Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser and Inhalant Review + Giveaway

Oct 1, 2018 | Live, Only Berlin

Momi Reviews Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser and Inhalant

Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser and Inhalant Review + Giveaway

Empathy.  I love this word.  The same character I always would want my kids to show to each other and even to friends and strangers.  

With empathy, I always believe the world would be a better place to live in.  Everyone thinks first of other fellow individuals before acting.  He places himself in the situation of others, thus works with compassion, understanding, and goodwill. 

I value this character so much that I always think highly of individuals who have a high level of empathy for others.  Same with businesses that operate not only to make money but give services that genuinely answer the needs of their market.  They deliver solution.

Euky Bear Products as Natural Health Solutions 

One favorite solution I always turn to whenever I have a headache is the Euky Bear Eucalyptus Chest Rub.  It is also effective on insect bites, muscle pain, and colds. Another product my boys and I love so much is the Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser. It effectively relieves one of nasal and lung congestion.  It has a safe, cool-touch water chamber specially designed for the inhalant.  With two capfuls of Euky Bear Inhalant and one Euky Bear Cleaning Tablet mixed with water, the vaporiser creates warm steam.  I have read from health books that steam therapy is one effective way to relieve one of nasal congestion as well as give an individual a good night’s sleep.

Likewise, the scent of the eucalyptus increases brain wave activity and counters physical and mental fatigue.  Thus aside from curing muscle pain and body ache, eucalyptus also effectively helps one with his breathing problems.

Euky Bear Products from Koofty Enterprise

Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser and Inhalant Review + Giveaway

Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser and Inhalant Review + Giveaway

The Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser steams silently, too, not producing any single noise that may disturb sleep or nap. The vaporiser creates warm steam that kills bacteria, unlike cool mist humidifiers which might expel contaminated water droplets. Best of all, its water chamber is made of an unbreakable material that makes it safe for children. Further, its heating system is enclosed, which dismisses any chances of accidental electrocution. 

Koofty Enterprise distributes both the Euky Bearub Eucalyptus Chest Rub and Steam Vaporiser. And I salute businesses like Koofty for bringing here in the Philippines products and brands that carry natural health solutions that parents can trust. With the Euky Bear products, the steam vaporiser, in particular, one is relieved of nasal congestion brought by colds and flu. It has a strong, effective, and long-lasting aromatic medicinal vapours. The vapours it creates, though, do not sore the eyes nor hurt the lungs and nose. On the contrary, the scent it releases relaxes the body and mind.

Not surprising that the Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser is Australia’s My Child Excellence Awards Winner for the Favorite Baby Sleep Aid category last 2013.  And for a week that we’ve been using the steam vaporiser, my two little ones genuinely enjoy a restful sleep.  I, too, love the scent it leaves in our room as the inhalant contains a natural blend of eucalyptus, rosemary, and menthol essential oils.

Euky Bear Inhalant Giveaway

As a mother, I know most moms’ concern about natural health solution.  And in this time that flu, colds, and fever seem so easy to catch, steam therapy is one way to give comfort and relieve one of congestion.  Steam therapy also raises the humidity to healthier levels and makes one’s breathing more comfortable.  With that, Koofty Enterprise is giving away a bottle each of Euky Bear Inhalant (100ml priced at PhP495) to two Momi Berlin followers.  Even without the steam vaporiser, one can achieve successful steam therapy.  Just carefully fill a heat-proof bowl or basin with steaming hot water and place on a stable surface like a table.  Add one ml of inhalant for every 250 mL of water used.  In a sitting position, lean over the steaming bowl and inhale the vapours.  It helps when one covers his head with a towel while inhaling the steam.

Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser and Inhalant Review + Giveaway

Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser and Inhalant Review + Giveaway

I swear by the efficiency of the Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser and the inhalant.  Our SumoSam who was suffering from slight fever and colds felt better the first time we did the steam therapy.  For a week now, we sleep with the steam vaporiser on, and it not only gives such comforting eucalyptus smell in our room but more so helps my boys enjoy a truly relaxing sleep.  And I wish you experience that as well.  Don’t forget to join our giveaway.

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You can both join the FB and IG giveaway.  The more times you tagged friends, the many chances you can be picked through  This giveaway will run from October 1 to October 12, 12mn.  All Momi Berlin followers (the Philippines, nationwide) are eligible to join. The announcement of winners will be on October 15 via Momi Berlin’s Facebook page and also on the IG post.  Koofty Enterprise will ship the Euky Bear Inhalant to the two winners.

Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser and Inhalant Review + Giveaway

Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser and Inhalant Review + Giveaway

Good luck and we wish you the best of health.  Euky Bear products, by the way, are available through the Lazada online store.  You may also check them out on Facebook and Instagram. 



  1. Ann Margot Gabris

    I need this Euky Bear Inhalant because i tried and tested Euky Bear brand and this makes my kids “Hiyang” when they have cough and colds. I used it as a inhalant to their nebulizer and now, i i jus wanna try this inhalant for my humidifier as a diffuser. Badly needed this because all of my kids are asthmatic even my husband,too! Ito talaga ang sagot sa aming health.

    IG: seksichikiting

    • Ann Margot Gabris

      FB: Ann Margot Gabris

    • Elaine Gojo

      I needed badly po for my, Euky bear inhalant is the answer for my babies asthma. He is 8 months when he confined for broncho monia and sinabi po ng Doctor na everytime na mag kakaubo sya mag kakahika sya and mapupunta uitbsa broncho, kailangan namin agapan na mapausukan sya pag may ubo sya para makahinga sya ng maayos. And sad to say po nag pupunta pa po kaminsa mga botika na may libreng usok. Pag wala nagbabayad nalang po kami and sobrang worry ako everytime na magkakasakit sya at mag kakaubo lalo na pag dis oras ng abi wala kaming mapuntahan at magawa. Kaya pag nanalo ako mapapanatag na ang loob ko everytime na kailangan nya ng pausok para makahinga at eto na amg solusyon ang Euky bear inhalant sobrang ganda po at alam ko magiging komportable amg pakiramdam ni baby at no worries na as a house mom.
      Hoping to win po para sa baby ko

      FB: Elaine Rico Gojo
      IG: lhaine007

  2. Rojean mae lamsin

    Nowadays, always kami struggle kapag nagkakaroon ng ubo, sipon at lagnat ang mga anak ko. Yes, sabay pa sila dahil nasa iisang kwarto sila kaya hawaan ang peg. We really need to try this euky bear inhalant dahil nga sa madalas na pagkakaroon ng mga anak ko ng sakit palagay ko ito na ang sagot para sa madaliang paggaling nilang dalawa. I learned na rin sa ibang mommies ang kaganahan ng steam therapy, so natural and very helpful talagang when it comes to our children’s health. And hindi lang mga kids ang mag benefit syempre tayong mga parents na din dahil sa arawaraw na pagod tayo, hindi din maiwasan na magkasakit. Saktong sakto talaga itonf euky bear inhalant. ☺

    Fb: rojean mae lamsin
    Ig: @rojlamsin

  3. Aila Garcia

    I want to win this awesome giveaways of yours momiberlin because, this is very useful and helpful for my 2kids with Rhinitis. ,para srap ang sleep nila all night Kht may sipon sila .
    FB:Aila Garcia

  4. Queenie Mance

    sa paiba ibang panahon kelangan po ng mga anak ko ang Euky Bear Inhalant madalas sila magkaubo at sipon minsan lagnat na at makaktulong ang Euky Bear Inhalant para gumaling agad ang mga bata at maiwasan lumala ang ubo at sipon

  5. Malome Ladig

    This is really helpful for my daughter specially sa aking panganay she needs something to smell to relax on her breathing kasi may asthma siya.Bago siya matulog massage ko likod niya at nilalagyan ko lang nang some ointment na puwede sa bata para makatulog siya nang mahimbing. Hoping to try this Euky Bear inhalant.
    Fb:Malome Ladig

  6. Lee Rafael

    I really need Euky Bear inhalant for my daughter everytime po kasi na may sipon siya sobrang nahihirapan siyang huminga. At narinig ko nga po na maganda daw po talaga amg Euky Bear kaya lang mejo pricey siya. Hoping manalo po ako dito at ma try siya. Maraming salamat po for this chance Momi Berlin. Hoping to win ❤
    Fb: Lee Rafael
    Ig: @sahleerafael

  7. Judycel Salire Tino

    I need Euky bear inhalant because nauuso nanaman ang ubo and sipon ngayon dahil sa pabago bagong klima and my youngest son siya lagi nagkakaron and mahirap kase pag nag ka ubo siya sumasabay ang hika niya kaya super need ko to.. I think makakatulong siya talaga sa baby ko and ngayongayon nga may ubo and sipon kasabay nanaman ng hika. . i want to try this inahalant for my baby ishan. Please pick me. .Hope to win thanks for having this. .

    FB: Judycel Salire Tino
    IG: Yceltoots13

  8. Filipina Canaling

    I need this Euky Bear Inhalant because all of my three kids are asthmatic . They easily catch cough and colds too. And as of the moment (it had been a week already), due to the very undesirable hot weather, my second child’s asthma was triggered and many two other kids (4 and 8-month old) are both suffering from cough and colds. It is so hard for a mother to see them all suffering. I really wanted to have this to help them breathe better due to nasal congestion. Thanks Mommy Berlin.
    FB: Fhin C Canaling
    IG: fhinaphina

  9. Rebecah Clark Lucenta

    My kids has severe asthma so as much as I hate and as much as I protect them, their sensitivity to allergens and other dust often make them so sick. More often than not they have colds. I have a two year old and a 10 months old, both boys could use this and this momma’s sanity would be save because I just need to get me some sleep most days from being unable to sleep taking care of them and waking up because they both feel uncomfortable with their cold.

    IG: rebecahmaebelle
    FB: Rebecah Maebelle Clark Lucenta

  10. Charles Demabildo

    i need this because of my bunso and asawa lagi kc sila nagkakasakit madalas sipon at ubo, base nmn sa nakita kong mga reviews na na try n itong products very thankful sila kasi effective talaga i hope n ako sana mapili at magkaroon nito para na rin d ako mag woworry every time na mag kakasipon at ubo sila.

    FB: Charles Demabildo

  11. Cielo Jonna

    Cielo Jonna: Gusto ko itong mapalanunan para sa anak ng asawa ko kasi sobrang sakitin madali syang dapuan ng ubo at sipon, gusto ko na tong itry dati pa kaso wala ata sya sa mga mercury drugstore sa mall lang ata sya meron eh hindi naman po kami pala labas ng medyo malayo dahil hassle kasi may 7mos baby po ako hehe 🙂 nag join po ako uli sainyo momshie kasi gusto ko talaga toh for my husband son. 🙂 nag join nadin ako sa ibang blogger na ganito din ang prize kaso hindi pinalad. Thank you po and godbless!

    FB: Cielo Jonna
    IG: @jonnacieloo

  12. Ma Leonila Fernandez

    I need Euky bear inhalant because uso na naman ang ubo and sipon ngayon pabago bagong weather and my baby daughter lagi nagkakaron ng ubo at sipon na nagigong dahilan para maging less active xa super tamlay kaya super need ko to.. I think makakatulong xa sa gaya kong gustong iprotect ang kanilang babies i want to try this inhalant. For the thanks for having this chance to win -itsmeleonila

  13. Lerma Marquez Casal

    I really want to win this euky bear inhalant for my two kids especially for my 3 yrs. old boy,who had cough and colds now,for him to have a goodnight sleep ,this is a very good humidifier at night and also for us na rin mom and dad…As of now due to continous inflation rate of all basic necessities ,I don’t have extra money to afford for that,so very glad and hoping for me to win that item..Thanks and More Power po..God bless!…Fb name::::Lerma Marquez Casal

  14. Cherry may chavez

    Super need ko po nitong Euky bear inhalant sana manalo ako para sa mga babies ko na 2y.o at 3mons. Dahil mga babies ko yung panganay laging may sipon kahit nagba vitamins naman at masustansya ang kinakain di nawawalang ng sipon pati si bunso 1mon. Na sipon pabalik balik na lang kami sa pedia hanggang sa nagka ubo na sila madami na nga kami bote ng gamot nila sa bahay. May nagreccommend bilhan ko daw sila ng humidifier kaya kahit medyo hirap sa pinansyal pinilit ko talaga makabili kaso ngayon dipa magamit kase wala kaming inhalant dipa makabili nagka crisis kami ngayon sabay sabay. Kaya sana manalo po ako.
    Fb name: Cherry May Chavez

  15. Stela Marie Vilches

    I want to try Euky Bear Inhalant because this is new to me and reading your review makes me believe that it will soothe and aid my nasal problem. I often got runny nose then post nasal drip. I do take runny nose medicine 2 tablets every 4 hours, I know that is not right because it will dry my nasal passages but I have no choice. Euky Bear Inhalant sounds promising and hope I can try this one and this will aid my discomfort and that I will be relieve in a right therapeuthic way.

    Fb name :Stella Marie Sechliv

  16. Jumarie Grace Licudan Beltran

    I want to win this Euky Bear Inhalant because it is very helpful to a mother like me that has a toddler child, kasi sa pabago bagong panahon mas madaling magkaroon ng ubo’t sipon ang mga bata, tapos mahirap at ayaw ko rin na masanay ang anak ko sa pag inom ng gamot kaya para sa akin mas ok kung inhalant na lang ang gamitin kesa sa pag inom ng gamot. Thank you sa opportunity na makasali sa pa giveaway mo Momi Berlin. Godbless!

  17. Jumarie Grace Licudan Beltran

    I want to win this Euky Bear Inhalant because it is very helpful to a mother like me that has a toddler child, kasi sa pabago bagong panahon mas madaling magkaroon ng ubo’t sipon ang mga bata, tapos mahirap at ayaw ko rin na masanay ang anak ko sa pag inom ng gamot kaya para sa akin mas ok kung inhalant na lang ang gamitin kesa sa pag inom ng gamot. Thank you sa opportunity na makasali sa pa giveaway mo Momi Berlin. Godbless!

    FB Name: Jumarie Grace Licudan Beltran

  18. Aleli Layusa Escalante

    I wish to win Euky Bear Inhalant for my two sons. Hirap po kasi sila huminga kapag meron po sila ubo’t sipon lalo na sa gabi.. Di po sila makatulog ng maayos dahil sa baradong ilong.. Malaking tulog po ito sa kanila lalo na ngayong magtatag-lamig na at pabago bago ng panahon.. Malaking tulong din po ito sa akin bilang isang ina dahil mas mainam itong gamitin kaysa sa pagpapa inom ng gamot..
    Hope to win for my kids..

    Fb: Aleli Layusa Escalante
    Ig: @gabgade

  19. Schatz Hyacinth Junella

    Ig @mrshoneyleealmamorales fb schatz hyacinth junella i wish to win this for my baby lalo na sa tindi ng init ng panahon ngaun kelangan niya to 🙂

  20. Liezl Solidor

    Gusto ko ito mapanalunan para sa mga kapatid kong lagi na lang may ubo at sipon. Hirap makahinga lalo na laging barado ang ilong. Malaking tulong to hndi lang sa mga kapatid ko pati na rin sa amin na kasama sa bahay.
    FB: Zel Solidor

  21. Ma.Catherine Matugas

    I want to win this euky inhalant for Us .. Also for my baby lagi kasi syang dinadapuan ng ubo at sipon Lalo na sa panahon ngayon .. Matagal ko na pong gusto to para matry ko rin po if efective sya for us .. Maganda po ito At laking tuLong di lang for me also for my niece kasi po may hika sya lalo na hirap po syang umubo kaya po gusto kong manalo nito para maishare ko din sa knila gano ka effective and kaganda itong euky inhalant .. Thank you po for this awesome and wonderful giveaway this is very helpful for all of us ^_^

    FB NAME: Maria Catherine Matugas
    IG: @ma.catherine24

  22. gole cruz

    i need this because my baby bella has asthma and i think it will lessen the attack when i used this.. Hoping so much
    Fb:sherry ann gole cruz

  23. Queenly Amparado

    Sa panahon ngayon na paiba iba, uulan iinit. Hindi maiiwasan magkaron ng colds. Lalo dito samen Mommy, nagkakaron ng sipon at ubo ang baby ko dahil nahahawa from my inlaws at pinsan niya. Ang hirap din pagsabihan ng mil kapag nanggigil kay baby kahit alam niyang makakahawa ang ubo niya tulad ngayon. Glad that my panganay has a very strong immune system. Kasi di nagtatagal ang sipon niya unlike my bunso, konting sipon diretso pedia na. 🙁 Nakakaawa kasi sya pagsinisipon. I really love to win one of that Eukybear Steam Vaporizer para di na sila palaging nakadepende sa gamot. Maganda din kasi may alternative way 🙂

    • Queenly Amparado

      FB Queenly Mae Amparado

  24. Babeth arcede

    This is perfect for every kids and adult na rin sa panahon ngayon na pabago bago. Uso din ang sakit na lagnat ubo sipon. And since nasa iisang atmosphere lang sa bahay, hindi maiwasan ang maghawaan din. Kaya good thing there’s euky bear inhalant. When i read about this and benefits na binibigay nya, super amaze ako agad. I want to try this too for my family na madalas magsuffer sa ubo’t sipon. It will be big help para gumaling at makomportable ang mga kids lalo na sa gabi. Hoping to try one!

    Fb: babeth arcede
    Ig: @betchayarcede

  25. Roselyn A Jose

    I really need this Euky bear inhalant for my kids since sila ang concern ko always dahil palaging may sipon, barado ang ilong, samahan pa ng ubo at lagnat Super nadedepress ako kapag ganito sitwasyon nila. I want to try this product dahil narim sa good reviews na nababasa ko about this one super effective. ☺

    Fb: roselyn a jose
    Ig: @roselyn.a.jose

  26. Pia Garcia

    I really need Euky bear inhalant because I has an allergic rhinitis. It will be a big help to me. And aside from that my kids can use it too because of its all natural ingridients and kid-friendly inhalant.
    Hoping to win.

    FB: Pia Garcia

  27. Paul Lamsin

    I want to try this euky bear inhalant for my kids because they always got sick dahil sa pabugso bugsong panahon. I think this will be the one we need for their fast healing.

    Ig: @paullamsin
    Fb: paul lamsin

  28. Bjeyn Magsaysay

    I have a niece and nephew na both palaging may sipon. And i know na mahirap para sa mga bata ang mga ganyan kalagayan lalo na sa gabi kasi nasisira ung tulog nila tuwing aatakihin sila ng ubo o di makahinga dahil s sipon kaya naman tamang tama sa knila ang product na ito.
    Ig -@kfpc7
    Fb-bjeyn magsaysay

  29. Adelfa Arcede

    I need this Euky bear inhalant for my apo dahil madalas silang nagkakaroon ng ubo at sipon dahil narin sa panahon ngayon uso ang sakit at malakas makahawa ang virus talaga. Good to hear there’s a solution na to every mom’s problems. ☺

  30. Julie Rose Valdoz

    Bagay na bagay to sa anak ko kasi nka aircon kami di maiwasan ung sisipunin o uubuhin sa lamig pwde gamitin ang euky bear inhalant pra feeling relax at comfortable ang pag tulog nila sa naamoy galing sa euky bear inhalant. I recommend this and i want to try
    Julie ross val

  31. Ruby Rose

    I really really need Euky bear because my 4 yrs old daughter and 6 month old son always have cough and colds. My daughter had a primary complex when she was 1 yr old and my son confined last July because of pneumonia. So I want to try and win this Euky Bear to make them sleep comfortable. Please please please. I really really need this one

    FB: Ruby Rose Velasco-Gulapa

  32. Geneve Camille V. Crudo

    I need to win this EUKY BEAR INHALANT because my 5 years old daughter and i have a weak lungs. We both easily get cough and colds. I really want her not to get this kind of genetic problem but she has. This could be a really good help to her. I want to protect her from any kind of illnesses like this. Thanks momi berlin for sharing this awesome idea and a chance to win this product. Godbless you and more power! ❤❤❤
    FB : Geneve Camille V. Crudo
    IG : camscrudo29

  33. Lovely celis

    Hope Momi Berlin Magkaroon Ako neto For May Kids Para na din sa Buong Family Namin Pareparehas kasi kaming Madaling Kapitan ng Ubo at sipon kahit sagana naman sa vitamins Lalo na ang mga Kids Ko Last last month ung bunso Ko Halos Linggo linggo may Ubo at sipon At na ngayayat na sya Then I Decide na E pa pedia sya At nag Request ng X-Ray Ung Pedia At Meron syang Primary Complex sana Palarin akung Manalo Ng sa Ganun makaiwas kami sa ubo at sipon na kakapagmahirap sa pag tulog , at hindi na Magkahawa hawa pa lalo sa bunso thankyou Momi Berlin

  34. Lovely celis

    Hope Momi Berlin Magkaroon Ako neto For May Kids Para na din sa Buong Family Namin Pareparehas kasi kaming Madaling Kapitan ng Ubo at sipon kahit sagana naman sa vitamins Lalo na ang mga Kids Ko Last last month ung bunso Ko Halos Linggo linggo may Ubo at sipon At na ngayayat na sya Then I Decide na E pa pedia sya At nag Request ng X-Ray Ung Pedia At Meron syang Primary Complex sana Palarin akung Manalo Ng sa Ganun makaiwas kami sa ubo at sipon na kakapagmahirap sa pag tulog , at hindi na Magkahawa hawa pa lalo sa bunso thankyou Momi Berlin

    IG @Lovelylavs_
    FB Lovely corneja Celis

  35. Love Compoc

    Empathy. Na touch ako kasi yan din ang gusto ko for my kids as they grow up ❤
    Id love to win kasi as a mom, madalas praning ako when they get sick..Last week, eldest got sick and got high temp due to cough started out as colds. If only i prevented it , wont developed to coughing and taking lots of meds. Ung sipon talaga na nag uumpisa dahil narin sa masamang panahon. Puyat ako bilang Nanay pero lahat kinakaya basta gumaling lang siya. The prob too when one get sick susunod ang isa sa kanila na sinisipon or ubo ending up hirap makatulog. Nakaka worry kasi nga 3 sila and my youngest is 1yr old palang ..Ive read good reviews about the product and good thing suitable eto for them.❤
    Thanks for the chance:
    fb : love fullido compoc
    ig: iamlove_iloveyou

  36. momshappiness

    Having little ones is a great responsibility. It entails the utmost care from a mom like me. There are times they still gotten sick despite all the preventions. I believe Euky Bear Inhalants would be of a great help during those times. Would like to try this for I am hearing good things about it, and much more upon reading this review.

    IG: @rhea_a_alvarez
    FB: Rhea Alvar Alvarez

  37. Aldrin Montierro

    We need the EUKY Bear Inhalant because cold season is here now and it is the time of the year when my daughter always catch cold. It is best that we have a stash of Euky Bear Inhalant that will relieve her nasal congestion and will give her good night sleep.

    We have been using Euky Bear ever since my daughter is little. We trust the effectivity of Euky Bearub and we we even trust EUKY Bear Inhalant more!

    FB: Aldrin Montierro
    IG: @abmontierro

  38. Roxane Cabile-Montierro

    We need the EUKY Bear Inhalant because this is the most effective, most safe inhalant that will relieve my daughter from colds. This will ensure that she can breathe and have a good night sleep so that she will always wear her happy smiles every morning!

    FB: Roxane Cabile-Montierro
    IG: @rcmontierro

  39. Shiela May Laynesa


    I need the EUKY Bear Inhalant because this is the most effective most safe inhalant that will relieve my son’s from colds. Sometimes whewhen they had colds they suffer Difficulty in breathing . This is a big help to me. We cant afford buying it for some reason finacially and we just do herbal medicine for them when they cold. I heard lot of reviews in EUKY Bear Inhalant i hope i cant try this too ..

    FB: shiela laynesa

    IG: @laynesas1521

  40. Catherine Orazon

    Maraming pong na ngangailangan nitong
    EUKY Bear Inhalant. Mga mommies na gaya ko na pare pareho ng struggles lalo’t masama pakiramdam ng mga anak at kung sasamain sabay pa at nagkakahawaan ang mga anak. Same reason po sakin.. Pero sakin po kasi di ko maafford kaya nagbabakasakali manalo nito for my 4 kids lahat sila magagamit nila eto.. Sana lang po palarin.. In Gods help po.. Thank you so much po sa chance na makasali at mabigyan ng opurtunidad. ❤ God bless po sa inyo!

    Fb name: Cathy ‘toh
    ig @cathy_cha08

  41. Ma.Queenie Mance

    Super need po ito ng kids ko madalas nahirapan sila matulog sa gabi lalo na pag may ubo at sipon, Sa Euky inhalant and vaporiser magiging mahimbing na ang tulog nila at maiwasan pa magspread ang germs
    hope mapili po,
    ig @queeniedukie
    fb Queenie Mance

  42. Caroline D. Dolencio

    With Euky Bear vaporiser and Inhalant, my baby would sleep comfortable and deep whenever he has cold, cough, and not feeling well. He can be moody at timea, but I am sure that with this, he can stay calm and be well-behaved at night or in the afternoon even if he is unwell. He can still be on bright mood with Euky Bear!

    Ig caroline.delacruz.dolencio2
    Fb Caroline D. Dolencio

  43. Romilyn Lopez Frankie

    With Euky Bear vaporizer and inhalant I think this Is what we really need especially for my 2mos.old baby since he has coughs,cold.This will be a really big help to relieved my son from colds! And having these for sure he will always have a good sleep.
    FB.Romilyn Lopez Frankie

  44. Carmela Maninang

    The cold season is upon us and its inevitable that my twins will get the colds. I dread the day when one gets sick, her twin follows then it becomes one stressful night for all of us. It pains me as a mom to hear their cries and complains so i really need Euky Bear Inhalant to help kids and for my peace of mind.Thanks for this great review mommy Berlin!

    IG: oliviandaphne
    FB: Carmela A. Maninang

  45. Evita Vega

    Awww..This is perfect. I am a breastfeeding mom. Nagiisip ako lagi na anong gagawin ko pag may nagsisimulang ubo or sipon anak ako, ayaw ko pa cya painumin ng gamot basta-basta, ayoko kasi sana makatikim sya ng kahit ano hanggat wala pa cyang 6months, yung virgin gut ba.. hehehe..
    sana mapanalunan ko po ito.

    Fb. Evie Peron Vega

  46. Mary clare solidor roxas

    Sna po plarin ako, kung sakali. . kc yung anak ko po kc asthmatic. . s tuwing magkakasipon po xa natatakot n ko kc dun n po xa umpisa aatakihin. Malaking tulong po s anak ko kung magkkaroon po kmi. . maraming slamat po.
    FB: mary clare solidor roxas

  47. Antonette Altar

    Lahat tayong mga Nanay,Mama o Mommy need po tlaga nating mapahalagahan at mapanatiling malakas At walang ano mang sakit walang ina ang gugustuhing magkasakit ang anak pero si god ang nkakaalam kung kelan 🙁 my brother have asthma sobrang hirap po bilang ate na makita mo syang nahihirapan sa pag hinga sa pagtulog o sa paglalaro ako ung sobrang nahihirapan sa nararamdaman nya every minutes dapat ko syang makitang huminga dahil mayamaya syang inaatake 🙁 Hoping po na manalo dto para po saaking kapatid tlagang malaking tulong po ito dhil kahit papaano ay magagamit nya ito kung sakali sya ay matutulog at tlagang matutuwa sya dhil makakatulog sya ng maayus 🙂 Thank you Momi Berlin sa Pa Giveaway nio na ito Strongly Hoping po Godbless 🙂

  48. Queenie Mance

    Hi momy berlin I really want to win for my kids minsan hirap sila matulog sa gabi lalo n yung eldest ko parang may rhinitis hindi na sya natigil kakasinghot at palaging may sipon diko pa sya napacheck up kung manalo ako nito baka mawala na ang allergies nya. Hoping to win Godbless po Momi berlin
    ig @queeniedukie
    fb @Queenie Mance

  49. Jennifer jimena

    Wow po mommy eksakto
    Po ito para sa anak ko na lagi na lang me allergy,madalas ubuhin sipunin at bahing ng bahing sabi allergy puro inom ng ganyan na gamot ganon pa rin bka po sakali sa tulong ng steam vaporizer mabawasan man lang.sana mapili po salamat po
    @jennifer jimena

    • Jennifer jimena

      @ladyenj on IG

  50. Jade jc

    Want ko po yan momi,4 po anak ko at 3 pa yung kids sa kagaya ko pong nakatira lang sa di kaaya ayang lugar kya nman madalas na magkasakit ang mga bata ko pang anak malaki po maitutulong niyan sa mga anak ko ang steam vaporizer gusto ko rin po maexperience na maging masarap ang tulog namin dahil sa ako po ay di rin maayos ang tulog nid po namin talaga yan momi salamat po
    FB: jade jc
    IG: ma.jcruz



  1. A Blissful Sleep with Euky Bear Sleepy Time + Giveaway | MOMI BERLIN - […] to encourage deep sleep especially if there is the relaxing smell of a steam vapor coming from our Euky…

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