MOMI SHARES| Something Personalized this Father’s Day

May 12, 2018 | Likes, Love, Only Berlin

MOMI SHARES| Something Personalized this Father's Day

I am a homemaker for three years now.  I do some freelance work, not enough to provide all my boys’ needs but at least help with some of our expenses.  Given that, I seldom give my husband a gift.  I hope he understands.

But if there’s one occasion I will never let pass without something for him, it is Father’s Day.  It is to thank him for the five boys.  Without him, I will never have five children who bring so much joy to our small house.  We may have a messy abode.  We may most of the time struggle with finances.  But my boys are the ones who make my life so insanely happy and crazy.  And every Father’s Day, I will always thank my husband for helping me raise our children.

Father’s Day is a month from now.  Since I know what my husband wants, it is easy for me to check on the internet for possible suppliers.  Upon my research, one site caught my attention.

Personalized gift

My husband would want a box for his things he refers to as his “tools of the trade.”  Thus when I saw this from Personalized Cart, I promptly put it in my cart.   Then upon my browsing, I saw another item I know very well he would appreciate. He once told me that he considers a watch as his only approved accessory, so might as well invest in a beautiful and lasting timepiece.

MOMI SHARES| Something Personalized this Father's Day

MOMI SHARES| Something Personalized this Father’s Day

But why personalized?  

He got his gifts a month before Father’s Day.  And he was smitten.  He finds the items as thoughtful, so personal, and something he will use for years.  Beyond the name and special message engraved on the watch box and watch, respectively, he loves the gifts because –

There’s a personal connection

At the back of his bamboo watch is an inscription “Time spent with you is never wasted.”  I would want him to know that despite misunderstanding and indifference, I consider him my greatest love.  He is the father of my boys and nothing will change that.  I will do my best to make our relationship as smooth as possible.  I swear to also take care of our boys no matter what.  Forever, there will always be a connection between us and nothing will change that. 

Meant for one person only

I gave him a watch box and engraved on the top was his name.  I saw how he slowly run his fingers through his name.  Then I saw how he smiled that night.  He readied his important tools of the trade and one by one settled them inside his box.  He snapped a few photos of his box.  He was so happy that night.  Because he knew that moment that box is only for him.  

Perfect for any occasion

Browsing through the website of Personalized Cart, most items aren’t defined by the occasion.  Most are items that one will find just amazingly thoughtful.  I would want for myself that personalized doormats or that wooden chopping board.  These items can be given on birthdays, Christmas perhaps or even without anything to celebrate.  You just want to be thoughtful and give something to show your appreciation.

Something Personalized this Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, we gift our hardworking father of the house something personalized.  And I find the perfect items at Personalized Cart.  They have the nicest customer service.  My transaction with them was so smooth and fast.  They are based in Dayton, Ohio but ship worldwide.  Items are also delivered to your doorstep in very good condition.

MOMI SHARES| Something Personalized this Father's Day

MOMI SHARES| Something Personalized this Father’s Day

They’ve got several items to choose from at the price range I believe most of us could afford.  And I reiterate, they have such impressive line up of items.  I am positive you will find something that will make you smile and utter, this is just the perfect gift for him.  I just did when I saw those watch and watch box.

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