Protecting Your Kids During Tough Times

Jan 8, 2019 | Live, Only Berlin

Momi Shares Ways to Protect Kids During Tough Times

Protecting Your Kids During Tough Times

Tough times are never fun to deal with, and even the strongest of adults struggle through them from time to time. Kids, however, find such times to be especially challenging. Without that much knowledge or wisdom to understand how life works or how certain situations play out, children can become quite reclusive when it comes to dealing with painful periods in life.

As their parent, it’s down to you to guide and protect your kids through tough times. For advice on how to do just that, read on.

Always factor in children’s needs 

Even the best of parents will bring some form of trouble in their children’s lives at some point. Being a great mom or dad doesn’t mean you aren’t human — you will still, naturally, bring some issues into the family home.

You could, for instance, come to the end of your relationship with your partner and be in need of a divorce. If this were to happen, however, it would be your job to take on the all-important task of factoring your children’s needs into the situation. In the specific instance of a divorce, this would mean making sure that:

One, your children know what is happening (but are provided age-appropriate information).

Two, they should be kept away from any arguments that may transpire.

Three, that you go through the right channels to ensure that your children’s needs are legally tended to going forward.

In regards to the latter, this means getting in touch with solicitors in Bristol who are well versed with family law. Such a professional will set up an agreement in which the children’s needs are best looked after.

Protecting Your Kids During Tough Times

Protecting Your Kids During Tough Times

Look out for common reactions to trauma

No matter what kind of individuals your children are, they will display some common reactions to trauma whenever it befalls them. These common reactions, which you should always be on the lookout for, include:

  • Your children withdrawing into themselves
  • The kids becoming irritable
  • Your children being hungrier for attention
  • The youngsters displaying ‘baby like’ tendencies, such as sucking their thumb or clinging to you more often.

Once you see your children display any of these common and normal reactions to trauma, seek to calm them down.

Create a safe environment for them

During troubling times, the only thing your child needs is a safe environment to live in. They do not need upheaval. They don’t need to be told off (no matter how irritated you may become with them). You need to make your children feel safe.  With feeling of safety, you can get them to talk about what is bothering them. In this instance, you need to learn how to listen to your children.

Protect Kids During Tough Times 

Tough times will befall your children at certain times in their lives; there’s no denying that. As their parent, it’s down to you to protect them as best as you can during such trauma.  To limit if you can’t avoid tough situations, always think, act, and speak with your kids’ best interest in mind.  And here’s to wishing you as well that your family may not go through difficult trials. 



Protecting Your Kids During Tough Times


  1. Aiza Gregorio

    Salamat sa information na ito momi berlin. Napalaking tulong ng mga tips na ito, sa tulad kong nanay

  2. narissa maquera

    sobrang hirap po talaga ng ganyang situation, I was growing up na ganyan po ang nangyayari though hindi naman sila naghiwalay pero I was fully aware of what was happening. kapag magtatanong ako noon ang laging sasabihin ‘bata ka pa, away mag-asawa’ or ‘hindi ka concern, kaya hindi ka kasali’ pero ang hindi nila alam, ramdam na ramdam ko at alam na alam ko. Kaya nung nagka family po ako, I don’t know if its trauma or paranoia pero parang hala baka maghiwalay na kami, hala paano na ang mga bata, sobrang takot na takot ako. kaya i tried sa very hard na maging open sa mga anak ko, i explained to them the best way that I can but as much as possible hindi namin pinaparinig sa mga bata if my husband and I had an arguement, kasi nandun din po yung takot na baka iba ang effect sa kanila, baka violent reaction or baka something na… kaya as much as possible po talaga I protect them in a way na maging concious sa feelings nila, sa awareness nila, and cautious naman para sa amin. Thank you Momi Berlin for blogging about this, para ma aware po ang mga parents na katulad ko po. Salamat po ulit

  3. Divine Labbuanan-Cabral

    Thank you so much sa mga tips at kaalaman mommy!!!
    Maiaapply ko ito bilang isang baguhang ina
    God bless po!

  4. Chin Enriquez

    Medyo napaisip ako sa phrase na “protect kids during tough time”. My parents are separated now, but its “okay”… my youngest brother is already 22 and I’m 32.. we don’t need to follow the society’s “buo ang pamilya” norm. Now the thing is, I now have a 14-month old tot, and I don’t wana be with his father anymore.. Other people say, (yes, its always the other people) that I should keep up para hindi lumaking hindi buo ang pamilya ng anak ko.. (geez I hate hearing that). But I stand firm to my decission and its a NO. Buo ang family ng anak ko because he has ME. I was just thinking what good explanation to tell my son when he grows up. How will I protect him from a trauma? Will it be a trauma to him afterall? Napapaisip talaga ako ngayon. Hehe


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