MOMI DISCOVERS| An air track for my mom

Jun 17, 2018 | Likes, Only Berlin

MOMI DISCOVERS| An air track for my mom

It was late at night and I can’t sleep.  I went downstairs to drink a glass of milk.  I also checked on some television programs that might interest me.  This curious mother saw a show wherein little gymnasts practice their acts.  I watched for a few minutes until I heard my little one cried.  He woke up from his sleep and realized his mother wasn’t beside him.

As I settled in bed, the little lasses practicing gymnastics played on my mind.  It must be thrilling to have a daughter and enroll her in a gymnastics class.  I once imagined myself as one when I was in grade school.  I pictured myself balancing on those beams and swinging on those bars.  

My curiosity led me to read a few articles about gymnastics.  I checked on a few little ones who started their training at a very young age.  Their determination is truly impressive.  They have such clear mind and can focus on their goal to aim for that beautiful footwork and land gracefully on their cheese gymnastics mat.

MOMI DISCOVERS| An air track for my mom

MOMI DISCOVERS| An air track for my mom

Uses of an air track

As I probe a little more, I came to a website offering air track mat.  Such kind of mat is thick enough to support an individual as he jumps, rolls, and bend over.  An air track mat has many kinds and sizes but is made to withstand the impact produced by a little gymnast, for instance, and protect her from danger due to heavy fall.  One example I saw is blow up tumble track and it is very durable and sturdy.  A child or even an adult can comfortably and confidently jump, roll, stand still and move around it.  It can also be used indoor or outdoor depending on how one wants to use it. 

Which made me think that an air track is not only for gymnastics.  Anyone could get and buy one especially if he is into some serious exercise or body workout.  Using a quality air track mat reduces the possibility of any damage and hurt.  This is because the mat offers real comfort and security.

An air track for my mom

MOMI DISCOVERS| An air track for my mom

MOMI DISCOVERS| An air track for my mom

I instantly picture how my mom does her morning exercise at home.  She does bicycle, leg twist, and leg lift.  And I know more than the inspiration, she will more likely enjoy her morning activity with an air track.  It will definitely give her extra comfort and security.  Tomorrow as I wake up, I will again check that website and choose an air track for my mom.  It will surely be a nice father’s day gift to her.  After all, she has been and will always be one great parent to me – both as a father and a mother.   

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  1. Filipinas

    You are so sweet Im sure your mom will love it and will appreciate you even more


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