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Nov 2, 2016 | Live, Love, Only Berlin

Too tired to go out for that much-needed pampering?  How about a home foot spa for everyone?  Surely our kids and even the boys need one, too.

Everybody in the small house has done his best either in school or in helping with the household chores.  And to treat ourselves, we took turns in pampering one another.

Home foot spa


Home Foot Spa| Mother got two foot spa/massage sets last Christmas. I asked for the other one. Then I bought the soak, scrub, and lotion plus the brush.

We had fun and second son recommended that we do it regularly.  I promised them that we will do it every two weeks.

Home Foot Spa| The boys took turns scrubbing and brushing my feet while they let me harvest vegetables from our Zombie Farm.

Ihihihi, at the background was husband’s plywood.  He will build his wife some bookshelf.


Home Foot Spa| A foot massage from firstborn after the foot scrub.



Home Foot Spa| Second son was the second customer. He likewise had the right to use the iPod.



Home Foot Spa| Second son’s turn for a foot massage.



Extra service: a back massage from firstborn. Too bad, I wasn’t able to experience that back massage.



Home Foot Spa| Third customer was bunso. “I love this day!” he said repeatedly!



Home Foot Spa| Last customer was firstborn. And he indeed took a nap.



Home Foot Spa| Bunso did kuya firstborn’s foot massage.

Till the next foot spa day, boys!  Mama enjoyed it so much!

Foot spa is only one of the many relaxing ways to give our hardworking feet some real pampering.  We need not go to our favorite salon, though, to have that treatment.  We could have it at home and even engage our loved ones to join the fun.  Surely they also want to experience that soaking of the feet, scrubbing, and massaging.

And just to share, do you know the benefits of foot spa aside from having some pretty clean toes to brag?

Benefits of foot spa

Relieves stress

Yes, we all know that a good foot spa or even a massage  helps relieve that tension of the entire day.

Reduces headache

I saw a photo from one of my boy’s science books that some nerve points are found on the feet.  By stimulating certain points on the feet, one can relieve a headache.  A soothing massage stimulates certain points on the feet and thus help regulate blood circulation throughout the body. Once stimulated, these areas will help relax tight muscles and increase circulation.  It can also relieve one’s headache.  It is the space between the big toe and second toe where one could find the pressure point.  Using a thumb, apply pressure to the top of this spot and rub for a minute or two.

Treats insomnia

When I was pregnant with the four boys, husband would regularly massage my feet.  That massage not only reduced pain and stress, but also made me relax and eventually helped me with my sleep.   Further readings said that a foot bath is known to help in getting proper sleep and reducing symptoms of insomnia.

Proper blood circulation

As I have mentioned earlier, regular foot massage improves blood circulation aside from the fact that we feel recharged.

Reduces acidity and indigestion

I have bile reflux.  Often, a gentle food massage helps stimulate nerve points in my feet and this reduces acid indigestion and heartburn.  Finally, a foot bath can help stimulate nerve points in your feet, which can reduce acid indigestion and heartburn.

Surely, there are more benefits of a foot spa.  But more than anything, for this momi, that foot spa experience was a way to again bond with her boys.  She is not getting any younger.  And sooner, her boys will leave home to build their own family.  At least she has some good memories with them.

* This blog post was first published at Mga Pahina ni Msbolin about three years ago.  Reposting it here at Momi Berlin to remind me that, hey, we have this foot spa set at home and why not use it often?


  1. Wendy

    Parang ang saya naman ng day of pampering nyo. Si firstborn, ang laki na pala! Parang ang sipag nya. Serious sa pag-foot spa.

  2. msbolin

    hahaha. oo, big na sya. nung una, ayaw magpafoot spa. for girls lang daw un. e sina bunso at second son e nagpafoot spa kaya nakisali na rin sya. at sya lang nakaisip na samahan pa ng extra service – masahe. ehehe.

  3. Michi

    Nice, I wish we have that gadget for foot spa. So far, body massage ang bonding namin para tipid. 🙂

  4. Meg Villamarin-Mortega

    Bonding sesh na, nakatipid pa! Great! We don’t have a foot spa set but will definitely try this home foot spa. Last time I asked my husband din na gumawa ng bookshelf 🙁

  5. Nikole

    Pwede mag home visit tapos pa footspa din lol! Happy pampering!

  6. Liz A

    Such a good bonding moment! This reminds me that I am long overdue for a foot spa. I need to schedule one at the salon though since my son doesn’t know how to give me a massage yet. 😛

  7. Nerisa

    katuwa naman this idea. I think I’ll do this with my little boy once he gets older. I tried engaging him kasi in a makeshift foot spa (aka the planggana) but we made so much mess that we eventually had to stop and just cleaned the place. hahaha

  8. juvy ann

    Cute ng bonding time ninyo. I dont know if my boys will like it though. They would likely just send me to a spa.

  9. Michelle

    Ang cute! Game na game ang mga bagets. I love foot spa, too. I used to do it at home but I don’t have the foot spa set like the one you have at your home. I only use planggana and scrub my foot all by myself. Haha! Parang sa halip na ma-relax, lalo akong napagod kasi ineffortan ko yung sarili kong paa. So whenever I have extra money, I opt to go to salons to have my foot spa done by the professionals who work there. Those were the days. I am reminded that I need some pampering na.

  10. mhaan a

    Wow! I badly need this one! I know MIL has the same foot spa machine, I should ask her now and borrow hers hehehe. Ang saya naman lahat ng boys nakapagfootspa, next time kasama na si Yael.

  11. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    This is fun noh? Nakarelax na kayo at nag enjoy pa ang kids. Kami naman we do body massage sa bedroom.. my kids ang fond of making hilot and back rubbing me before sleep.. ang saya naman 🙂

  12. Rayrose Samson

    I Love footspa, there are times that I am enjoying going to spa houses but when laziness strikes i opt to do it on our house

  13. Caballero S Ellona

    Ang sayang quality time with the kids naman niyan. Where did you get your footspa set?

  14. Lique

    Ang saya nyo naman! It’s always extra fun to do things together. My mom has a foot spa machine, mahiram nga! haha.

  15. Hannah (Iway Diaries)

    Wow kakainggit naman bonding nyo, parang magbarkada lang. But this post reminds me to have one too, lumabas na lang baby ko, I haven’t got any time to pamper my feet yet!

  16. Cheryl F

    Ang galing naman. I wish I can do this at home too. Kaya lang wala mapag.utosan. Lol. My son is still 2 and knows nothing yet. Hahaha. This is a good activity to bond with kids at home.

  17. Neri Ann

    Ang saya naman nyan! At ang sweet ng mga bagets! Sana ganyan din ang boys ko paglaki. We also have a set of mani and pedi at our house but we don’t have the foot massage set. Nowadays parang may kelangan ko neto kesa sa mani at pedi.

  18. Kaycee Enerva

    Looks so much fun! Pati your boys they’re game for a foot spa treat at home ang cute 🙂

    • momiberlin

      They did enjoy the foot spa and massage. I just dont know if they are still game up to now. They act as grown ups na e.

  19. Veni Anabo

    Wow! Sarap naman niyan! I bet galing mag-massage ng boys. 🙂 Our family needs to have that. Can you also share what you use and where to buy it? Thanks!

    • momiberlin

      Haha. It is most needed kapag dami mo work ginawa and then the massage will take away the pagod. We just bought a foot spa set sa Watson’s.

    • momiberlin

      Oo. Ihihihi

  20. Mommy Anna

    I usually have my foot spa done in the Salon, para mas feel ko 🙂 maybe if I have the gamit will try it in the house. Saya ng bonding ng mga boys

    • momiberlin

      It would be a lot easier at feel na feel talaga kapag sa salon or spa. Kaso tipid mode kami. Hahaha

  21. Ayi

    How I wish my kids will do the same. For sure, wala pang one minute, nagrereklamo na sila :))

    • momiberlin

      Haha. Malay mo naman magenjoy din sila. Hahahah.

  22. Rowena Wendy Lei

    I remember when those home foot spa devices were first sold in S&R they sold like hotcakes.

    • momiberlin

      Yes. Those days. And fave christmas gift sila dati..ihihi

  23. Mommy Levy

    Oh this reminds me also of our foot spa unit, asan na kaya yun? Nakakatuwa naman ‘to, glad the boys are so game.

    • momiberlin

      Yes, glad the boys are super game. Ihihi

  24. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    Ay ang sarap! Hehehe kudos to your sons for not thinking it’s a girly girly thing! 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Oo nga. Not a girly thing for them. Or perhaps bata pa sila nito. Ehehe

  25. TweenselMom

    Ang saya! I’ll footspa din para sa bahay. My girls will love this activity.

    • momiberlin

      They will surely love it.

    • momiberlin

      Thanks. Which also gives me an idea how to spend the holidays as well. Time to get that foot spa inside the caBinet


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