MOMI SMILES| Pure love, Pur innovation

Jun 13, 2018 | Likes, Live

MOMI SMILES| Pure love, Pur innovation

I am a breastfeeding mom to a 3-year-old lad and a nearly 10-month old boy.  As much as possible, we direct latch as I always believe it strengthens my bonding with my boys.  There is nothing sweeter than sharing this experience with them.  And every time they look into my eyes, it simply melts my heart.  

There are times, though, I need to attend to a few errands.  Or there are some commitments I need to fulfill.  On those days I will be away for a while, I hand express and leave my breast milk in a small drinking cup.  My husband or boys will just thaw my milk and serve it to my little man.  We don’t use a feeding bottle.  It happened to my toddler already that he didn’t drink my milk.  Perhaps because he didn’t like a plastic nipple.  There are also stories from friends that their babies, after learning how to use feeding bottles, would prefer the former than their mama’s breasts.  It is because feeding from a bottle is way easier than a human nipple. 

Pur love

Last week, we were gifted with feeding bottles and silicone nipples.  The package also contained a weaning set, cutlery, and training cup.  Very timely because our SumsoSam started eating solids about three months ago.  He doesn’t have his own set as he uses his brother’s hand me down.  The package came from a baby brand I am not that familiar with but proved to be a name I will love and recommend to friends.      

Pur innovation

I’ve got no plans to use the feeding bottles.  After all, we usually direct latch and as I’ve mentioned, my son drinks my expressed milk from a small drinking cup.  The pro flo nipple intrigued me, thus we tried it.  

My little one didn’t have difficulty figuring out how to use it at all.  I was also able to put him down to sleep without thinking of ways how to escape from his embrace.  Because usually during nap, I also lie beside him. And often, he would wake up as I try to rise up as well.  So I would end up in bed most of the time and would only leave it when my little one is fully awake.   

With our new feeding bottle with pro flo nipple, my baby easily accepted drinking his milk not from his mom’s breast or tiny cup.  He was also able to sleep after finishing a bottle of breastmilk. I have learned that the nipple perse is equipped with an air valve at the base. The nipple initiates a venting process upon use, improving the drinking performance of the baby and provides unrestricted flow of fluid, thus preventing colic, nipple collapse, and gas. Also, the nipple is made of finest medical grade silicone and mimics mother’s breast that makes it easy to alternate between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.  Truly, I never thought there could be such technology.  I just love the convenience this feeding bottle gives.

Pur pampering

We were also given a teether which my 10-month-old loves to gnaw.  Very timely that he loves to put almost anything in his mouth so I find the teether a nice way to soothe his teething.  He also enjoys his new silicone pacifier which keeps him entertained and engaged, giving me a few minutes to at least finish some quick errands.  

MOMI SMILES| Pure love, Pur innovation

MOMI SMILES| Pure love, Pur innovation

Pur reliable

Our fifth boy now has what he can call his own.  I just love his weaning bowl. It has a suction ring at the bottom, making it impossible for my baby to remove the bowl from the table.  Our feeding time becomes more manageable.  I also like that the weaning set comes with a no-spill sippy cup.  I need not worry if my little man accidentally drops his cup.  The water is still intact and there’s no liquid spill I need to clean up after.  But what I love best is the cutlery that comes with it.  The spoon has the right depth to hold enough food a little mouth could accommodate.  The fork, too, is given much attention to detail.  Its edges aren’t too sharp to harm but can definitely pierce through pieces of meat and vegetables or fruits.

Pure nourishment

From a feeding bottle to a complete weaning set and a training cup, I have many ways to nourish my little one. So grateful to Pur Philippines for these presents.  The brand’s great attention to quality and design is very much appreciated by this mother.  I hope many moms would discover the comfort Pur products bring and give.

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  1. Kat | Petite Momma

    I personally haven’t heard of this brand. I hope they have it at Landmark so I can check.

  2. Kareen Liez Datoy

    Haven’t heard of Pur Innovation as well. But with your review, it appears that this is a good product. I will check this! Thank you!

  3. Filipinas

    I has been like since 8 or 7 years since i held a baby.. My bunso has grown so much and im missing those latching moments with him. It was one of those moments that im wish i could turn back time.. But anyway this innovations are really good, highly convenient to both moms and babies.


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