A Blissful Sleep with Euky Bear Sleepy Time + Giveaway

Dec 17, 2018 | Live, Only Berlin

A Blissful Sleep with Euky Bear Sleepy Time + Giveaway

A good night’s sleep is essential just like eating and exercising. Sadly, many haven’t seen its importance.

I, for one, sleep less. I always sacrifice quality sleep over tons of household and online work. The adverse effect of sleep deprivation is so serious that it can interfere with my concentration, productivity, and performance.

Let me share with you what just happened recently.

I slept at nearly 2 am one night. I woke up at 4 am, cooked breakfast and lunch baon, then by 5:30 am brought the boys to school. On our way to school, I was irritable, too angry with motorists who would cut us rudely. I also felt that I had problems with my driving speed and accuracy. Short sleep can negatively impact some aspects of my brain function, similar to how alcohol intoxication does to the brain.

I have concluded many times, too, that loss of sleep can impair brain function. It can also affect one’s mental health, causing one to be depressed for no reason at all. Poor sleep can also reduce immune function, having the likelihood to develop a cold or flu than those who sleep at least eight hours or more.

Sleep as a pillar of health

Lately, I changed my ways. With the mother not sleeping right, my two toddlers tend to adjust and wait for their mom to hit the sack, too. And it is something not right. At a young age, they need sleep more than ever. Along with nutrition, a good night’s sleep is one of the pillars of health. Any child or individual cannot achieve optimal health without proper and complete rest.

Euky Bear Sleepy Time Room Mist

More than comfortable mattress and pillows, you can invite and prepare your little one to sleep by using a calming room mist. The Euky Bear Sleepy Time Room Mist is one gentle and calming blend that lets the baby know it is time to sleep. Infused with lavender and chamomile, this room mist is made from 100% natural oils. Just spray a fine mist into the air or on linen before bedtime. Its gentle and calming smell is your little one’s cue that he needs to get ready for slumber.

Euky Bear Sleepy Time Massage Balm

A Blissful Sleep with Euky Bear Sleepy Time + Giveaway

A Blissful Sleep with Euky Bear Sleepy Time + Giveaway

I always believe that having a bedtime ritual helps in encouraging youngsters to go to bed and sleep. It is like a cue for the little darling to close eyes and hit the sack. In our household, we always read bedtime stories, massage our two toddlers then tuck them into bed.

Before, I used baby lotion to massage them to sleep. Now, I discovered an even effective soothing massage balm made from 100% natural oils. Infused with lavender and chamomile, the Euky Bear Sleepy Time Massage Balm all the more prepares my little ones to sleep. It also has sweet almonds, jojoba, and coconut oil that help youngsters settle easily and comfortably. It is dermatologically tested and proven gentle on skin. My two boys do not develop skin rashes when I massage them with this balm.

Euky Bear Sleepy Time Inhalant

I have noticed, too, that a hot bath increases my babies’ skin temperature which eventually decreases their core body temperature. A shower before bedtime has been proven to encourage deep sleep especially if there is the relaxing smell of a steam vapor coming from our Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser. I pour 2.5 capfuls of Euky Bear Sleepy Time Inhalant into our steam Vaporiser then add water to the maximum fill line. The calming lavender-based inhalant lullabies my babies and even this mother to dreamland and gives us an all-night comfort.

Promote a blissful night

According to a Somali Proverb, “the best bed that a man can sleep on is peace.” But it helps, too, that there are all-natural and safe aids to improve our slumber and promote real good night’s sleep. And thanks to Koofty Enterprise for Euky Bear Sleepy Time products, bringing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to everyone who experiences it.

And now, to let you experience the joy of a good night’s sleep, Koofty Enterprise through Momi Berlin is giving away one Euky Bear Sleepy Time Massage Balm and one Euky Bear Sleepy Time Room Mist each to two winners. All you have to do is follow the following:

1. Follow and like Koofty Facebook page

2. Follow and like Momi Berlin Facebook page

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5. Comment on either Momi Berlin’s Facebook or Instagram post why sleep is essential. Tag two friends and share the post on your FB timeline or repost on IG. Use the hashtag #momiberlinxkooftygiveaway.

6. This giveaway is open to all Momi Berlin followers nationwide. The announcement of two winners is on December 21; you have until Dec 20, 11:59 pm to join.

7. Those who will leave a comment in this blog post will merit an extra point.  Just comment why you love Euky Bear Sleepy Time Room Mist or Massage Balm.

A Blissful Sleep with Euky Bear Sleepy Time + Giveaway

A Blissful Sleep with Euky Bear Sleepy Time + Giveaway

Good luck and here’s to remind you to always give sleep a chance.


  1. Rozel Villanueva

    I Love Euky Bear Sleepy Time Room Mist And Massage Balm , because it can help to sleep very well . sobrang laki ng tulong niya lalo na sa mga baby na hirap o iratable makatulog . wala siyang strong scent na pwedeng makasama sa bata at safe din siya sa skin ng baby . That’s why I Love Euky Bear Sleepy Time Room And Massage Balm . Sana ma-try ko to sa two babies ko na may time din na hirap makatulog para lahat kami masaral ang tulog

  2. momshappiness

    Couldn’t agree more! Sleep is important in order to recharge all the lost energy and to refresh our minds.
    Having sound sleep is a must for all at any ages. Euky Bear is a great help to obtain one.
    FB: Rhea Alvar Alvarez
    IG: @rhea_a_alvarez

  3. Filipina Canaling

    I already tried the Inhalant and it is very helpful whenever my kids have clogged nose.
    I would love to try this Euky Bear Sleepy Time as well for kids to achieve a perfectly sound sleep!

  4. meldy natividad

    Sleep is important because it is our way to regain the energy we spend… the energy we need for our everyday lives.
    It is also our secret way and best way to destress our selves. As a Mom it’s one of the moment that I call as ME TIME, where in O have the whole world all for myself… I have the quiet place to make me think peacefully… relax and enjoy and savor the harmonious moment I have. It is truly relaxing if you have that complete sleep because it recharges you physically, spiritually and emotionally. Waking up with a full vibes of positivity knowing you are well prepared to face the very good day ahead!


  5. Chin Enriquez

    I honestly haven’t any of Koofty’s… or any sleep essentials for that matter. But thank you for your review momi Berlin 🙂 I think what I am going to love about Koofty’s is that it is safe for babies as you have mentioned. My not-so-baby-anymore lo is turning 13months on the 20th and he just so hyper specially at night. I think Koofty will be my perfect partner in putting my lo to bed as sleep, at this age, is of utmost importance.


    I love Euky Bear Sleepy Time Room Mist and Massage Balm items because these prepare and promote real good night’s sleep to our kiddos. #MomiBerlinXKooftyGiveaway

  7. Lee Rafael

    I love Euky Bear Sleepy Time Room Mist and Euky Bear Sleepy Time Massage Balm because it made of 100% natural oils including lavender & chamomile, create a calming atmosphere and use as part of a bedtime routine. Plus no synthetic fragrances, no parabens and mostly no phthalates. It really perfect for my kids.
    #MomiBerlinXKooftyGiveaway ❤

  8. Jolly Carissa Teanila Francisco

    I really love to try Euky Bear Sleepy Time Room Mist is a gentle room mist to help me to prepare my little one for sleep. The calming blend lets our baby know it’s time to rest.

  9. Leiv Guirigay

    galing naman nito Mommy, works wonder. Thank you for the honest review, i read how this Koofty products helps in promoting good sleep. For my baby, a good sleep is beneficial and id love to try on this one.

    Sleep is very important to recharge . If someone is sleep deprived, he/she can’t function well. We must remember that having good enough sleep lowers the risk of getting sick and have chances to perform task daily . With kids, sleep has an important role as they grow up.


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