mom my concern always is if my breastmilk is enough or am I producing enough breastmilk for my baby this has always been my issue since day one of breastfeeding my baby and for sure other moms also. We are now on our 19th month of our breastfeeding journey and my milk production is not that overflowing unlike before, and FENUGREEK might be the solution.

    Thank you so much Momi Berlin and Puritan’s Pride for this giveaway. Hoping to win❤️ more powers to your blog

  8. Ma Theresa Priela

    I would like to win FENUGREEK I want to boost more milk to my 1 & 3 yrs old baby’s
    FB: ma Theresa Priela

  9. Roselle Untalan

    I would love to try the Hydrolyzed Collagen. Lately my joint are in pain and I want to tone my skin more.

    fb: Roselle Anne Untalan

  10. pchipeach

    would love to take the hydrolyzed collagen.

    • pchipeach

      fb nme:pchipeach

  11. Tin Ortile

    FB: Kristine Ortile

    I would love to try Hydrolyzed Collagen. I thinks its perfect for me because I always have joint pains. Thanks for sharing Mommy Berlin! 🙂

  12. Desoleeh Manumbas

    I would love to try Hydrolyzed Collagen because im experiencing joint pains and i would also love Fenugreek to boost my milk supply because im still ebf on a 2 years and 1 mos old baby girl. Pa birthday nyo na po skin yun MOMI BERLIN hehehe.. Thank You God Bless po..

  13. Mona

    Thanks for sharing momi. It’s good to know the best supplement for the right age and its specific benefits. I really love to try the hydrolyzed collagen.

    FB: Mona Malibiran

  14. Dangelyn Natividad

    Gusto ko po sana masubukan ang FENUGREEK, wala po talaga akong tinitake ng kung anong supplements natatanging vitamins ko ay bigay ng Brgy. Health Center ferrous sulfate, nakasubok po ako ng Mega Malunggay ng may magandang loob na mommy na tumulong dahil sa pagsusumikap ko at hindi pagsuko sa pagpapasuso ko sa aking newborn, sinukuan ko ang aking panganay noon, super stress sa mga nega talks ng inlaws at bully ng ilang mommy neighbors, nang pinasok ko ang social media accounts at nagfollow ng mga mommy bloggers nainspire ako sa journey nila lalo na sa pagbibreastfeed kaya nun muli akong nabuntis at nanganak na, pinagsikapan ko po talaga ang pagpapasuso at ngayon ako ay nagtagumpay, more water at malunggay sa bakuran at ng kapitbahay, eto nasasapat na, nais kong makasubok ng mga supplements, para makatulong sa sinisimulan at ipagpapatuloy pang pagpapasuso sa aking anak.

    FB: Dangelyn Natividad-Taotao

  15. Charmaine Bueta

    I would love to try the Fenugreek para mas dumami pa milk ko for my eldest daughter and for our coming baby boy.. Currently 7 months preggy po and Im hoping to win. Although unti unting nag wean si eldest because Im pregnant nga po, I still wanted na mag breastfeed pa din siya pag dumami na ulit milk ko. Gusto ko din po ma try yung Hydrolyzed Collagen para mas gumanda pa po yung skin ko which is di ko na masyado napapansin at naalagaan since I became a mom.. Hopefully po! Thank you po mommy berlin! =)

    • Charmaine Bueta

      Fb name: Charmaine Bueta

  16. Donna Ria Mahayag

    yes po, sa panahon ngayon kaylangan natin ng vitamins and any food supplements ako di din ako mahilig uminom ng mga vitamins pati sa mga kids ko kasi malalakas naman kumain kaso yun din ata ang naging dahilan kaya sila tinamaan ng sakit kahit di sila masyado lumalabas sa bahay. kaya simula nun naghahanap na kami ng magandang food supplements or vitamins. thanks for sharing po

    FB name: Donna Ria Agosto Mahayag

  17. Megumi Kawaguchi

    Torn between evening primrose and hydrolyzed collagen

    FB name: Kawaguchi Megumi

  18. Filipina Canaling

    FB: Fhin C Canaling

    I’ve been bothered by joint point ever since I was in high school. And it getting worse as I age that is why I would love to try Hydrolyzed Collagen.

  19. Rojean mae lamsin

    I want the fenugreek since I am a breastfeeding mom and need to boost my milk supply!

    Fb: rojean mae lamsin

  20. Roselyn A Jose

    Fenugreek for me to boost my Milk supply. I breastfeed my two babies kaya big help ito for me.
    Fb: roselyn a jose

  21. Hanah

    I would love the fenugreek to boost my milk supply since I am also breastfeeding mom and the hydrolyzed collagen for a healthy looking skin

    Fb : han fua

  22. Paul Lamsin

    I want the hydrolyzed collagen for my skin and joints since i work 8 hours a day and i need this for my body.
    Fb: paul r. Lamsin

  23. Babeth arcede

    Fenugreek for me, i want to try it para kapag nakapanganak ako, i will have a boosted boobies with lots of milk for my baby.

    Fb: babeth arcede

  24. Adelfa Arcede

    I would love to try the hydrolyzed collagen for my skin. As an aging woman i need this for my bones and skin

    Fb: Adelfa Arcede

  25. Jovelyn Jose

    I want to try the hydrolyzed collagen for my skin and bones

    Fb: Jovelyn jose

  26. Love Compoc

    i feel happy knowing that there are winners means not just one Ive read that fenugreek is essential too for bf moms and thanks for sharing some info’s on our road to healthy living . I honestly don’t take any vitamins and supplements kaya minsan siguro whenever i feel tired, i feel so weak thus affecting milk supply too. I tandem feed my daughter and my youngest boy now. I vowed to fully breastfeed my 2nd until the youngest came. I had a good supply of milk because im taking meals usually soup with Malunggay but lately i am feeling drained though my little boy is latching well naman. I miss those days where i have milk fountain. Never tried any boosting supplements so far and im hoping to try Fenugreek from this brand. fb: love fullido compoc

  27. Fully Housewifed! (@fullyhousewifed)

    I recently accepted that I need to take supplements now because 40 does bring a surge of health concerns. Skin concerns I never had growing up and many other things — including energy. I’m currently trying it a couple of products from another brand, at the suggestion of a friend. Will know in two week how my body responds to it. Hayy, ang hirap tumanda hahaha!

  28. Juvy

    You are blessed to have such a collaboration with this brand. Choosing healthy is oftem costly and having a trusted brand guide you is really a blessing.

  29. Gem Combis

    Very timely ang topic na ito para sakin. Lately, nakakaramdam ako ng sobrang pagkahapo sa buong araw na gumagawa ako ng gawaing bahay. Palagi akong hilong hilo, pakiramdam ko lumulutang ang ulo ko at nanginginig ang mga kalamnan ko. Dahil dito, nag-umpisa akong uminom ng B-complex at Ferrous sulfate. Pang-limang araw ko na umiinom ngayon at kahit papaano ay may improvement naman sa pakiramdam ko. Ang hirap magkasakit ngayon lalo na’t may maliliit pa ako mga anak na kailangan ng 100% pag-aaruga at atensyon ko. Kaya sabi ko sa sarili ko, palagi akong iinom ng nga supplements at kakain ng masusustansiyang pagkain para laging healthy si Mommy.

    FB: Gem Combis

  30. Kat | Petite Momma

    I am also starting to notice the dryness and less elasticity of my skin – and I’m still in my 30s! Hala… It is really important for us to have a better diet and take supplements as necessary. Our fast-paced lifestyle has changed so much our bodies are not getting its optimal nutrients.

    I would love to win the evening primrose 🙂

    FB: Kat Agdeppa-Santiago

  31. Queenie Gallardo

    Wow salamat po Momi Berlin and Puritan’s Pride gustong gusto ko po natry yung Hydrolyzed Collagen to strengthen my joints at toning my skin minsan parang maputla ako ang dami nyang benefits pati sa skin, maganda din yung Evening Primrose Oil para skin kasi may wrinkles na ko 30s palang ako hehe gusto ko mawala yun at ska para sa hair ko dry na kasi ❤️ hope manalo para masubukan ko na po at mairecommend din sa family and friends ko Godbless po
    Fb Queenie Mance

  32. Amethystine (@Amethystine)

    I can’t end the day without taking any supplement. Sakitin kasi ako. My parents buy Puritan’s Pride and it has been a trusted brand when it comes to supplements.

  33. gilian

    I’m not a health buff, but I try to make sure to balance my life and the foods I eat so I could spend more time with my kids in the future. These supplements can really help a lot especially when we reach that stage where our bodies just start to weaken a bit.

  34. Ma.Catherine Matugas

    I would like to win and take hydrolyzed collagen for the healthy beautiful skin..

    FB NAME: Maria Catherine Matugas

  35. vanessa atuli

    I would like to try fenugreek. Breastfeeding mom here ❤️

  36. Joana Marie Zapanta Garcia

    I would love to try the FeNUGREEK 10months and counting breastfeeding momma here gusto q mas dumame pa sana ang milk q for my lo
    FB:Joana Marie Zapanta Garcia

  37. Carla Castro Perez

    Hi momi berlin, This is such a great article considering that I am now investing on my health. This is really helpful, I would like to try the hydrolyzed collagen for my skin. Since I am a student mom, And being a student also means being on the go and exposing myself with the sunlight that can harm my skin.
    Fb: Carla Castro Perez
    Ig: @carlacastroperez14

  38. Jessica Encomienda

    Mukang maganda tong hydrolyzed collagen pra sa skin at katawan ko ko pansin ko kc mula nanganak ko ng iba ng dry kaya gusto ko syang bumalik sa dati fmi pla benefits sa katawan kung pwede lng lahat gusto ko itry din

  39. jun panagsagan Ace

    Jonna Cielo; i like to try EVENING PRIMROSE OIL ❤

  40. Chin Enriquez

    FB: Chin Enriquez

    Would loooooove to try Fenugreek! More milk for my exclusively breast-fed baby boy ❤

  41. Karen

    Nice as mom we nees vitamins too….. I would love to try collagen supplements
    Fb nane kar b pinon

  42. Cris Vergara

    Wow pwede sa breastfeeding mom like me. Ang hirap nga po humanap ng vitamins lalo na sa ebf kasi ang daming need isaalang-alang dapat hindi maaapektuhan si baby. Good to know na meron palang ganito. Gusto ko po itry ang Evening Primrose oil kasi sa ngayun po naglalagas ang hair ko at stress din po. Hope masubukan ko ito. Thank you po
    FB:Cris Vergara

  43. Mary Christine Joy Esteban

    Gusto ko po matry ang FENUGREEK to boost my milk supply for my baby boy 6mos and counting wala po me iniinom na kahit anong vitamins and supplements. I know sobrang makakatulong ito sa mga breastfeeding mom like me and HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN for my health and skin.

  44. Maria Eva L. Remoroza

    For now just taking lots of water and more on veggies. These article is great I learned a lot here. Want to try these


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