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Nov 16, 2016 | Likes, Only Berlin

The first time I had Sushi Roll, I felt nauseous. Then I rushed to the ladies room and told myself “that kind of food is bad enough to make me throw up.” I never had sushi again.

Not until recently.

I met a friend in a ramen house.  Vance, my blogger pal, taught me about keywords or how to make it possible for people to find your site via search engine.  She also introduced to me Google + and the beauty of YouTube.  She is that generous.  As generous as the Japanese diner where we spent almost half our day.

Since it is a ramen house, Vance ordered for a cold ramen.  Though she was not that impressed with the dish, she immediately found comfort in the Tokyo Coffee Jelly.  I, on the other hand, ordered for California Maki. And just to make sure my stomach would not complain should I made the wrong order, I got a rice meal as well.


RCool Ramen for P195.00


Tokyo Coffee Jelly at P125.00

Love at Second Try

The Chicken Teriyakidon satisfied me. Though it did not have the smoky flavor that grilled chicken teriyaki has, I loved the meat’s moist and tender feel. The California Maki surprised me. It wasn’t bad after all. It was heavenly. All along, I never frequent any Japanese restaurant for fear that I may throw up again and feel nauseous. But I didn’t know when I had my sushi at Ramen Cool. It was a delightful experience. Indeed, the place is now my favorite place to go for a quick fix for my California maki craving. Another must try is the diner’s sweet salmon summer cool. It was just delightfully superb!


California Maki



Chicken Teriyakidon at P185.00

Quick fix for California maki craving

I went back to the place about a month after my first visit. I was with my mommy blogger friends. I shared with them the tips I learned from Vance. We also made a few strategy planning to boost our blog’s engagement statistics. That time, I ordered Chashu Mix Rice for my little man who was with me and California Love for myself. Again, Ramen Cool did not fail me. For my other mom friends, they had the following which for them truly satisfied their Japanese craving:


California Love at P205.00



Milo Dinosaur at P135.00 and Pork Shioramen at P195.00



Chicken Teriyakidon at P185.00

More than the food, it was the pleasant staff that made us visit Ramen Cool again. They were too attentive to their customers’ need, making sure to fill up each glass of water to the rim. They also have the most welcoming of all smiles.

Ramen Cool as a comfort place

Ramen Cool has become our comfort place. Thus, we did not hesitate to request its kind owner to sponsor the first Make Up Workshop of Mhaan of Mommy Rockin in Style. We find the venue simply appropriate for the intimate set up we had in mind. Also, its location is strategically located along West Avenue making commuting or driving a breeze. Likewise, it’s manager January Villarde, was truly accommodating. She reserved the small meeting room for us. She even instructed her staff to close the sliding door for us to enjoy our privacy. We instantly felt at home.

For that day, we ordered a variety of food which kept us full all throughout our four-hour stay.


Chashu Mix Rice at P125.00



Beef Ramen at P 245.00



Chashu ( 5 pieces ) at P125.00



Tofu Special at P190.00



Sukiyaki at P255.00

The first time I had my taste of sushi, I felt sick. Perhaps I was pregnant then with my firstborn. I never tried any sushi roll since then. Not until recently when I went to a place called Ramen Cool.   And they serve the yummiest California Maki in town.

I may be inexperienced when it comes to determining an authentic Japanese dish and the tastiest sushi, but one thing is sure- my fear for anything Japanese was finally put to an end when I stepped inside Ramen Cool and sampled their dishes. Filled with cucumber, crab meat, and mango, California roll is one filling meal I should not have feared in the first place.



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